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Special forces Regardie master "raids jackals"
Material posted: Publication date: 24-03-2017

New tactics for our soldiers is indispensable in rough terrain and mountains.

Fighters of special forces of the Federal service of national guard troops (FSWG) learn to RAID hundreds of kilometers on the battle buggy, and then find and destroy the bases of terrorists. In the slang of American Delta force and British SAS, such actions are called "raids jackals". Previously, SOBR, OMON and special forces of internal troops, which during the reform was included in special forces FSWG, such raids have never worked.

First lessons on new tactics with the commanders of the special forces of Regardie took place during the workshop, which the management Agency conducted from 14 to 17 March at the training Center of special forces in Chechnya.

— The workshop was conducted both theoretical and practical lessons, — has told "news" the assistant to the head of the Chechen Republic on interaction with the power block Daniel Martynov. In particular, instructors of the center have conducted a training RAID on a buggy, in which was eliminated conditional base of insurgents. As combat machines were used buggy "Tabors" automotive plant "chechenavto".

As have informed "news" in the training Center of special forces, in the course of practical training the fighters on the five "Caorso" came to the fore in the so-called district special attention. The cars left the drivers hands and automatic grenade launchers, and the rest started to perform reconnaissance and search operations.

During the search was discovered conventional base of an illegal armed formation, which riot police immediately conducted a RAID. While buggy was supported by soldiers of the advancing fire 30-mm automatic grenade launchers AGS-30. After the successful robbery, the group conducted searches of the area and retreated to the buggy.

Also during classes have been worked out evacuation of a wounded soldier. Commando, "blown up" on the mine, taken to a safe place on the buggy. After which he was evacuated by helicopter Mi-8.

According to the instructors of the center, the use of buggies and tactics "RAID dragons" allows you to search, to RAID, to find and destroy objects at ranges of several hundred kilometers.

Military expert Oleg Teltonika said that the special forces of Regardie will not only perform the function of the police to maintain law and order in the streets and public events. Also they should provide anti-terrorist security in mountain and forest areas, including in the North Caucasus region.

— For the Russian police special forces the use of a buggy is a new tactic —said the expert. — Machine mobile, have high throughput and speed. This gives you the ability to quickly maneuver in a complex — cross-country or mountain — areas. And the possibility even before the main forces to block terrorists or to start their pursuit.

The concept of "RAID dragons" appeared in the British special forces SAS (Special Air Service special air service) in the fighting in North Africa in 1942. The British, using Land Rover vehicles penetrated deep into the rear of the German-Italian troops and struck airfields.

In 1991 during operation "desert Storm" the U.S. special forces, the buggy was found and attacked in the desert camouflaged missile launchers Sсud the Iraqi army. But since 2003, English, American and German special units constantly use the tactic of "raids jackals" for the detection and elimination of bases and groups of militants in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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