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"Bicycle" for the diver: how to train submariners of Regardie on lake Baikal
Material posted: Publication date: 28-10-2016

On Friday celebrates its twentieth anniversary training marine detachment Siberian region of national guard troops of the Russian Federation military unit in Severobaikalsk, there is a unique diving base on which to prepare divers for Regardie. What is taught to divers in the North of lake Baikal, why do they need bicycles and what it's like to be a clock in the chamber — in the report by RIA Novosti.

How to become a submariner

Training and further training in the Maritime training unit at the lake Baikal attracts members of Regardie from all over the country, some for initial training and qualification "diver", someone- for the annual confirmation of qualification. Simultaneously here can learn up to 40 people.

Divers conduct a survey of the waters of diving a polygon

Earlier the base was preparing sailors of conscription service, they received the qualification of "diver" and distributed by location, as they say, "where the Motherland would send." But in recent years, in connection with the transition to contract-based service technology set of trainees has changed. Today to become a diver? Experts say: "the Main thing that was desire and health." To base come the soldiers of Regardie who want to become divers, with their parts must be a corresponding vacancy. After the training and exam results, the members of attestation Commission assign grades and appropriate diving qualifications. But this is still far ahead – the long hours of theory, training and dives.

To hide the diver under water

As told RIA Novosti Deputy commander for diving training captain 3rd rank Vladimir Diordiyaschenko primarily to future divers are given the theory — medicine, knowledge of diving equipment. Also, the classes teach the history of diving, in order to instill a real interest in the profession. Including for this future submarine show historical films and documentaries.

Meet the divers and different kinds of gear wet and dry suits, breathing apparatus. Divers learning to use equipment with open circuit breathing, such as a conventional scuba divers, and a closed is a closed system of flow and air circulation. Such equipment is called sabotage at the water surface is not visible air bubbles that come from the diver, so the diver is difficult to detect.

The floating obstacle course

"Sabotage and void-free equipment allows you to secretly infiltrate the enemy objects and to perform combat tasks," says Diordiyaschenko.

Bike for submariner

Interesting and unique device – and only two of them in the whole of Russia, and one of them is based in Severobaikalsk is a diving exercise bike, the national development especially for the troops of Regardie. It is intended for learning the techniques of breathing in different types of diving equipment. It also allows you to create emergency situations that can happen to a diver underwater. A soldier sits on an exercise bike, puts on his helmet and begins to rotate the pedals.

"So we check the physical fitness and psychological stability. The simulator allows you to create a load equal to the load at a depth of 60 meters. During the class, you can track physiological rhythms of the student," says Diordiyaschenko.

Training under water

"Emergency" situation in this case create notice to the diver in advance or without notice. At a signal from the head through the hoses to the space of the student climate regulation water is supplied, thereby the simulated emergency situation. In this case, the action and reaction of the diver was being watched by the observers, the monitors can be seen the frequency of his breathing, heart rate, and pulmonary ventilation. According to experts, in such situations everyone deals in their own way: someone pretty someone starts to panic a little. But first the divers are taught the technique of conduct, and all appropriate emergency actions they know.

Studies in the pool

The practical part is discarded on the lake, and in the pool, which the military called the pearl of the new education complex. He length – 20 meters width – 8, depth – 7. It can simultaneously deal with 21 people, divers create a variety of underwater conditions, even the imitation of the strong currents. The pool also has "flooded compartment", and a pipe length of 6 meters and a diameter of 533 mm, simulating a torpedo tube. Through it, the divers float to the equipment, practicing the exit from the torpedo tube of a submarine. It seemed to be a narrow escape, but the divers have their technology through "difficult passages," and even with the cylinders.

Also in the pool are three movable hoists – suspended load-lifting device. With their help, the divers practiced skills stropki and other underwater technical works. This year the pool added a new element – surface ropeway, which must be overcome in a diving suit.

Training under water

All classes are monitored using underwater video systems and underwater communications with divers using a hydrophone. Also the learner and the head of the descents can communicate signals.

In the cold water of lake Baikal

And yet the basic skills, the divers worked in the waters of lake Baikal. Lessons do not stop in the winter when the lake freezes ice – in this case, near diving equip additional diving posts – put heated tents to provide learning in almost all landfill sites. Baikal divers dived to a depth of 20 meters.

"Future diver masters skills of all kinds of underwater surveys of boats, waterworks, soil, including with the use of metal detectors. Divers learn underwater orienteering, search and classification of mine-explosive devices, inspection of objects and calculation of explosives for their destruction. In addition, students perform firing of the special weapons underwater and from the surface. Most of these tasks are processed with the pier," he said Diordiyaschenko.

Training under water

In addition, a practical underwater blasting on the lake and there is a special floating obstacle course. It is used to practice skills of group swimming in open water, adaptation to the aquatic environment without breathing apparatus, development of physical stamina and psychological stability. Strip length of 115 meters and consists of 9 of the floating elements located along the coast. This rope wall and floating staircase, and pontoons, and items that can be passed only with the help of friends. Here divers learn, and there are various all-Russian competitions.

Magic chamber

Also in the training of divers use thread-decompression chamber in use – the chamber, by the way, only from the Urals to the Far East. This is a large sealed container, like a capsule, intended to sustain the diver under high pressure gas environment. In fact, the chamber simulated dive to a depth of 100 meters.

The behavior and condition of the diver inside the watch camera. Practicing under pressure, divers are gradually different" depths" of from 20 to 100 meters. For each depth mode and the time spent in the chamber. For example, if the depth of the "descent" of 40 meters – that's 1 hour and 20 minutes. The more depth, the more time spent in the chamber. Inside her, the diver feels the pressure: he ears have to "purged". It would seem that a closed space, the pressure – discomfort is obvious, but at the same time, according to experts, the 99.9% of soldiers quite calmly undergo constant training in the chamber.

In addition, it allows to carry out medical regimes of recompression, that is, to treat of divers. If suddenly there is an extraordinary situation, or there are professional divers ' disease, the submariner was placed in a hyperbaric chamber and the doctor-the physiologist proceeds to its treatment.

In addition, disease prevention and recovery diver in the year of the supposed 15 extra days to the main holiday, and also the obligatory Spa treatment. A soldier has the right to choose a resort, which is subordinate to the forces of Regardie, where he will receive treatment or be rehabilitated. It may be the resorts in the Caucasus, in the Moscow region, the far East or other regions.

An anniversary to be proud of

After training on the basis of the divers returned to their units and begin work on a specialty. The main tasks of the submariners of Regardie is the protection of important state objects facing the aquatic area from the submarine forces of saboteurs, and the assistance of the emergency situations Ministry and border troops in the event of emergencies.

"This month part of the Siberian military district troops of the national guard of the Russian Federation will be 20 years, the diving base is about the same. The days are coming, tasks demand new equipment, and we're growing: a new training and material base, we have been developing new teaching AIDS, inventing the "highlights" in the process of teaching that each diver was interesting. If we compare our database with other diving schools, now we occupy a leading place," — said Diordiyaschenko.

This is due to the fact that in St. Petersburg, which train divers for the defense Ministry, now the issue is small, and in Sevastopol dive school just opened.

"We have this whole system worked out, built a new training facility, all the conditions, so we can take a group of divers and them methodically to learn diving. Base unique – we train the divers in the extreme because of the water temperature of lake Baikal conditions. The opportunity is tremendous, and we must never stop, the work continues", — concluded Diordiyaschenko.


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