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`Special forces`. A cycle of documentary films
Material posted: Publication date: 05-06-2013

Series about hard profession commando – man daily risking his own life. Special forces soldier must have an iron will and nerves of steel. Its task – to survive at any circumstances and at any cost to fulfil their mission.

In a series of programs of "special Forces" presented 13 films about the work of special forces around the world. This documentary film tells about the Norwegian jaegers, Nepalese gurkah, Italian Alpine arrows, the American "green berets". You will learn how much should know and be able warrior elite unit, get acquainted with different types of heavy weapons and troops with the tactics when conducting operations.

Special forces / Special forces.
Year of manufacture: 1992
Country: USA, Discovery Channel
Genre: Documentary, educational, army, armed
Duration: 13 x ~ 00:25:10
Director: Rob Englehardt

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