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Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

Development of techniques and methods of warfare in the modern world develops karyne active. But man today remains the main subject and the main subject of conflict. Still soldiers, guerrillas, terrorists (the western vocabulary combatant), is the main person, virtually, any armed conflict. Study questions combatant equipment for the successful solution of problems is an important part of understanding the processes of both the tactical and at other levels of planning and management. The subject and the subject of this project.

Notes on Le Bourget 2017. Continued...

In notes dated June 19, stated that selectively will mark a particular information coming from the show relating to military aircraft and weapons. Do just that, starting today with ... civil projects.

23-06-2017 Ponomarenko Oleg J. 360 0

Notes on the opening day of the Le Bourget-2017

Otkrylasya 52 aerospace salon in Le Bourget. I would like to draw attention to a few selected parts in military aviation and weaponry from the set of information that is available as of the end of the day on June 19 from the Western aviation press.

20-06-2017 Ponomarenko Oleg J. 495 0

Syria: Improvised hand grenades from a combat element AO-2.5

In the fighting in Syria, the militants show a fairly high level of design knowledge of various types of ammunition.

09-06-2017 OlegVal 828 0

Russia, China, America — started the arms race in the field of hypersonic weapons

Scientists from Research laboratory of the U.S. air force (Air Force Research Laboratory) and the experts of the research Department of the Pentagon are working on a new hypersonic aircraft that can reach speeds of Mach 5, with on Board control system and other devices.

02-06-2017 admin 1210 0

Syria: Improvised explosive device with a pressure sensor purpose

In the fighting near Palmyra militants of the Islamic state is wide used improvised explosive devices with pressure sensor targets set by them as against infantry and against vehicles.

21-05-2017 OlegVal 1416 0

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