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Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

Development of techniques and methods of warfare in the modern world develops karyne active. But man today remains the main subject and the main subject of conflict. Still soldiers, guerrillas, terrorists (the western vocabulary combatant), is the main person, virtually, any armed conflict. Study questions combatant equipment for the successful solution of problems is an important part of understanding the processes of both the tactical and at other levels of planning and management. The subject and the subject of this project.

Mines in Syria

In combat operations in Syria, the Syrian Arab army makes extensive use of antipersonnel and antitank mines.

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Mate in two moves: how "Murmansk-bn" neutralize NATO forces in minutes

Modern war against well-equipped enemy no one branch acting alone can not win. This is the rule of the organization fighting on their separate tactical sections and in strategic areas as a whole. In the context of the use of modern electronics, weapons and intelligence electronic warfare is of particular value.

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About the shortcomings of the carbine M-4

About disadvantages most rifle, M-16 written enough number of articles, including the experience of the Vietnam war. But the carbine M-4 (which was from the mid 90-ies of XX century the main small arms of the US army), created on the basis of this automatic rifles company "Colt" had almost the same disadvantages.

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Explosive homemade (artisanal) preparations in Syria and ways of struggle against their use

In Syria, noted the wide use of explosives home-made (artisanal) manufacturing. The armed opposition fighters of the Islamic state and other organizations have established their manufacture from various scrap materials. And it should be noted that the production is different as the high level of training, and quite large amounts.

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Syria: SVU with tension sensor

Militants in Syria are widely used IED with the body masked by the color of the ground and plastered with small-sized stones.

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