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Kings field: the new Russian machine guns for the army and special forces
Material posted: Publication date: 23-10-2017
Gun is the concentrated essence of infantry – a commonplace saying perfectly describes the significance of this type of weapon. The minimum tactical unit, Department, is built around a light machine gun; the actions of the platoon provided fire heavy machine guns – their firing positions are the key points on the battlefield.

Standard target "machine-gun" is familiar to anyone who served in the army. Nevertheless, it is a support weapon remains in the shadow of the "younger brothers" - some pistols and assault rifles more popular Hollywood stars, about the guns as I recall far fewer.

AEK 999 "Barsuk"


Kovrov development 1999, is a modernized version of Kalashnikov machine gun (PK) for the needs of the Ministry. Since police operations are different from military limited use of heavy weapons, a single machine gun is often the most powerful argument against the bandits. Accordingly, increased fire load – if the army gunner can still count on a break for changing the barrel, in the case of the police assault on the overheating one gun puts the entire operation in jeopardy.

To improve the survivability of the trunk, the engineers of the Kovrov plant used alloy, previously used only in Aviapark. It is possible to increase the allowable threshold from 400 to 600 rounds of continuous fire. To avoid eliminating the "smearing" of the observed pattern haze, on a trunk placed protivomoroznyh channel.

Another interesting feature of the "Badger" - low noise firing device (PMS), rarely have guns. It looks like a silencer, but performs some other function – reduces the acoustic load on the hand, for example, if the firing position is equipped in the room. Moreover, the ICP impedes the detection calculation at dusk, eliminating muzzle flash and allows you to use a gun and night vision scopes without the risk exposure matrix.

6П41 "Pecheneg"


"Pecheneg" is a upgrading PC, parts commonality is 80% – which is not surprising, because the machine gun was and remains one of the most successful examples of a single machine gun in the world. However, in contrast to the "Badger", 6П41 is a deep modernization of the original design.

The main difference is the presence of a metal casing of the barrel with cuts, designed so that when shooting occurred, the ejection effect of the pump – in fact, "Pecheneg" has a system of forced air cooling. A single turn, the gunner can release all the ammunition, that is, three strips at 200 rounds and the barrel is then sent to the scrap. Without compromising performance (including thermal drift STP) "Pecheneg" is able in a fast pace to shoot more than 1000 rounds per hour. This is achieved by equalization of the temperature of the background around the trunk, the share of which amounts to 30 000 rounds.

Note that in 2013 was presented a shortened "Pecheneg" for groups of special purpose. The weapon, built on the scheme bullpup (firing mechanism located behind the trigger) with the bars "Picatinny" allows you to place a variety of sights, flashlight, laser sight, and other gun accessories.



Design Kovrov gunsmiths-degtyarevtsev (KORD) – Russian replacement for the Soviet heavy machine gun NSV "Utes" 12.7 mm, the production of which was established on the territory of USSR. Of course, new weapons significantly superior to its predecessor – thus, the "Cord" is one of the world's lightest heavy machine guns (22 kg), and the only fire with which, if necessary, can be carried out even with that! While the staff is used as a bench and bipod – infantry variant, which greatly increases the tactical flexibility of the weapon.

Carefully designed air cooling system provides uniform heating of the barrel, which increases accuracy compared to the "Cliff" in 1,5-2 times. Extremely successful design of the gun allowed to take it on Board just a year after the end of development. Curiously, under the name "Cord" in a couple of machine gun, produced long-range sniper rifle under the same ammunition 12.7 mm.

6П62 Experimental


Prototype heavy machine gun draws the attention of modest dimensions – 1.2 meters long, weighs only 18 pounds. While it is stated that the cartridge 12.7 mm BS, released from the barrel 6П62, can penetrate 10cm of armor at a hundred yards. Obviously, according to the developers, this "mini-Cord" may be claimed VDV or Spetsnaz units. In fact, partly to replace the RPG-7: having comparable powerful, heavy "Shorty" is much more versatile in application.

Alexei Remizov


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