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The engines have failed "MiG" from the "Admiral Kuznetsov"
Material posted: Publication date: 21-11-2016

"Газете.Ru" the reasons for the fall of MiG-29КР from the aircraft carrier "Kuznetsov". The MiG-29K aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" fell into the sea after a sudden shutdown both engines. As found "Газета.Ru" before unsuccessful landing the plane had to go to the second round due to breakage of the cables of aviaregister on the deck of the ship. While at the helm of the machine was an experienced pilot, head of flight safety service of aviation of the Northern fleet.

Have fallen into the Mediterranean sea MiG-29КР with the Russian heavy aircraft-carrying missile cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov" during the flight we lost both engines, told the "Газете.Ru" the source familiar with the organization of flights on the aircraft carrier.

According to him, had ejected from the collapsed into the sea machine pilot — Colonel, head of flight safety service of aviation of the Northern fleet, has previously committed more than 200 landings on the deck of "Admiral Kuznetsov".

In the experience of this pilot, as the pilot carrier-based aircraft, to doubt no reason. High qualification of the pilot was confirmed by a source in the defense Ministry, which called the pilot "one of the most prepared" in carrier-based aircraft.

Technical malfunction of the crashed plane immediately after the incident, explained the incident in the official comments of the Department of information and mass communications of the Ministry of defense.

Pilots wing TAVKR "Admiral Kuznetsov" completed a full cycle of training on the weft "THREAD" of the Russian Navy in the Crimea, which was recently restored and included in the Russian Navy, and on Board the cruiser in landfills in the Barents sea. The results of this training, they were fully allowed to fly from the deck of the ship.

It all began with a torn finisher

According to the interlocutor "Газеты.Ru" on the deck of the cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov" there are four cable arrestor "Svetlana-2". Upon landing they raised 12 see the First tether is located 46 m from the edge of the flight deck, then after 12 m from each other two more.

The pilot who makes a landing, you should try to catch the special brake hook (hook) of the aircraft over the second rope, and even better for the third (there's a fourth — reserve). If you try to cling to the first, when planting can occur dangerous touch plus the deck of a ship, especially an aircraft carrier at sea subject to rolling.

Thus, the task of the pilot of carrier-based aircraft — to land the plane on the segment with a length of 36 m with a deviation from the centerline of the flight deck not more than 3 m. moreover, typically the pilots required accuracy with a deviation of not more than 1 m.

Thus, the MiG-29K with a normal takeoff weight of about 18.5 tons, a wingspan of more than 11 m and a length of more than 17 m need to get into the rectangle very small size.

On American aircraft carriers the first cable of the arresting gear is located 56 m from the edge, and 10 m in this case — a lot.

The angle of descent of the aircraft, making a landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier, is 4 degrees. Planting is carried out at high revs the engines of the aircraft, in modes that are close to the runway. The aircraft is not aligned, as when landing on a stationary concrete runway. Gas engines are retracted only after the plane caught at least one cable of the arresting gear. Otherwise, for the aircraft excluded the possibility of a missed approach.

On the "Admiral Kuznetsov" has already been the case when the aircraft landed and caught the arresting gear cable, removed the gas and at that moment the rope broke.

Last week in the publication on the website "Russian service "bi-Bi-si", the incident was described as follows: "In September 2005 in the North Atlantic had drowned, unable to sit on the "Admiral Kuznetsov" su-33". See the situation, on the contrary, claim that the pilot then precisely landed the plane, and the reason for the loss of the fighter became broken cable arresting gear. The pilot then ejected and survived.

Airplane civil aircraft lands at an angle of 2 degrees 40 minutes. At the height of 10-12 meters, the pilot starts the leveling machine, and then smoothly for the band. Directly to landing given of 300-500 meters.

The aircraft carrier is the length of the path of the plane is only 90 m. the Landing speed of the su-33 — 240 km/h. And the MiG-29K — 250 km/h. When the aircraft carrier-based aircraft for deck, is a heavy blow. Overload at the time of landing is 4-5 g. Every time a pilot gets a heavy load on the spine.

Occupational disease of pilots of deck aircraft — exfoliation of the retina, as a result of heavy impacts of the aircraft on the deck.

Therefore, in the day Aviator can do no more than three flights, preferably no more than two.

Despite the relatively small difference in speed and much lower landing weight compared to su-33, MiG-29K is much more often tearing of the landing cables of arresting gear of the carrier, explained the source "Газеты.Ru". It happened during the execution of operations on 13 November 2016.

That day with the aircraft carrier flew three MiG-29КР. After performing the flight missions of the aircraft returned to the carrier. Landing on the deck of the ship in this case should occur with an interval of 3-4 minutes.

The first fighter landed without comment.

The second MiG-29КР caught on the second wire of the arresting gear, tore it and eventually caught only backup cable four. Torn second rope entangled in the third and made it impossible to use it when boarding the plane.

Some time landing planes on an aircraft carrier was in principle impossible. At this time, the glide path of decline was the third MiG-29КР. Because command of an aircraft carrier it took some time to bring the wires of the arresting gear in order, the flight Director gave the command pilot of the third plane to go to the second round. While the aircraft was flying in the waiting area he lost both engines. In them, according to the preliminary version, has ceased to flow fuel. In such cases, a jet plane crashes down like a stone, and the pilot remains only one thing — to have time to eject.

MiG-29КР still in the testing phase

According to some experts, the MiG-29КР/KUBRA (NATO Fulcrum-D "fulcrum") should not have to take on combat duty in the Mediterranean sea. The car is still in the testing phase, which will continue until 2018. Fighter as the pilots haven't "registered" to "Admiral Kuznetsov".

The operation in Syria and the first in the history of the possibility of combat use of carrier-based aircraft set of pilots to have to take a hike to the end is not developed and not brought to the desired condition of the aircraft. In the Corporation "MiG" suggested "Газете.Ru" to ask for comments on the incident in the Ministry of defense.

"These aircraft belong to the Ministry of defense of Russia, therefore any conclusions can only draw the defense Ministry and the command of the Navy," — said "Газете.Ru" in a press-service of the Corporation "MiG".

Previously, the defense Ministry officially confirmed that the pilot ejected and the forces of the rescue services was brought on Board the "Admiral Kuznetsov". Officially the details of the incident have not yet been disclosed.

Now over the exact causes of the incidents, a special Commission, and the military offer to consider everything published in the media version of the incident with the MiG-29K speculation, as the MiG-29K and su-33 have passed all required tests in accordance with the list of tasks assigned to them during the combat service of the ship. The results of these tests were documented appropriately.

To facilitate the investigation of the incident on the aircraft carrier-based aircraft, there is a special technical solution for the study of parametric and flight recorders ("black boxes").

With the problem of regular loss of domestic aircraft naval aviation has faced during the operation of the carrier-based attack aircraft Yak-38 — the first Soviet aircraft vertical takeoff and landing. The car turned out extremely disaster and claimed many lives of pilots. Since all the cars carrier-based aircraft of the Navy are equipped with floating buoys to immediately determine the place where sank the plane that crashed.

So, most likely, in the near future the military has accurate answers, the reasons why the accident happened with the MiG-29КР 13 November 2016.

Mikhail Khodarenok


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