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Mate in two moves: how "Murmansk-bn" neutralize NATO forces in minutes
Material posted: Publication date: 24-10-2016
Modern war against well-equipped enemy no one branch acting alone can not win. This is the rule of the organization fighting on their separate tactical sections and in strategic areas as a whole. In the context of the use of modern electronics, weapons and intelligence electronic warfare is of particular value.

Due to the fact that technology, introduced in the Russian electronic warfare systems, has always been one of the best that our military has the ability to "turn off" the enemy not only for the sake of security in the area of 100 or 200 kilometers, but also affect the performance of communication systems and electronic components of its weapons at a distance of several thousand kilometers.


The opportunity to influence the enemy remotely, disabling all electronics, including the means of communication and guidance, is not fiction. And although the process of disorders of communication, navigation, data transmission and the operation of onboard electronic systems at a distance of several thousand kilometers is somewhat implausible, on the implementation of this idea, the domestic military industry is not the first year.

In the Soviet Union the works on creation of complexes electronic warfare "on distant approaches" was intended to use electromagnetic radiation against the ship connections of the US Navy and NATO. Specialists explain that, at first, to define the objectives, tasks and location data of a group of ships had enough intelligence, radar stations and satellites. Gradually, however, the military came to the conclusion that where there is intelligence and surveillance, can be applied in electronic warfare.

On a universal set of electronic warfare with a large range of domestic scientists worked with the mid-60s. With a certain success were built and tested electronic warfare systems, working in different bands, but only at the end of 80s – beginning of 90s was solved problems with the element base, allowing to carry out suppression of frequencies of the enemy at long range.

Almost everything was ready to begin production prototypes, but the collapse of the Soviet Union and the reduction of funding in almost all sectors of the military industrial complex stopped the process of creating such system on the stage of drawings, schemes and separate units.

To isolate and neutralize

Implement the plan succeeded much later due to "obstinacy and vision" of defence industry employees. In 2015, during the inspection of combat readiness of the troops of electronic warfare units of the Northern fleet for the first time used the latest electronic warfare systems, not built to cover in the near zone, and to work at great distances. If the image masts and antennae caught the eye of experts in the form of three-dimensional computer model, it is likely that it would be similar to the from a science fiction movie or a screenshot from a computer game.

Complex electronic warfare "Murmansk-bn" even looks a little similar to what to protect and counter the enemy use of the Land forces of the Russian Federation. Some experts, commenting on the duty of these complexes in the Russian army, noted that in the case of "Murmansk-bn" we are talking about electronic counter strategic purpose. The fact is that the main task unique telescopic antennas and transmitters of electronic warfare – disruption of communication channels and control at great distances.

The range of the complex, according to experts, from three to five thousand kilometers. It is difficult to describe in a nutshell all the consequences of a disruption of the ships sent to the campaign, however, if the carrier strike group will be deprived of the opportunity to communicate not only with staff but also with the escorts, in war it would mean that the detection and defeat Aug will be only a matter of time.

Inherently "Murmansk-bn" is the universal complex for the surveillance and suppression at the same time. He is able to work not only on the ships of the potential enemy, but the planes-scouts. Experts note that on a number of components, such as the Bank of data signals, the frequency, scan speed and frequency-jamming, the Russian complex has no analogues in the world, and in the next few decades to implement something similar in any other country will not work.

Speaking in plain language, with the help of this complex EW can you not just deny any military vehicle of communication, but also to suppress, if necessary, control system on-Board weaponry. Comprehensive use of such weapons is extremely dangerous for any vessel of war, because even a few minutes of failure can be enough to first recognize the frequency of the ship and equipment, tune in and suppress them and then to work on goals anti-ship weapons.

A kind of mate in two moves: first to isolate and then neutralize. "The peculiarity of these complexes is not only that the developers and the military know exactly how selective scanning "military" frequencies of the enemy and suppressing them, but in how he (complex) runs at such distances," – said in an interview with TV channel "Zvezda" military expert Alexei Leonov.

The expert emphasizes that "Murmansk-bn", despite the opportunities is only the first in a direction of the electronic warfare systems, designed and built to meet modern element base and high-performance systems. According to a source in the military-industrial complex, in the future it will be possible to create complex long-range radar for VHF, which you can use to suppress any radio communication over large distances and areas.

Black sea hat

The development of "Murmansk-bn" specialists 475 on center of EW black sea fleet and alert complex in the Crimea began at the very moment when the activity of the fleet and reconnaissance aircraft of NATO countries in the Black sea has reached the maximum indicators since the cold war.

Experts explain that the activity and events for radio intelligence, air force and Navy, NATO, associated with the consolidation of forces of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation in Crimea is not a threat the presence of military equipment of foreign States on the borders, but rather a great opportunity for professionals in the electronic warfare of the Armed Forces to fill and update a data Bank on foreign military equipment and to train personnel to work with modern technology.

The visits of the American destroyers and the flagship USS Mount Whitney, is crammed with equipment RTR and communication in the water area of the black sea fleet was started with an ulterior motive. The strengthening the forces in the Crimea, the equipment of modern missile weapons, new means of communication, detection and guidance in the long term can lead to the fact that any military presence of the US and NATO can be neutralized in minutes.

This circumstance greatly worries the U.S. military and, therefore, voluntarily to end spying on Russian military installations of the U.S. armed forces and NATO did not stop. In this sense, "the Murmansk-bn" will not only help to cover the Peninsula from the electronic intelligence of the USA and NATO, but will if necessary to oppose "on all fronts" – across the whole HF-range in the interests of strike complexes.

The experts noted also that the range of the electronic warfare complex "Murmansk-bn" deliberately limited to mark five thousand miles. If the complex is capable of more and be able to perform the suppression in the HF range at a distance of six to eight thousand kilometers, from the Crimea through "Murmansk-bn" will "feel" any warship, located anywhere in the Mediterranean.

If place this complex in Kaliningrad, the electronic cap can cover not only Europe, but also to "extinguish" the relationship of any military ship in the Northern and North-Western part of the Atlantic ocean. Experts and the participants themselves indicate that "the Murmansk-bn" is not so much an antidote as a tool to prevent the exchange of information between reconnaissance aircraft and ships of any potential enemy in combat.

Thus, we can conclude that the Russian army is already at the current stage of modernization has modern electronic warfare not only in the tactical area, but the facilities, working in any area of strategic depth. This means that electronic "information hunters" prowling Russia's borders, are likely to become "prey" for our means of defense on the distant approaches.

Dmitry Yurov


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