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The upgraded T-72B3 disappointed
Material posted: Publication date: 26-03-2017
Modernized tank T-72B3, which have waited so long for frustration to military experts. Many expect that he will get better dynamic protection(DZ), and found that the front part of the hull and turret, apparently, equipped with the same "Kontakt-5" of the mid-eighties of the last century.

Earlier it was reported that the innovation will cover the tank from the sides and stern. Most likely, this will happen, but why protect the forehead remained at the same level, is not entirely clear. After all, Russia has created a modern "reactive armor" "Relic", which is already on the BMPT, and BMPT-72, T-90, T-90M. Long overdue question about installing it on T-72B3.

Saying that the tanks T-90A with "Kontakt-5" has proved itself in Syria. However, there the enemy used the newest anti-tank missiles, also in the arsenals of NATO there was a modern armor-piercing shells, which will overcome the old defense without any problems, because they are specially created to work with the "fifth" a "Contact." It is possible to say "thank you" to our former allies, who shared with the Americans "semidesyatnikov" with this DZ.

It is puzzling that the upgraded T-72B3, unlike the so-called "biathlon tanks" to see the commander's panoramic sight, which greatly improves the ability to detect and aiming. If you decided to save, then at least set a command complex with a closed anti-aircraft machine-gun installation, which was shown at the exhibition in Baku in September last year. It allows the commander to fire at the enemy manpower and low-flying air targets independently of the main armament, under the protection of armor. By the way, this setup is already massively established on the Algerian upgraded T-72M1.

Well, that new version of B3 there is a more powerful diesel engine, which greatly improved maneuverability. But without reliable protection of the tank survival is still under threat on the modern battlefield with the enemy, armed with advanced anti-tank systems.

Dmitry Lemeshko


Tags: Russia , armed forces , AME

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