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Olympian calm: Kim showed its missiles
Material posted: Publication date: 11-02-2018
In North Korea's capital Pyongyang held a parade dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the creation of the Korean people's army. At this time the main North Korean military parade was slightly different from previous demonstrations of the military might of the army and Navy, Kim Jong-UN. "Газета.Ru" to understand the peculiarities of the military parade in Pyongyang.

The day before the start in South Korea's Pyeongchang XXIII Olympic winter games in North Korea in the course of the next military parade in Pyongyang has demonstrated virtually all of their military Arsenal. Despite the fact that the main military parade, Kim Jong-UN this time not surpassed in its scope the previous military show in the capital of North Korea, he gave more than a visual representation of the combat capabilities of the armed forces of the DPRK.

On the main square of Pyongyang drove Intercontinental ballistic missiles "And 15" (Hwasong-15).

The product is placed on self-propelled wheeled Transporter with nine axles. Thus, it is one of the variants of the North Korean mobile systems — mobile ground missile complex. The basis chassis of the truck of the Chinese WS51200 production. The DPRK has converted these purchased in China, the tractors in the wheel chassis for mobile ground missile systems with Intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Similar installations in North Korea, according to experts, only six. Analysts believe that the strategic nuclear forces, Kim Jong-UN, the IDB "And 15" could be more self-propelled launchers with ICBM on Board, but the development of the North Korean pgrk severely restricts the shortage of Chinese MWV. Beijing was greatly annoyed to learn, in what order you use its chassis WS51200.

Rocket "And 15" is a particularly strong concern in the United States. The range of its flight is 10 to 13 thousand miles. Thus, it is when you start from the territory of the DPRK is able to reach any point on the continental United States, including the East coast.

Then Kim Il sung square headed three mobile Intercontinental ballistic missile "And 14". These missiles are somewhat smaller in size than "And 15". Rocket "And 14" has a range of 6.7-10 thousand km After the first successful launch of this missile on North Korea imposed new sanctions.

After "And 14" on the square seemed like a ballistic medium-range missiles "And 12". Products of that type North Korea threatened to strike U.S. military bases on GUAM in August of 2017, what has caused considerable concern in Washington. The firing range of these missiles is 3.7-6 thousand km When equipped with nuclear warheads products "And 12" is able to put on the bottom unsinkable aircraft carrier of the United States on the Pacific island of GUAM.

Then the streets and squares of Pyongyang boomed ballistic solid-fuel medium-range missiles KH-15 (or Pukguksong-2, "the North star 2"). These products are placed on vosmikova tracked chassis, which is a long tank base (apparently, based on chassis manufactured in the DPRK tanks based on the design of Soviet medium tank T-62).

The only newcomer to the parade, experts say, is an upgraded ballistic missile short-range KN-02. Some analysts believe that the rocket felt a noticeable influence of the Russian 9К270 of Kazakhstan "Iskander". KN-02 — single-stage solid-propellant ballistic missile, mounted on three-axle automobile chassis of the North Korean production. The firing range is 70 km, the CEP of 160 meters Can be equipped with nuclear, chemical or conventional warhead. Experts believe that these products will be applied in mass quantity during a hypothetical conflict on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea also showed its multiple reactive multiple rocket launchers 120 — mm M1993, 240-M1991 mm and 300 mm KN-09. They can easily specify the appearance of the Russian MLRS BM-21 "Grad" systems and Chinese Type-63.

Experts believe that in the hypothetical conflict on the Peninsula is the fire of the many North Korean MLRS will cause the most numerous victims among the civilian population of South Korea.

In addition, as usual, by the square were the column of tanks of various types (mainly "Garage-216" tank "the Songun-915"), the North Korean armored personnel carrier, known under the name M-2010, towed and self-propelled (demonstrated, in particular, 170-mm self-propelled gun mod. 1983 "Juche-po") tube artillery, mobile air defense systems short range.

Despite the variety of shown models of weapons, and parade along the scope, number of personnel, weapons and military equipment are not exceeded previous military parades of Kim Jong-UN.

However, the North Korean leader was satisfied with the main military parade of the armed forces of the Republic. "Today's parade will demonstrate the appearance of advanced and powerful DPRK as a nation with the armed forces of the world level," said Kim Jong-UN.

Deputy Director of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies, Konstantin Makiyenko explained "Газете.Ru" that is likely "more modest military parade is the result of imposed against the DPRK with sanctions and, as a consequence, dramatically reduce oil imports". At the same time the interlocutor of the edition does not exclude that a smaller demonstration of military power, the parade can also be a sign of improving inter-Korean relations.

Mikhail Khodarenok

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