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OZM-72 in Syria
Material posted: Valetskiy OlegPublication date: 13-10-2016
In the fighting in Syria is widely used by all parties to the antipersonnel fragmentation mine circular protective actions(jumping), type OZM-72.

In this case, if the government forces (or rather, engineering) tend to set these mines in minefields in one or two rows to protect their own positions, the militants of these mines use a single or a few units for the device of obstacles on Railways.

The militants usually used as a staff (with metal pegs) or nonstandard (simple stretching stretch wire or fishing line from the receipts of the fuse (this is usually MSY-4) on one side to the opposite side of the road or trails, linking it to the different objects on the ground.

Oleg Valetsky

Tags: Syria , AME

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