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The first actions of Russia after Syria: to strengthen the T-72 tank
Material posted: Publication date: 24-12-2016
While the world is closely monitoring the Russian air campaign in Syria, Moscow continues to modernize its army. The Kremlin plans to modernize the 150 main battle tanks of the Soviet era T-72B, bringing them up to the level of T-72Б3М. The performance characteristics of the upgraded machines will be comparable to a much more modern tank T-90, but at a much lower cost.

Russia has in service, there are more than 500 modern tanks T-90A and T-90AM, but mostly its land forces rely on the venerable T-72 and its numerous variants. To quickly upgrade their ground forces, especially in the context of economic turmoil, the Kremlin is modernizing its older main battle tank and simultaneously continues to work on the latest machines, T-14 "Armata".

As reported by the Russian newspaper "Izvestia", Deputy General Director, Uralvagonzavod Alexey zharich, Russia plans to spend 2.5 billion rubles on the modernization of 150 tanks T-72B to bring them up to the standards of the new T-72Б3М. On average, the modernization of one tank will be spent 17 million rubles. In dollar terms, it is 35 million overall and 234 000 for a tank. The figures illustrate that the upgrade is relatively inexpensive, if you look at the opportunities that will find the updated tank.

According to the newspaper "Izvestia", the upgraded tank will have a new 125 mm smoothbore gun 2A46M5, as well as a new sight "Sosna-U", paired with a fire control system 1А40-4. The car will also get a modern digital ballistic computer to improve accuracy. Perhaps the more important point is that the T-72Б3М will be installed independent panoramic sight for the tank commander with its own thermal imaging system.

The T-72Б3М will also be a new set of dynamic protection "Relic", first used on the T-90AM. "Relic" will replace the older system "Kontakt-5" and is expected to be twice as efficient. It is unclear whether the Russian modified passive armour protection, although it would be quite logical. Further, some sources report that T-72Б3М can be equipped with a complex of active protection "arena-e", though it's unclear whether he's on the production version.

T-72Б3М will also receive a new engine IN-92С2Ф capacity of 1 130 HP It will replace the diesel mount on the New 780 HP engine paired with automatic gear and improved transmission, which should increase the mobility of the T-72. The mechanic-driver will also appear in new TV rear view camera that improves situational awareness.

According to the newspaper, the first batch of 32 upgraded machines needs to enter the army somewhere in 2016. In service with the Russian army already has more than 500 older tanks T-72B3 with less than perfect characteristics. Perhaps Russia will upgrade numerous T-72 tanks, exported to various countries of the world.

Dave Majumdar (Dave Majumdar)


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