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The truth about the secret nuclear Arsenal of Israel
Material posted: Publication date: 30-01-2014

Israel has been stealing nuclear secrets and nuclear weapons production since 1950-ies, and Western governments, including Britain and the US, prefer to turn a blind eye. However, how can we expect Iran to curb its nuclear ambitions as long as Israel does not recognize the obvious?

Deep below the Sands of the desert middle Eastern country secretly creates a nuclear bomb, using technology and materials provided by friendly powers or stolen by a ramified network of secret agents. Sounds like the plot to base a Thriller on fears associated with Iran's nuclear program. In fact, neither the US nor the UK does not believe that Tehran is trying to build a nuclear bomb, besides the Iranian nuclear program is under constant international monitoring.

Meanwhile, the exotic tale of the bomb hidden deep in the desert — the real story. Only this story has to do with another state. Using a lot of clever subterfuge, Israel managed to create an entire underground Arsenal, which currently has 80 warheads, on a par with India and Pakistan. They even tested one of his bombs for nearly half a century ago, which few people knew.

Despite the fact that the Israeli nuclear program almost from the very beginning was an open secret, in 1986, a scandal erupted when Israeli fired tech-nuclear scientist Mordechai Vanunu revealed information about Israel's program to the British press. But even after the exposure of official Israel continues to neither confirm nor deny the existence of this program.

When last month the former speaker of the Knesset Avraham Burg, broke the taboo by talking about the possession by Israel of nuclear and chemical weapons, calling the official policy of non-disclosure "stale and frivolous", the policies of the right wing demanded that police start against the Burg official investigation on charges of treason.

At the same time, Western governments try to avoid to speak on this topic. In 2009, when a Washington journalist Helen Thomas asked Barack Obama in the first month of his presidency, does he know how many countries in the middle East to possess nuclear weapons, he went to answer, under the pretext that they did not want to "speculate" on this topic.

The British government basically proceeds in the same way. In November, Baroness warsi on the question of Israeli nuclear weapons has answered evasively: "Israel did not declare its program to create nuclear weapons."

However, the gaps in stone walls that leak more and more details about how Israel builds nuclear weapons from smuggled materials and by stolen technology. To draw a parallel between Israel and Iran here is not quite correct — Israel, unlike Iran, never signed the Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, and therefore could not violate. However, he certainly broke a Treaty banning nuclear tests and a large number of national and international laws restricting the transportation of nuclear materials and proliferation of nuclear technologies.

In the list of States that secretly sold Israel the material and technology to manufacture nuclear warheads or those that turned a blind eye to theft, are a country known for "intransigence" on issues of "proliferation": the USA, France, Germany, Britain and even Norway.

Meanwhile, Israeli agents responsible for the purchase of fissile material and the latest technology, penetrated in the most sensitive professional field on the planet. One of the most successful spy organization — Lakam (a harmless acronym for "Bureau of scientific relations" in Hebrew) consists of such colorful figures as the billionaire and Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan, whose name is behind the creation of such films as "Pretty woman," "L. A. confidential" and "12 years of slavery". Last month Milchan admitted at last, his involvement in this organization.

"I can imagine you in your twenty-something years, the country gives the opportunity to be in the shoes of James bond? Wow! That's drive! It was awesome," says the producer in an Israeli documentary.
The life story of Melcena can successfully serve as a plot is not one blockbuster. In the aforementioned documentary Robert de Niro remembers a conversation with Miljana about his role in illicit procurement of nuclear materials: "I Once asked him about it — not in the sense that I was accusing him of something, I just was curious, says de Niro. And he said, Yes, I did that. Israel is my country".

Milchan was not shy about using Hollywood connections for development of his second, secret career. One day, as he admitted in the same documentary, he used a meeting at the home of actor Richard Dreyfuss in order to try to persuade everyone to work together is one of the leading American scientists involved in nuclear research of Arthur Beale.

Spy work Milchan proposed in 1965, the future (at the time) President Shimon Peres, with whom future producer met at one of the Nightclubs of tel Aviv. At the time, Milchan ran a family business related to the production of fertilizers, and happily exchanged this activity for a Central role in the secret nuclear program.

He was responsible for procuring technology for uranium enrichment. For example, he took pictures of the drawings of the centrifuge, which one bribed the German official "accidentally" left in my kitchen. Later, the same blueprints, belonging to the European consortium for uranium enrichment Urenco, were stolen again by the Pakistani Abdul Qadeer Khan, who not only gave them their own country, but later also sold Libya, North Korea and Iran.

It is for this reason that the Israeli Iranian centrifuges almost identical, and this circumstance has enabled Israel, testing the Stuxnet virus, successfully implemented in 2010 at the plant to Iran.

In 1968 Lakam launched the operation, codenamed Plumbat, which in rezulate in the Mediterranean "disappeared" an entire vessel with cargo of uranium ore. The Israelis used a network of front companies to buy in Antwerp batch of uranium oxide, which was loaded on the ship, chartered by a false Liberian company. The Scam was conducted with the help of German officials, under the guise of innocent transactions between German and Italian companies.

When the ship "Scheersberg" arrived in the port of Rotterdam, the whole team was disbanded under the pretext of sale of the ship and its place was taken by the Israelis. Then the ship came into the Mediterranean sea, where the cargo was transferred to another vessel.

In the past year were declassified American and British documents, which reveal previously unknown Israeli purchase of 100 tons of uranium concentrate to Argentina in 1963 and 1964.

For its nuclear program that Israel was also required deuterium oxide, also known as "heavy water," for which they turned to Norway and Britain. In 1959 Israel bought 20 tons of surplus heavy water that Norway had sold to Britain. Both governments suspected that the materials can be used to create weapons.

And of course, the Israeli project to create nuclear weapons would never have moved if it weren't for the enormous contribution made by France. A country that took the toughest stance against Iran's nuclear program, have done a lot for the construction of the Israeli nuclear reactor.

By the end of the 50s in Dimona lived some 2,500 French nationals, and this place has become truly a cosmopolitan city with French schools and French cars, and, nevertheless, the construction was carried out in strict secrecy. The French, who worked in Dimona, for example, was directly forbidden to write to their friends and family. Instead, all correspondence was first sent to a fake post office in Latin America.

In 1969 a meeting was held between Richard Nixon and Golda Maier, in which the American President had agreed not to compel Israel to sign the "Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons" in exchange for promises by the Israeli Prime Minister that her country will not be the first middle Eastern country to announce its intention to develop nuclear weapons.

But, but, America's role in this case was not limited to just silence. In 1976, as it became known recently, Deputy CIA Director Carl Duquette informed the officials of the nuclear regulatory Commission that they have reasonable suspicion that a part of the nuclear fuel that was used to create Israel's nuclear bombs were stolen from under the nose of America manufacturing to installation in Pennsylvania.

It was a shock, but gradually the investigation was hushed up, and no charges, as a result, were not.
The U.S. continues its policy of silence and to this day, although Israel obviously remains an active participant in the black market of nuclear materials and technologies.

According to the author of two books on Israel's nuclear weapons, Avner Cohen, the situation in this respect between Israel and the US growing by inertia. "Nobody wants to raise this subject, because there is fear to open these Pandora's box".

However, in the Arab world and beyond, there is growing discontent regarding the uncertainties in the nuclear status quo. In particular, Egypt has threatened to withdraw from the Treaty on non-proliferation, unless there has been progress in the establishment of a middle East nuclear-free zone.

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