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Rapere: the drone that hunts other drones
Material posted: Publication date: 19-01-2015

"Guardian bird" Sheckley is becoming less fantastic work (except, of course, what a "Sentinel bird" UAV can quickly analyze the situation and to prevent crimes even before the implementation of the criminal plan). Whatever it was, and the number of "birds", i.e. the drones, now growing exponentially.

The quadrocopters are used by scientists, journalists and gadget lovers. In some cases, the illegal use of drones for monitoring people or even objects such as nuclear power plants. And such cases are becoming more frequent. In order to avoid the misuse of drones, a technology startup Rapere proposes to use... drones.

Rapere is a quadrocopter, the main purpose of which is to discover, to approach and shoot down the purpose. In a start-up works, several specialists, who for several years engaged in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles. This command has created Rapere, which preys on "bad drone", but only in laboratory conditions.

In the field Rapere not yet tested, but the principle of operation of the device is quite understandable. The aircraft is equipped with 12 low-resolution cameras with 90 fps, which are used to detect other UAVs (in this case we are talking about the quadrocopter). When a target is detected Rapere flies to another UAV from above the victim. When the speed of the devices are synchronized, Rapere throws a piece of rope, which is wound on the propellers of the victim, and another one falls.

According to the developers, Rapere quite able to distinguish one from other flying objects (e.g., birds). The time Rapere is not very long (only 2 minutes), because the navigation computer, the system of detection and targeting requires quite a lot of energy.

Of course, such a project has known problems, one of which is the legality and legitimacy of the use. If Rapere itself — a legal device, here its use is illegal, it is already damage someone else's property. The second problem is the price. Rapere will cost much more than the usual Amateur drone, so that the range of buyers is also limited.

However, if the project is to develop, in a short time we will be able to see the war drones, in the literal sense of the word.


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