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The clearance at the end of the twentieth century. Private companies involved in mine clearance
Material posted: Publication date: 02-06-2013

The use of mine-explosive devices (IDD) reached its peak during the wars of the 1970-1980-ies of the past in the Third world, when according to the UN was planted about 100 million landmines, both antipersonnel and antitank, and a large percentage of whom were anti-personnel pressure mines explosive action.

Whether this information is accurate the issue is complex, as other specialists, the UN data were taken "from a ceiling", but nevertheless was a fact that more min, measured in the hundreds of thousands, was installed in Angola, in Mozambique, in Cambodia, in Ethiopia, in Afghanistan, in El Salvador, in Nicaragua. Later, already in 1990-ies in the past wars on the territories of the former Yugoslavia and the USSR, and was also fitted several million mines. One of the leaders here was one of the republics of the former Yugoslavia — Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the UN estimated there were about 3 million mines.

This problem has attracted the attention of the "international community", who decides this kind of weapon to eliminate the arsenals of modern armies.

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