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"Rocket tanks" back: why Russia will modernize T-80
Material posted: Publication date: 10-09-2017
Defense research and production Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" was finally determined with the appearance of modernization unique to the Russian army "jet tank" T-80.

Dynamic protection, the new sighting system and automatic tracking of targets, and the ammunition of high power, but, most importantly, fuel efficiency. Defense research and production Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" was finally determined with the appearance of modernization unique to the Russian army "jet tank" T-80. A long-term contract was signed in the framework of the exhibition-forum "Army-2017", and soon in the shops "Omsktransmash" work will start on upgrading the fastest and most maneuverable tank cars of Soviet and Russian army.


According to the specialized publication MilitaryBalance, currently, the warehouses of the Russian army is three thousand tanks T-80BV. Another 200 tanks T-80U is armed with tank regiments 4th guards tank division Kantemirovskaya. For the first time to return back to T-80 tanks was planned in the beginning of zero years. In the framework of the program, the military wanted to restore all the T-80. For the tank had perfected a system of a unified fighting compartment, new gun, which was developed by special munitions high power, the system dynamic protection and some other improvements. But the work has not begun.

T-80 is unique primarily for its power plant. Instead of the usual diesel he's got a gas turbine, similar in design to the helicopter engine. T-80 became the world's first production tank with this layout. The sound of the T-80 is not to be confused with no other tank. It resembles a plane taking off. However, in a move that roar quickly eroding, turning into the wind. For that the army T-80 called "rocket tank".


Gas turbine engine (GTE), mounted on T-80, diesel is superior in many respects: starts in any frost, up to minus 40 degrees for three minutes. For diesel the standard – 30 min. It must first be "warmed up". This is due to the fact that in GTD there is no liquid cooling system. He don't need no water, no antifreeze, no antifreeze, nor the device itself coolant. Second, GTE better throttle response than the diesel. This is a huge gain in speed and maneuvering on the battlefield. The tank can accelerate to 70 km/h. thirdly, a tank with a turbine engine is easier to repair: to replace the power unit with a turbine engine requires no more than four hours to replace diesel – two to three times longer.

However, the repair of gas turbine engines requires a complete dismantling and sending to the manufacturer. In field conditions due to the complexity of the design to repair it almost impossible. This moment – one of the disadvantages of the gas turbine installation. The second and most important – its voracity. Compared to the diesel tanks the fuel consumption of the T-80 reaches in the most difficult conditions eight liters per kilometer. For comparison, the T-72 and T-90, the figure is two to four liters. In fact, this point, and put in the time, the question of whether the operation of the T-80 in the army. Compared with the conventional machines it turned out to be too expensive. Especially that disappeared and the main purpose of its existence.


In the late 70-ies of the last century, when it was created, the T-80 was considered as a machine for the first kick. The grouping of the T-80 was deployed mainly in the Western group of Soviet forces in Germany. In a period of threat they are just a few days was to break the defense of NATO in Europe and a powerful wedge to get to the shores of the English channel. While the T-80 was completely Autonomous. The power plant of the tank is omnivorous. That is to refuel the car during a throw to the English channel, the Soviet tankers could at any gas station, the airport or the railway station.

As they say in defense, today, from GTE more advantages than disadvantages. Due to the fact that in recent times, while the T-80 was in storage at the warehouses, the designers of Saint-Petersburg JSC "Special design Bureau of transport machinery" (a part of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) was engaged in improving its effectiveness. The main innovation is the simultaneous inclusion of the generator and starter engine start. This moment makes the T-80 is more economical, bringing the fuel consumption to indicators of diesel T-72B3 and T-90.


The updated tank will stand a modern fire control system "Sosna-U" with thermal imager, laser rangefinder and automatic target tracking. From enemy shells and missiles the T-80 will protect the modern blocks of dynamic protection. Thanks to this "jet tank" will once again take its rightful place in tank brigades and armies as a means of first strike. However, a new place of service for him will be not the Western boundary, and Extreme North. Former chief of the head armored Directorate of the defense Ministry Sergei Maev said that after the modernization of T-80 soldiers will have not only a modern tank, but the machine adapted for work in low temperatures. That is able to work as part of the motorized infantry formations of the Arctic brigades of the Russian army.


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