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Syria: 100 mm tank shells Islamic state of production Serbia
Material posted: Valetskiy OlegPublication date: 22-07-2017
The militants of the Islamic state near Palmyra in the first half of 2017, had several dozen tanks, mostly it was T-55 and T-72.

The tanks themselves were actively hiding their crews in the canyons. Similarly camouflaged ammunition for them.

It is well established that the militants have cumulative, armor-piercing and high-explosive fragmentation shells for tank cannons.


Interestingly, the ammo met and shells production of Serbia applied with Cyrillic signs indicating that their recent production and import from Serbia.

The shells were likely from the reserves of the Army of Serbia, because they had no export symbols, and only symbols accepted in the Serbian army, and Serbian anti-tank gun M-44, which uses the same type of ammunition.

Oleg Valetsky

Tags: Syria , armed forces , AME

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