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Syria: radio-controlled IEDs
Material posted: Valetskiy OlegPublication date: 09-10-2016
The importance of radio-controlled improvised explosive devices in combat was recognized in the United States in the course of the war in Iraq, where the US army suffered from their actions great loss.

Mark Magnes (Mark Maginess) specialist cied company "Hazard Management Solutions" said that if the IRA (Ireland) in order to achieve a high level of use of RC IEDs that use the effect of the shock core, it took 30 years, and for the Palestinians in Gaza is demanded three years in Iraq, such progress has been made in one year ("Krapotkin bomb." Aleksandar Malawi. "Arsenal"-"Odbrana". Bro 14 od 15/02/2008).

In an interview with Time magazine, one of those who installed the APC - Saif Abdullah personally showed reporters log created electronic circuits which do not respond to the work of the media REP of the Americans in their usual ranges ("Krapotkin bomb." Aleksandar Malawi. "Arsenal"-"Odbrana". Bro 14 od 15/02/2008).

In the United States was created, the organization responsible in the US army for the program for the development of electronic warfare against IEDs and the IDP. It is called the "Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization", (JIEDDO). Located in Fort Irwin. Its Director - General Montgomery MiGs. The main objective is to develop systems and areas for protection from IEDs. In its budget, the Pentagon has allocated in mid-2004, six billion dollars. The funds are allocated, primarily to develop means to suppress radio-controlled IEDs (Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device).

American Congress on may 24, 2005 has approved a budget of 129.7 million dollars for the purchase of sets of EW-type “Warlock” for the protection of combat vehicles, and on June 13 of that year, was allocated an additional 10 million dollars for these purposes, including three and a half million dollars for the purchase of sets of individual protection “SLAM-DEP (Small Lightweight Advanced Modular-Digital Protection System)”.

Jammers in the U.S. army were designated as CREW (Counter Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Electronic Warfare) and by 2007-2008 all American armored personnel carriers and humvees were equipped with the above devices.

They share on two categories: "active jammers" operating in continuous mode at all frequencies, and "reactive jammers," which are activated automatically upon receipt of a command about the presence of the radio source and suppress it with more powerful signal than in the previous case.

Currently, the US army are:

1. "Active jammers": “Acorn system”, ”Beech system”, ”Chameleon system”, ”Guardian D”, ”Hunter system”, ”Jukebox system”, ”MMBJ-2.1 system”, ”Pecan system”, ”system SSVJ”;

2. "Reactive jammers": "Ironwoo system", "Spruce system", "Warlock LX system" and camery double action "active/reactive jammers": "Cottonwood system", "CVRJ", "Duke".

These gamery installed on each APC and each "hammer" of the U.S. army, while communication is provided by a coded radio ASIP, also established for each APC and the Hummer is equipped with Cameron that often in the army called "warlock" from the title of one of the most popular Gumerov type "Warlock LX system".

The importance of data camarrow proved itself in Afghanistan, where according to article Alec Barker ("Improvised Explosive Devices in Southern Afghanistan and Western Pakistan, 2002-2009". Alec D. Barker. "New America Foundation") in three provinces of Afghanistan - Helmand, Naruse, Kandahar between 2002 and 2009 in the course of the 1102 was the application of forces of Taliban IEDs killed or wounded 4804 army and Afghan police and soldiers of the ISAF forces. However, according to this source, one third used an IED (although it would be more accurate to write the IDP as it is often used, and anti-tank mines) was the action of the pressure, and two-thirds were radio-controlled. Then a small portion was accounted for by the VCA controlled by wire and IED with the IR sensor reacts to crossing of the beam.

Syria radio-controlled IEDs continued to be widely used and in this case, the enemy is widely used in various alarm systems with a coded radio signal moving away from the practice of application of ordinary mobile phones. Also there were cases of combined use of radio-controlled IEDs and IED-managed-by-wire.

It is obvious that the enemy, especially the Islamic state, has a large number of trained and experienced specialists in this field and the necessary production capacity.

It requires the establishment the same as in the US army structures to deal with them an interagency nature, as the application of RC, since it is impossible to predict the time and place of the application of Islamic state militants this type of VCA.

Oleg Valetsky

Tags: Syria , AME

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