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Syria: improvised mortar shell
Material posted: Valetskiy OlegPublication date: 27-08-2017
The article describes the options of improvised mines used by armed groups in Eastern Syria.

In Eastern Syria the militants have established the production of mortar shells.


These mines are intended for the use of improvised mortars and having a structure similar to regular munitions.


These mines have charge ammonium nitrate with addition of aluminum powder.


For transmission of detonation from the intermediate detonator detonating cord is used.

Meet the detonating cord blue color of Turkish origin.


Meet detonating cords red color Indian production.


Detonating cord is attached to the intermediate detonator or percussion cap of the detonator receiving the force of the fire from the primer-igniter improvised fuse.


Mine used a homemade mechanical impact detonators instant action.Bush where they screwed has a simple system of protection, consisting in the installation of the cross pins.


So use the following design improvised fuse to the improvised mortar mine of caliber of 220 millimeters.


Applied in fuse installation scheme of the cross-guard, after the removal of which it is screwed drummer..


The safety pin is installed through openings in both walls of the housing.


In the bottom of the fuse installed the fuse consists of a primer-igniter and blasting cap.


The detonator cap is attached to the primer-igniter with glue and tape.


As an intermediate use detonator detonating cord, blue twisted in a circle and pressed into the charge around the blasting cap.


Detonating cord is additionally fastened with a knot.


Blasting cap tightly pressed in charge, which indicates a dense pile driving charge.


Apply standard primer-detonator No. 8 with a charge of lead azide.


In its cartridge case muzzle additionally rammed a charge of powder.



As for equipment homemade mortar applied and the regular fuses of artillery and mortar ammunition.


In the manufacture of these mines are often used corps regular ammunition.


Apply a homemade body.


Organized as a cottage industry min. for the sample of regular ammunition.

These mines although similar characteristics with the standard mortar mine of caliber of 120 millimeters, but differ from the regular min in diameter of a few millimeters.


Clearly there is a manufacturing base for mass production.


Near Palmyra there is a massive availability of data min. in the occupied territory.


This ammunition may cause militants to manufacture improvised explosive devices.


It requires constant work on the collection and destruction of this kind of ammunition.


The collection and destruction of improvised mortar bombs and other ammunition, will prevent Islamic state militants again to use them and apply them to create improvised explosive devices.

Oleg Valetsky

Tags: Syria , AME

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