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SR-72: the us spy plane, which is impossible to catch
Material posted: Publication date: 20-12-2016
Recently, the group Lockheed Martin Skunk Works has confirmed the development of the second generation of the elusive "Blackbird".

During the cold war, both countries, the USSR and the USA, have experienced the urgent necessity of aircraft-spies that could gather and not be at risk. A difficult task completed only one side: model Lockheed U-2 became the secret weapon of the United States, which Russian engineers have not managed to crack.

Data on the number and technical characteristics of the machines had not received the intelligence of the United States is well doing his job, protecting one of the most interesting and unusual projects of his time.

The first flight over the territory "perceived enemy" Lockheed U-2 mocking held in independence Day of America: 4 July 1956. The next few years were a real hell for the missile service of the Soviet Union — scout was elusive and managed to pass a lot of top-secret data to the enemy.

But in 1960, the problem was solved. Lockheed U-2 got a taste of the Russian land and never disturbed our airspace. In its place came the famous "Blackbird", a model Lockheed SR-71 is, in turn, was replaced by spy satellites. It would seem that the era of high-speed reconnaissance aircraft a thing of the past.

But recently the concern of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works has confirmed the development of a new project of this type in the air is going to rise SR-72, the second generation of the elusive "Blackbird".

The first generation

In 1964 he was commissioned a first of its kind supersonic reconnaissance Lockheed SR-71, nicknamed "Blackbird Black", Blackbird.

Its main features were incredibly high for those times speed of as much as 3 Mach and altitude, allowing the aircraft to easily evade the missiles. Never, in the history of existence, "Blackbird" was not hit by the missile system.

However, of the 38 18 aircraft were lost due to accidents the rate of reaction even to the most trained pilots just weren't right for a timely response instantly shifting around reality. Analogues of this plane is not existed in the world.

However, in 1998, the Blackbird was removed from service, determined to transfer its functions to our spy satellites. The decision, as it turned out, was incorrect.

The motor and speed

In 1990 year, the famous Blackbird covered the distance from Los Angeles to Washington in just over an hour and thirteen minutes. Flying across the country at a speed of 3.3 Mach was a record for many years.

To move faster is almost impossible, however, new SR-72 is not going to slow down. Under the "hood" the coming of the Lord of air will be installed hypersonic ramjet engine using as fuel a mixture of fuel and super-compressed air.

Yeah, that sounds like a description of a spaceship from a galaxy far, far away, that does not prevent SR-72 to be a real prototype.

Hypersound and materials

Judging by caught in open access materials, model SR-72 will be a model stealth aircraft for the next several decades. Created from monolithic crystals of titanium with a shell of carbon fiber, the SR-72 will be just elusive.

Speed in 6 swings (7350 km/h) will allow it to bend around the planet for some six hours.

Problems and solutions

Hypersonic ramjet engine has one drawback: super-compressed air that it uses as fuel, it is not suitable for small speeds.

Lockheed engineers are going to solve this problem in a forehead: the aircraft will be fitted with another engine with integral intake. This "kid" will be used to set the speed to a mere three strides.


The concept of all recent military conflicts, involving the US, amounted to attempts to minimize the loss of personnel.

Apparently, the new SR-72 will be the requirement to answer fully. The aircraft is able to fly without a pilot, controlled from a ground base. How engineers are going to implement permanent control over the machine, capable of a few hours to overcome the world, is still unknown.

The results

SR-72, despite the similar name — the plane is brand new. Currently, the SR 72 is still only concept, though Lockheed, under the influence of the public, was forced to confirm that the aircraft is in active development.

The first version capable of be controlled remotely or manually and equipped with a single engine will be built in 2018. The test flight scheduled for 2023 and if all goes well, the new machine will be commissioned by 2030 year.

The manufacturer says that is not going to equip the new SR-72 weapon systems. If it still happens, then the sky will be the almost perfect killing machine, to detect and shoot down that exist now air defense is simply unrealistic.


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