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Comparison of stealth aircraft Chinese J-20 vs Russian T-50 PAK FA
Material posted: Publication date: 05-11-2016
About the Chinese fighter of invisibility J-20 spoken and written media all over the world — for obvious reasons.

This aircraft for several years, undergoing various stages of testing and inspections, but recently he officially made his debut at an Airshow in China, which has become a symbol of the growing military power of this country.

With its new aircraft carrier (the second construction is also nearing completion and, incidentally, it was first conducted in Chinese shipyards), with different systems of modern anti-ship weapons, with a variety of the latest types of submarines and other weapons, Beijing is clearly trying to be (many say has become) one of the world's most dangerous military powers, along with Russia and America.

But how will the new Chinese stealth aircraft in case of war? If he can do it with the best of the best samples of foreign aircraft? The question is: can it compete with the new Russian fifth generation fighter PAK FA? Let's look at this question. Who will win? Begin the debate.

Russia and China are moving closer in an attempt to limit the global influence of the United States. But relations between the two great powers were not always warm.

I must say that the people's Republic of China and the Soviet Union in 1969 even started a brief and undeclared war, which destroyed all illusions about the unity and inviolability of the Communist bloc. In recent years, China and post Soviet Russia are drawn to each other, but it is possible that in the future, their interests may diverge. And in case of conflict has a pivotal role to play in aviation.

So how will show itself to the Russian T-50 PAK FA Sukhoi in combat with the Chinese Chengdu J-20? This will depend on the type of conflict. As I mentioned earlier, the PAK FA is definitely a fighter gaining dominance in the air, but about the J-20 do not understand the fighter if he.

If war breaks out in the Russian far East, where there may be a conflict with China, an important factor will be the range. Specific and accurate information on the range of the J-20 and PAK FA no, but considering the size of the Chinese cars, you can imagine that it has a range of more. It is also possible that J-20 is much more combat load. In General, it may be more useful machine if used as a strike aircraft.

It's hard to say what will happen if two planes meet in a dogfight. History has not been a single case of an air battle involving two of stealth aircraft. Until recently the F-22 Raptor Lockheed Martin was the only current fighter-invisible in the world. Earlier models like the F-117 and B-2 modified and today intended for attacking ground targets.

If the J-20 and PAK-FA will be truly invisible, the air fight can take place in the line of sight. Well, it is if two aircraft will be able to find each other. You can imagine that low-frequency radars will be able to send a group of aircraft in desired area. Then the Russian and Chinese fighters can accurately locate each other using an infrared search and tracking. But to understand the data of infrared detection devices and accurately determine the range to the target is problematic. And it is unclear whether the Russians and Chinese are using their cameras to select the desired type of weapon. Thus, these planes can and not get in each other from a distance.

In this case, the warring parties have to engage in melee at a distance of direct visibility. J-20, which engines from su-27, will be at a disadvantage. He is much weaker in power, and to keep up with the Russian aircraft can't. Moreover, the PAK FA is the deviation of the thrust vector in three dimensions, which makes it very manageable at low speeds. This means that the Russian aircraft will have the advantage at the angular rate of turn, radius of turn and the good performance of the angle of attack. But if the warring parties will rocket with a large side angle, helmet-mounted targeting system and a little luck, the J-20 can get the chance for a successful shot, though the PAK FA will still be a lot of advantages.

Of course, everything is speculation and assumptions, and let's hope it will be so. The war between Russia and China will not bring anything good to these countries, and what's more, it can get involved other States, which will lead to a massive conflict.

Dave Majumdar


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