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Su-57 in Syria: the test battle
Material posted: Publication date: 26-02-2018
On February 22 it became known about the landing on the Russian air base "Hamim" in Syria multifunctional fifth generation fighter, the su-57. First, there is information that Syria carried out a flight of two aircraft. However, according to unofficial information, the airbase is already four such combat vehicles. "Газета.Ru" analyze the reasons for the emergence in Syria of the newest Russian fighter.

The Syrian operation was proponowane most samples of Russian military equipment — 215 weapons, have informed the Russian Ministry of defense. During the military use identified 72 shortage of flaws, 99% of which has already been removed.

Now, apparently, the time came to test it in real conditions of a multifunctional fifth generation fighter, the su-57.

On the one hand, tell the respondents "Газетой.Ru" experts only after the actual combat use of the new technology can make a final verdict about its real combat capabilities. No other terms, whatever they were close to the combat, can not replace a real armed confrontation.


On the other hand, some analysts doubt that the latest Russian fighter jet was sent into Syria too soon.

In this respect, a typical example of Israel. The military-political leadership of this country did not dare to use just adopted the weapons of the fighter of the 5th generation F-35 strike against the Syrian and Iranian targets, 10 Feb 2018. About it wrote earlier "Газета.Ru".

Some sources say that in the conditions approached to fighting, the latest Russian su-57 will have to test EW systems and radar, it is emphasized that a full-fledged combat use of speech does not go yet.

However, experts wonder what it means in practice to test EW systems, placed on su-57. First and foremost, these systems are designed for jamming of various types of anti-aircraft missile systems and radar sights of aircraft of a potential enemy.

Real — even briefly — airing of the electronic warfare systems of su-57 means full disclosure of their characteristics. Especially all flights of our aircraft will be closely watched American spacecraft to radio and electronic intelligence

aircraft of similar purpose (of the same type P-8), ground-based centers of intelligence and electronic warfare. And just a few seconds our likely partner will received full information about the capabilities of the latest Russian aircraft in the field of electronic warfare.

And to put the interference on radio equipment of illegal armed and terrorist groups on the ground there is no particular need. First, will be met with success the so-called unit EW-N, not even equipped with the latest technology. Second, we must assume, is not created for this Russian fighter of the 5th generation to take up armed struggle with the forces of the semi-guerrilla type. It was conceived as a plane of the conquest of the air with approximately equal force of the enemy.

Now for the testing of radar systems. Apparently, sometimes called a radar sight of the su-57. Of course, it can be checked in Syria. But again, this will involve full disclosure of the characteristics of new sight based on active phased array and other advanced technologies. From our potential partners will be known to all and operating frequencies of sight, and range, as well as their rate adjustment, the detection range of different purposes and ways of their maintenance.

Finally, during flights over the territory of Syria since the take-off and before landing our fighters su-57 would be provided with all possible radar equipment of our potential partners — ground radar radar reconnaissance system, AWACS aircraft and the (including deck), radar scopes of all types fighters, electronic warfare aircraft. That is, for a relatively short period will be given full and complete radar portraits (as experts say) su-57 from all angles and in all possible ranges and in all ranges of radio waves — millimeter, centimeter, decimeter, finally, the metre. In addition, we obtained the thermal signatures of the engines of the su-57.

And finally, the last question — what kind of real help it can at this stage to provide the latest su-57 in the fight against groups of terrorists. Except that bombing assault strikes on objects illegally-armed groups. The chance the Russian fighter of the 5th generation, of course.

But to use expensive precision guided missiles "air-land" by a penny for its value terrorist targets, and even to bring in the newest and even not accepted on arms fighter, experts say, is not entirely justified.

For these purposes, is fine time-tested and battle-attack aircraft su-25. And it would be enough conventional high-explosive type bombs ofab-250-270 or nurs C-8. No other super weapons in Syria at this stage is not required.

If we go back to replicated by some sources the expression "on full combat use of the su-57 speech does not go yet", then it should again be emphasized that the full combat use for the fighter 5-th generation can only be in one area — the struggle for the conquest of the air. In Syria even close to the similar conditions there.

Therefore, the real meaning of sending su-57 in this country the experts is not entirely clear. The aircraft has not completed testing and is not officially adopted by the war Department. In addition, the use of any advanced weapons in the conflicts of the future only then gives the desired effect when it is applied suddenly and massively, and its real performance characteristics are mostly not known to the adversary.

As sometimes considered, the appearance of our su-57 in Syria was a "response" to the flight of the American stealth fighters. In this respect it is worth Recalling that

the aircraft of the 5th generation F-22 are based in the middle East in 2013. And the version of the flight of the su-57 in response to the deployment of F-22, with five years late, does not look too convincing.

The Pentagon were quick to say that the Russian aircraft 5 th generation su-57 will not have any impact on operations conducted by the Western coalition forces. There is a certain logic. Still plans to unleash a major war with the Americans in the middle East we have. And to fight with American F-22 and F-35 our su-57 will not be.

Mikhail Khodarenok


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