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Supersonic bluff Pentagon
Material posted: Publication date: 25-01-2015

Instant global strike in the new edition of the Military doctrine of Russia - including external threats.

Nothing new...

"Beast" was an old acquaintance: the one was called the doctrine of Douai, then the strategy of assured nuclear destruction, and now - instant global strike. Actually, the idea of remote contactless war without losses for a long time has the minds of American strategists. It's so cool - from a distance spreads to dust the infrastructure of any country, the population in terror, the army is demoralized, the government on his knees begging for mercy and democracy. All right. The main thing - not to run a country with nuclear weapons, and if it is, disable it before the enemy realized what was happening.

What is the ultimate goal of the Pentagon is the ability to strike any target on the earth's surface in a matter of minutes, for which he develops the program Prompt Global Strike (instant global strike), is not a secret. And the fact that the main goal - Russia, too. It was offered even to convert a conventional Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) with conventional warheads. But the ardor cooled enthusiasts - as well as their start will be considered for a full-scale nuclear attack? That way you can run into a counter strike Russian missiles, and the result will exceed all expectations. It was decided to focus on creation of cruise missiles capable of flying with hypersonic speed (5 times faster than the speed of sound). Why is it so?

In illusions

From a military point of view it is a very effective impact tool. Hypersonic flight at altitudes of 10 to 20 kilometers does not allow radars to detect such a missile, to arrange its interception and retaliation: the account goes on a minute. Unlike ballistic missiles, hypersonic will start with bombers and ships and submarines. This should make detection impossible even start-up, existing space and ground means of the missile attack warning. That creates the illusion of possibility with impunity to start and win a nuclear war.

This theory is very popular in USA. That's why there was started the development of such missiles for the air force, Navy and army, with the deadline to 2018 or 2020 was Assumed that they would be able to fly at altitudes up to 20 kilometers, ten times faster than sound (10 M). That is to otmechat a thousand kilometres in five minutes. A range of 6000 km, which is quite comparable with the range of ICBMs.

Quickly - just does not happen

However, the stumbling block was the development of the engine. Hypersonic ramjet engine (scramjet) is simple in theory. It has no turbines and compressor: the air is compressed by the incoming flow. Looks like two spouts connected by a funnel. The first funnel is the intake. In its narrow part of the inlet air is compressed, fuel is injected and the mixture burns, further raises the temperature and pressure of the resulting gas. Second funnel is a nozzle, through which occurs the expansion of products of combustion and create thrust. The difficulty is only that the fuel must be mixed with air and burned within a very short time. In practice, the engine was capricious: starts at 4-5 M, the rocket will need to accelerate, and stalls at lower speeds. In this case, the pressure jump carries the engine in pieces. Along with the rocket. It happened on August 25 last year: launched from Alaska rocket exploded 7 seconds after launch.

But how good looked idea: make a rocket with this engine, the catch under the wing strategic bomber b-52 and patrolled in the air as necessary at a height of 12 kilometers, discharged, accelerators with acceleration carried the device to the working height, start and scramjet... And half a billion dollars burned. The sum could be and more: test of hypersonic aircraft extremely expensive, because on earth they won't. Save thought by using the results of the theme "Cold". Yes, it turns out the "Russians" to this device flew in 1991!

Again these rashes!

Moreover, on the basis of KB "Raduga" in Dubna developed a strategic cruise missile Kh-90, better known among the leaders of the democracy as AS-19 Koala. Unassuming in appearance the machine flew at a speed of 5 M at 3000 miles, having on Board two nuclear warheads of individual guidance. The most interesting thing you can control in flight, leading experts to the confusion: at such speeds rocket surrounds the plasma cloud that blocks radio waves. Forgot, it is clear that this problem has been solved even with the creation of anti-aircraft missiles for system A-135 covering the Central region of Russia.

According to skeptics in the U.S. Congress, the military should turn to another solution, using suborbital gliders - also called guided warheads (UBB) that run almost into the space, and from there plan to the goal.

Well what can I say? In the spring of 2004, after large-scale exercise of our Armed forces with the participation of all nuclear "triad" that sounded very important news "Putin's Russia": "Russian Armed forces will receive combat systems, capable of operating at Intercontinental distances at hypersonic speed, with high precision, wide maneuver height and direction of impact. These complexes will make futile any samples of missile defense - existing or prospective".

The Western press has inflamed debate - that this may be where the Russians have the means? Or they - horror of horrors! - previously worked in this direction? Gentlemen, natural UBB for the missiles "Governor" was made in 1984! He was experienced in 1990, the documentation handed over to the Orenburg machine works and seems to have forgotten... And in the summer of 2006 the defense Ministry of Russia announced the creation maneuvering warhead Intercontinental missile. Did the manuscript really burning?

But that's not all: as repeatedly stated by Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin, Russia is also working to create hypersonic weapons. Last summer, the Corporation "Tactical missiles", the Ministry of defence and the Ministry of industry and trade have agreed on a program to create hypersonic missile technologies. In development will be invested over 2 billion rubles, and the first device will appear no later than 2020. So, the prototypes already flying?

Old songs in a new way

Given the complexity and high cost of development (and manufacturing!) hypersonic weapons, whether the program "instant global strike" the next "star wars" and a bluff? Especially if these new cruise missiles will be nuclear, and conventional warheads. But we are convinced: it will be exactly, say, the kick will only "disarming"! Without nasties like radiation and light flashes. How it will look and what will be the results? The answer lies on the surface.

Remember 1999 and operation Allied Force ("allied force"), when NATO was pounding Yugoslavia from the air as much as 78 days! During this "humanitarian intervention" for 35 2019 departures aircraft had dropped more than 23,000 bombs and managed 298 released cruise missiles. What is the tangible result? Damaged about one hundred military facilities (mainly PVO), three dozen plants, factories, power stations and bulk plants, a half dozen bridges and airfields, destroyed five towers and several major buildings, the General staff, party center and the Chinese Embassy. Conventional housing, no one believed. And two more trains and a bus: you know - weapons-high-precision. Killed more than 1700 civilian, including nearly 400 children, about 10 thousand seriously injured. That is, after the air defense system was suppressed and NATO pilots "walking the bar", the result can be considered quite disarming and humane.

Big bluff

But Yugoslavia is not Russia, our Krasnoyarsk Krai covers it as a bull a sheep. That is, high-precision guided missiles and bombs requires ten times more. Even to suppress air defense system. And then there is the position of our strategic rocket forces, command centers, bases of nuclear submarines. Not counting airfields, bridges and power plants. Such a number of miraculous weapons from our "friends" just no. But that's not all. The Americans, whom they say that they calculate everything in advance, once simulated attack on our nuclear forces. The one disarming. It turned out that the attack mine launchers (silos) missiles "Governor" even double dress (with two warheads) "man" - and this is twice of 300 thousand tons of TNT, is unlikely to bring it down. And this with the accuracy of American Intercontinental missiles about a hundred meters and no silos means of self-defense. Well, sort of air defence very short-range "Morpheus" our defense Ministry will receive this year.

But we are told that a hypersonic missile will be precision! High accuracy is less than 10 meters. Yeah, still try to achieve it at the distance of six thousand versts! This rocket can not carry warhead weighing more than a ton. And it is necessary ten times more: can count. You mine the "Governors" saw? Well, at least on TV... Then you will understand what to try to dig it out of the ground or to break through the monstrous thickness of the cover with one ton of explosives - like walnuts to a bullet in a cast-iron skillet. Same story with the protected command posts: there are hundreds of meters to the surface. About the dams, hydroelectric and say nothing: the Dnieper, the Germans managed to destroy only three wagons of TNT, and then from the inside. And now answer: do you believe that these "humane" hypersonic missiles will be in conventional, non-nuclear, equipment?

So no wonder we are building new factories for the production of missile defense systems and air defense systems S-400/500, not in vain do complexes "Carapace-C1" and "Morpheus", which you can drag to the rooftop. And let our "Koala" will be the cubs. We wait-with!



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