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Tanks in the city. For tank fighting in the city has created based on the experience of Syria
Material posted: Publication date: 09-06-2016
Tank, is able to effectively conduct combat operations in the city, have designed the Russian Uralvagonzavod, based on the experience of the war in Syria and other conflicts in the middle East. "Газета.Ru" find out what remedies the city will be equipped with a tank.

The country, which are armed with the most massive main battle tank of the second generation T-72, can not worry about what to do with ageing equipment and transition of military operations from the fields to urban conditions. The creators of the tank — the Russian Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" (UVZ) — figured out how to upgrade T-72 for effective fighting in urban environments. As explained "Газете.Ru" the Deputy Director of Uralvagonzavod Vyacheslav Halitov special equipment, the project is based on the experience of the war in Syria.

"If you look closely at the armed conflicts in the world, mostly the war is in the cities,

no one is in an open area not at war because it is, in fact, instant destruction, — said Halitov. — And in the city, and even in urban areas, you can fight quite successfully. We therefore, making analysis of Syria, the wars in Iraq and generally in the middle East, came to the conclusion to make a set of special additional means of protection, which at the right moment can be installed on the machine and fight more effectively in urban environments".

To give T-72 tanks a new life in the first place it is proposed to increase its firepower: to establish more effective fire control system with multichannel gunner's sight Sosna, a new stabilizer with an Electromechanical actuator, an upgraded 2A46M gun, modified to fire rockets autoloader.

We should also mention the new engine capacity of 1000 HP and automatic gear shift, the same as modern tanks T-90S.

Urban tank needs new tracks, adapted to be used "rubber boots". Modernization of T-72 for urban fighting also involves the installation of a bulldozer-blade — it clears all the blockages and barricades, which are formed as a result of the destruction of buildings and structures, and making the passes.

Of particular importance today is the protection of its armored vehicles and crew. In protecting the tank offers an integrated approach.

To protect the tank commander who has to look out of the hatch to fire from anti-aircraft machine-gun installation, thereby falling under the impact, being on all sides open, on the T-72 will establish a sort of cabin.
"We made this cabin with Windows, so he had all-round visibility, but it was all closed, there basically bullet-proof booking," — says the Deputy head of UVZ.

An expert in the field of armaments and military vehicles Victor murakhovski explained "Газете.Ru" what in fact this means that the technique of constructing the so-called birdhouses — armored protection with battlements, observation Windows surrounding the tanker or infantryman, who is top of armored vehicles. It put all the army engaged in urban combat.

The tank from all sides — as experts say, all-aspect — modules will be equipped with dynamic protection. They will close the case on the track shelves, front, back and sides and the turret.

"In addition, there are lattice screens, which are placed on shelves in the tracked area of the engine compartment and close the stern, protecting against cumulative ammunition," — said "Газете.Ru" Vyacheslav Halitov.

Equip with upgraded T-72 tank and some kind of elements of electronic warfare, to prevent flying in his direction munitions to fulfill his destiny. As explained Khalitov, the militants are now using radio-controlled missiles, and you must put out their signals in a very wide range, which is especially important in urban environments.

"We have supplied equipment to suppress radio-controlled explosive devices — these are two invisible, similar to the antenna device at the rear of the tower, this apparatus suppresses all signals going to an explosive device," he added.

Special conditions of the city are forced to make the armor enhancements from the technical point of view, the expert said murakhovski. "First, it is possible to attack from any direction, not just from a frontal angle course, as is usual in the field. Second, it requires large angles of elevation of the weapon to fire on upper floors of buildings. Third, you require review the best conditions for those who act when the weapon — round and up should be better review. In Israel, for example, on a tank on the roof there are two or three sub-machine gun is designed to defeat the enemy on the upper floors of buildings," — said murakhovski.

The source noted that the protection kit for urban combat and doing in the United States, and in Germany for Leopard 2, and Leclerc for France, and the UK for tank Challenger 2.

Upgraded under urban conditions the T-72 tank with the fire control system and thermal imaging sight the new Assembly will be first shown to potential customers in the period from 2 to 5 June in Kazakhstan at the IV International exhibition of arms and military equipment KADEX in Astana in 2016. As reported in the "Rosoboronexport", just KADEX 2016 involves 40 enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex, including 14 holding companies, will feature more than 250 samples for land, air and naval forces.

Note that Kazakhstan has already purchased one of the variants of modernization of the tank T-72 — military vehicle tank support "Terminator-2". The BMPT is equipped with a pair of automatic cannons 2A42 30 mm caliber, two launchers with supersonic anti-tank missiles "Attack-T", two automatic grenade launchers AG-17D and 7.62 mm. Machine can at large distances to detect small targets, and the fire control system allows it to do at any time of day in any weather.

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