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Tu-160 will be released in the stratosphere
Material posted: Publication date: 16-08-2016

In Samara will be releasing upgraded engines NK-32 that extends the capabilities of strategic aviation

Spetsstroy of Russia completed the repair and upgrade of the test stand of JSC "Kuznetsov" (part of "United engine Corporation UEC) in Samara for development of promising aircraft engines for long-range strategic aviation. As have informed "news" in ODK, the object is fully confirmed its efficiency and now the issue of certification and licensing complex. After that, "Kuznetsov" will be able to proceed to grade work on an updated modification of the engine NK-32 — series 02 — strategic bombers Tu-160M2, and to work to build the engine for promising aviation complex distant aviation (PAK DA). The original production of NK-32 was discontinued in 1993. The first copies of the modified NK-32 will begin testing this year.

Test stand is a U-shaped structure of a closed type with a vertical shaft suction muffler and vertical exhaust, — told "Izvestia" in the UEC. — It installed a new automatic sprinkler system, new water pipelines for various purposes, replaced all electrical. In the course of modernization was re-laid utilities, and in the construction set more than four thousand pieces of equipment.

By the end of this year, the defense Ministry expects to receive a pilot batch of engines NK-32 series 02. And by the end of 2018, the air must rise first modernized Tu-160M2. As previously noted by the commander of aerospace forces Viktor Bondarev, in 2021 should begin serial production of the upgraded machines. All ATT plans to purchase at least 50 such aircraft.

— Tu-160 — a universal plane, allowing it to operate virtually worldwide, " says the editor of the magazine "Arsenal Fatherland" Victor murakhovski. The concept of the Tu-160 is quite modern. We can talk about that somewhat dated avionics, but if it is replaced it will be quite modern aircraft. But the main problem was in rebuilding engines.

NK-32 is unique in its characteristics aircraft engine, said the chief editor of the magazine "Rise" Andrei Fomin.

— It is not only the most powerful in the world, but also allows you to fly the aircraft in the atmosphere and in the stratosphere, to operate as a jet or rocket, " says Andrei Fomin. — The maximum height of the flight of the Tu-160 NK-32 — 18 000 meters. This opportunity the bomber can be used to break the air defense of the enemy. The Tu-160 is raised to the borders of space and at speeds close to 2 thousand km per hour, easily detached from fighters. The crew before the flight wear special suits, very similar to those worn by astronauts.

According to experts, the concept of NK-32 allows to develop it, creating a machine of larger size and more thrust. This is one of the main reasons for the resumption of its production.

Modernization of Tu-160 will affect the entire internal components of the aircraft. For example, the cockpit of the bomber promised that the cockpit will be glass. That is, instead of analog devices will appear on the LCD panel which will display all necessary information to pilots. The NK-32 engines of 02 series in addition to the new generator would receive a digital control system FADEC, which provides not only optimal operating conditions, but also significant fuel savings.

— Now the Tu-160 is able to use the entire spectrum of managed and unmanaged weapons, says Andrei Fomin. — During the Syrian campaign of the Russian HQs have shown the possibility of a launch from the bomber the modern strategic cruise missiles Kh-101 conventional. Tu-160M2 will also have the opportunity, so will be used not only in the framework of nuclear deterrence, but also to solve the current problems in the interests of state security.


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