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In real combat: how and why Russia checks in Syria, the latest weapons
Material posted: Publication date: 28-08-2017
About who and how analyzes the experience of application of new weapons in a combat situation, what the company has deployed in Syria a kind of "branches" and as a science helps to win the fight against terrorism – in the new issue of "Military acceptance" to "Star".

More than 160 types of the latest Russian weapons and military equipment was first tested during the operation in the Syrian Arab Republic. This is the information of the Ministry of defense of Russia. In fact, our army sends today to the forefront all best of your Arsenal. In the sky fighting the most modern fighters and bombers on the ground – the best car in the sea are submarines and frigates with missiles "Caliber" on Board.

At the same time with the use of new weapons being reviewed for its fighting properties, the upgrade and adjustment of characteristics. Not by chance in Syria delegated to a detachment of the Russian defence industry specialists, who decide on the spot the practical issues of optimization of the fighting qualities of weapons and military equipment supplied to the troops.

About who and how analyzes the experience of application of new weapons in a combat situation, what the company has deployed in Syria a kind of "branches" and as a science helps to win the fight against terrorism, tells the journalist Alexey Egorov in the next release of the program "Military acceptance" on the TV channel "Star".

With a jeweler's precision

The first facilities of ISIS (terrorist group banned in Russia) began to operate our aircraft. Finally among the combat aircraft included in group videoconferencing in Syria, there is already a veterans. So, one of our front-line bombers su-24 performed during Syrian missions neither more nor less than 620 sorties. Despite its venerable age (and develop these machines began in the last century), the su-24 is able to provide bombing with pinpoint accuracy. For example, to hit a target the size of a tanker truck from the height of five or six kilometers. And unguided bombs. How is this possible? Through the use of "Hephaestus" – aircraft sighting and navigation complex, specially designed as part of the modernization of these bombers.

The pilots of the su-24 do not hide after the introduction of complex capabilities of the machine markedly increased. In fact, the plane approached the samples of the 4+ generation. Engineer group sighting and navigation systems captain Vladimir Ageykin highlights: if you know the ballistics of the subject, it can be reset at any point. That is due to the complex "Gefest" this item will be precision weapons. Colonel-General Andrey Kartapolov, the commander of the Russian group in Syria, said that such modern equipment allows to use against terrorists is relatively cheap ammunition, namely, gravity bombs, while achieving the performance of high-precision missiles. "To spend on fighters, these missiles, which are intended for serious, high-tech opponent, just a pity, – said the General. For enough bandits and conventional bombs, which we have enough."

To ensure the highest accuracy in bombing and capable of another technical innovation, which is now widely used in combat support. We are talking about unmanned aerial vehicles. With them in Syria are also representatives of our industry. Sergei Prozorov, the representative of the Ural civil aviation plant, monitors the effectiveness of the use of the UAV "Outpost". In the Syrian sky these machines work on an equal footing with conventional aircraft even take off from the same strip as the aircraft. I wonder what the terrorists failed to destroy any "Outpost", although they tried.

"He flies very high, to get his gun or artillery fire almost impossible," – said Sergey. By the way, to the Syrian campaign "Outposts" were classified. Today, this UAV can be told in more detail. It has two chambers – day and night, both rotate 360 degrees, passing the information on KP in real time. Manage the "Outpost" from deep in the rear: during the broadcast, the apparatus is able to escape from the control point to a distance of several hundred kilometers.

Under the gun drones

The provision of accurate guidance on the purpose and produced from the ground. Charge the soldiers of the special operations Forces. In fact, in this war of precision they work with air controllers. Modern technology allows them to be less risky, do not get close to the enemy positions. For the correct designation meets the complex intelligence, control and communication CRUZ "Sagittarius", which has become an integral part of the equipment of the commando.

How does CRUZ have? Scout, looking at it as through binoculars, detects a target and determine its coordinates, which are automatically transferred to the plane, hanging in the air. The information received is processed, after which the pilot receives a signal about the readiness to strike. Just press the button and fire. The range to the target and its exact coordinates, CRUZ identifies with the laser beam. If necessary, you can lock the object in a photo or video, dropping this picture in HQ. It's like live, only in a combat situation.

To provide surveillance of the enemy is capable of another ad hoc device. This time mounted on the balloon. To monitor the mobile command post in real-time receives all recorded information. Moreover, the operator is said to film enthusiasts, can drive off or, conversely, to collide with the subject, having considered it in detail. The camera distinguishes between persons at a distance of ten kilometers. Create these military balloons in the suburbs, in the Design office of automatics Dolgoprudny. Balloons can be very different – in size, weight of lifted load, at the range.

Have our military in Syria and underwater drones. Robotic complex "Quirk" allows you to automatically inspect the bottom of the waters at our marine base near the port of Tartus. In General, Syria has become a place of baptism of many military robots. As said Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov, sometimes in their work on the spot made all the required modifications – hardware or software – to improve performance and obtain the desired result. "There are facts, when in effect we slowed down the acceptance of individual samples until the changes to the previously stated characteristics," – said the Deputy Minister of defense of Russia.

Armour on wheels

War is the engine of the defense progress. After Afghanistan the cockpit of the su-25 was equipped with armor, APCS appeared the side door (before exit was possible only from the top, what did our soldiers vulnerable to enemy). BMP has a new gun, able to fire at the tops of the mountains. Helicopter Mi-8 has got new engines, which gave the opportunity to fly in the mountains in the rarefied atmosphere.

These changes going through our weapons in Syria. The Minister of defence of the Russian Federation General of the army Sergei Shoigu has already said, the ATS was tested more than 160 types of latest and advanced armaments. The commander of air defense forces Lieutenant-General Victor gumenny in charge in Syria the work of the s-400 and "Pantsir" says that the chief designers, engineers, companies, communicating directly with the chiefs of the combat calculations on the spot recognize the shortcomings of their equipment. As noted by the General, on arrival in Russia these experts produce timely revision, and the next samples come significantly improved.

Speaking of air defense. If the s-400 in Syria to apply is not accounted for, the "Shells" have repeatedly utilized. The fire was fought and the enemy drones, and the gas cylinders filled with TNT. Engineer instrument Design Bureau (Tula in this venture and has created a "Shell"), Maxim Rubtsov, who has also worked in Syria on the defence industry, said that although the "Shell" and is primarily a means of defense, but because of their characteristics and weapons it is capable of performing several specific tasks. Such as the destruction of unmanned aerial vehicles, the defeat of ground targets, low-speed and small targets. The complex is able as a stand-alone conduct combat operations and operate in the information and communication networks, including reconnaissance, control and fire damage. It is also important that life-support systems of the machine, such as air conditioning and filtration plant, allow you to use the complex in any climate – even in Syria, even in the Arctic.

On top of that "Shell" still armored. By the way, in Syria, passed the baptism of fire many of our army armored cars. This all-wheel drive SUVs "Lynx" and "Tiger", and bronekapsuly on the basis of KAMAZ. Tested here and the multi-ton monster "Typhoon-K". First group of conducting maintenance of this machine, said that any comments to it there, although it passes here at five thousand miles and often on the road. And for heavy armored vehicles is the distance impressive.

Given the Syrian experience

The above mentioned sighting complex "Gefest", as noted by Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov, allows you to work with ammunition in the mode of high-precision weapons. "This is tens of meters to meters, he says. – That is a good result, comparable to guided ammunition. If there is probable circular deviation is in the range of 7-15 m, the average deviation corrected munitions with the use of this complex is laid, perhaps, not more than 30 metres".

Details most operations in Syria are still classified. However, the General staff of the armed forces have already written tutorials for command staff on the intricacies of the Syrian campaign.

As noted by Deputy chief of the General staff Colonel-General Alexander Zhuravlev, the Syrian experience is analyzed, and the General staff, Military Academy of the General staff and the Combined arms Academy of the armed forces. "This experience is generalized, with the finished "product" it is issued to the troops for the introduction of a system of courses – General says. – Just changing topics, changing the order of classes, preparing teaching materials, which are issued as staff on hand, and commanders at all levels".

In fact, it is the same as the adjustment of our models of weapons and military equipment. The result of the Syrian experience is adjusting techniques and methods of warfare. This is the experience that has been gained during the assault on Palmyra, which was led by Colonel-General Alexander Zhuravlev. During the liberation of Aleppo – operation, which was designed and conducted Colonel-General Andrey Kartapolov. All this is history and moved into the category of science, which are taught to future commanders. Science that wins.

Dmitry Sergeyev


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