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Explosive devices of handicraft production in Syria
Material posted: Valetskiy OlegPublication date: 28-10-2016
In the fighting in Syria, the militants of the armed oppositions, due to the lack of ammunition, are a cottage industry of munitions and improvised explosive devices improvised.

So they organize the production of hand grenades on the model of a fragmentation grenade f-1, or used to create hand grenades shells from a 23 millimeter guns and equip them with incendiary tubes with a fuse cord.

For the manufacture of explosive devices, controlled by cable, they use a variety of auxiliary metal capacity: from iron pipes, to water knees.

Also made a homemade rocket. And homemade they are both warheads and rocket motors.

Made an improvised mortar shell in primitive conditions melted and machined housings min.

Made explosives from fertilizer and different chemical compositions.

At first glance, it looks like Amateur work. Actually we are talking about high-level professionals have learned, being in an irregular situation in the serious work of the security agencies of Syria, to develop and produce explosives almost complete technological cycle.

It is important to understand that having mastered the trade in such difficult conditions, such experts, getting access to more high technology, in record time are able to organize the production of much more sophisticated explosive devices in a much larger scale.

Given the conditions in which such experts are now, when human life obscenely and fanatical widenote the advisability of killing "infidels" is to be welcomed, there are serious doubts that the "feeble-minded" lectures of the European liberals will be able to vospripyatstvovat that will soon have to write new reviews of improvised explosive devices, massively used already in Syria, and in Europe itself...

Oleg Valetsky

Tags: Syria , AME

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