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Notes on Le Bourget 2017. Continued...
Material posted: Ponomarenko Oleg J.Publication date: 23-06-2017

In notes dated June 19, stated that selectively will mark a particular information coming from the show relating to military aircraft and weapons. Do just that, starting today with ... civil projects.

This is not surprising. Look at the project the firm's Aerospace Boom as one of the examples of modern developments in the field of creation of supersonic aircraft. The company has completed the preliminary design of the supersonic aircraft business class, designed to carry approximately 45 passengers with sorescu M=2,2. At the same time, at the request of the company, the plane will be able to implement not only the transatlantic flights, as it did at the time the Concord but also to work for such a long marktrodach as San Francisco-Tokyo and Los Angeles-Sydney. It is expected that the prototype demonstrator will make its first flight in late 2018 and in 2023 the first passenger aircraft will be delivered to the customer. Why draw attention to the project? The fundamental task of fighting aircraft – the ability as fast as possible, faster than your opponent, to deliver weapons to the target area, no matter it is the task of defensive or offensive. And if the former technology and development of guided weapons, the creation of a fleet of supersonic vehicles are not always made sense, including taking into account the criterion "cost/efficiency", modern technologies have changed the situation, and their development in the civil sector will only help the military industry. We can assume that a fifth generation fighter, iMedia the opportunity to make a fairly long flight at supersonic cruising speed besforsazhny mode of operation of the engine, are only the first swallow. By the way, if the demonstrator features a tactical fighter?


(Aerospace Boom)

Notice also on the Chinese COMAC presents the layout of the interior of the joint Russian-Chinese long-haul airliner – but look only at the characteristics of the Board: the range of about 12,000 km at a capacity of 280 passengers in a three-class layout. The machine is planned to raise in the air in 2023, and after two years to begin deliveries to customers. Given that in Russia on may 28, soared MS-21 and China on 5 may, made the first flight of C919, a medium-haul aircraft in the 150-200 class seats , note that both countries have taken the first steps to owning a platform for the creation of military aircraft subsidiary, a special purpose reconnaissance, refueling aircraft, base patrol aircraft. And if in both countries the production of tactical fighters, with the creation of special purpose airplanes obvious problems due to the lack of acceptable platforms. Recall that India previously relied on the technique of Soviet production in this category is now provided in the United States Maritime patrol P-8I, created based on the Boeing 737.

Thus, the not-so-civil is civil aviation.

In past notes, we noted presented by Leonardo light attack aircraft M-346FA (fighter attack), equipped with radar, CDB, capable of carrying more than 2 tons of payload on 7 hardpoints. Add a few touches. In the same row-training machines, making improvements to to light fighters, a South Korean FA-50, which is actively promoted for export: at the request of the developer of KAI, the aircraft involved in four campaigns in Asia, South America, Africa and Europe, in addition to participating in the program T-X in USA replacement training Northrop T-38 as part of the proposal to Lockheed Martin. The representative of the company believes that the currently high probability of the transaction with two buyers, and the total number of aircraft will be 24 units – 12 for each country. Although probable customers are not known, it is believed that one of them may be Malaysia. However, in many countries the problems with the military budget remain an obstacle, despite the need to purchase such equipment. FA-50 and his earlier training variants are available, except for South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand. It is noteworthy that in the Philippines, the machines involved in combat operations against Islamist groups in the South of the country. The developer notes that the command of a very pretty aircraft and expects to receive order for purchase of additional machines. KAI said that among the planned improvements a priority is the integration of container targeting Litening Northrop Grumman, which will allow the FA-50 to apply controlled bomb with a laser seeker. However, the specific time frame in which improvements are made, is not called.


Turkish Hurkus C (AW&ST) ...

... and AT-802L Longsword of the company L3 Technologies (AW&ST)

Light turboprop attack aircraft are also in demand, primarily due to the nature of modern warfare, which often a couple of opponents are state armed forces and insurgent groups, and manufacturers trying to make these planes more features. So, Turkish TAI Hurkus C, introduced, executed training Hurkus A, with take-off weight of 3650 kg, and equipped with engines of Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-68T. Now created usovershenstvovany version Hurkus B, the first flight is scheduled for late 2017 In April of this year, Hurkus C, equipped with electro-optical camera, located under the fuselage, performed fire UR laser-guided Laser-UMTAS (L-UMTAS)/Mizrak production Turkish Roketsan. Currently, the availability of the agreement of intent according to which the Turkish military intend to purchase 24 units.

American AT-802L Longsword of the company L3 Technologies is equipped with the same Pratt & Whitney engine PT657 as the famous light attack aircraft Super Tucano Embraer, has a takeoff weight in the order of 7250 kg and a combat load of 2,800 kg, which is not inferior to the factor M-346FA mentioned in the notes from June 19. In eksluatatsii flight hour costs $1000. The armament includes Hellfire UR, conventional bombs and the UAB class Mk-82 (500 pounds), the units NUR M260. Especially note the total number of nodes suspension arms – 11. The aircraft has a cab booking, Proektirovanie fuel tanks, equipped with electronic-optical system with IR channel, warning of missile launches, and system jamming. In January 2017 the US state Department approved the potential sale of 14 units of Kenya, however, the decision to purchase the country was postponed until September.

On light attack aircraft interesting event will be a comparative test of three Americans members of this class of machines, which will be held this summer at Holloman air force base in new Mexico, and will participate Scorpion jet and turboprop at-6 (both Textron companies), and A-29 Super Tucano Embraer. Note that, for example, AT-6 has a maximum takeoff weight of 4,500 kg and a load of 1800 kg (at A-29, they are comparable), which is significantly less than AT-802L. Also significantly less and the number of hardpoints – 7 vs 11.

In fact, light machines of this type, taking into account the improvement of the managed aircraft weapons which have increased range, precision and mass-dimensional characteristics are acceptable for such media, be operationally convenient forwarders ammunition when not needed the application of more serious combat aircraft, and use ground artillery impossible, has limitations or irrational. Thus, to get development of another platform type carrier guided weapons* in addition to combat aircraft, attack helicopters, attack drones.

Note that combat training aircraft – not only that need improvement, turning them into multi-purpose machines in conditions where buyers are limited, and the need to have the most versatile the technique is. It happened with the European fighter Typhoon, which is currently under modernization program (Phase 2 Enhancement package) provided the ability to use SD-class "air-air" long-range Meteor and Storm Shadow CU. All planned test launches of these missiles is completed and launches the SD-class "air-land" Brimstone. It is also interesting that Rafael Klaska (Raffael Klaschka), head of the Eurofighter consortium in marketing, a former pilot of the F-4F Luftwaffe Typhoon and references operators – "they tell us what they need and we provide all their requirements in time", - in respect of those improvements which are made. This approach seems questionable and is not this one of the reasons for low sales outside of Europe? Rather, the success will accompany those developers, who can anticipate customer requests and initially lay in the machine versatility. Currently set 508 cars Typhoon in 6 countries (UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Saudi Arabia), ready to ship 12 cars to Oman, and signed a contract to supply 18 aircraft to Kuwait.


*see the separate Chapter on upravlyaemoe weapons, in a new collection: Valetsky, O. V. "Weapons of modern warfare. Practice",


Oleg Ponomarenko

Tags: assessment , AME , aviation

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