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Notes on the opening day of the Le Bourget-2017
Material posted: Ponomarenko Oleg J.Publication date: 20-06-2017

Otkrylasya 52 aerospace salon in Le Bourget. I would like to draw attention to a few selected parts in military aviation and weaponry from the set of information that is available as of the end of the day on June 19 from the Western aviation press.

Interesting presenting to wait for the evaluations of demonstration flying the American F-35 – as claimed by the test pilot Billie Flynn company, in an interview published the day before the opening of the salon, the mission carefully considered and should be the answer to those critics and doubters, who do not consider Lightning II meets modern and even the old requirements for the manoeuvrability of the tactical fighter. Test pilot of Lockheed Martin, said: "it's Not as maneuverable as a Super Hornet and not as fast as Typhoon? Don't believe it." Flynn intend to show that the F-35 more manoeuvrable than those machines in which he flew, including the F/A-18, Eurofighter and an F-16 Viper. At Le Bourget on 13 June the two arrived at F-35A air force base hill, Utah, one of whom will be involved in the summer program, and the second will be shown on static display.

Israeli company Rafael is finishing the development of planning managed the Spice 250 bombs – although, strictly speaking, she literally called weapon (weapon) or weapon (munition), - c warhead weighing 250 kg and a range of about 100 km. the First samples, the customer will receive at the beginning of 2018, Now it is not surprising characteristics, but pay attention to equipping attack aircraft F-15E (F-15I). At the request of the Israelis, the aircraft is armed with packets of the holders (launchers) in 4 of UAB, having on Board a total of 28 units. Cars of class F-16 can be armed with the order of 10-25 units. The same amount placed on Board of UAB announced to the American F-15E with weapons in the form of a Small Diameter Bomb, but the payload of the latter is about half of the Israeli (about 114 kg). Thus, the obvious desire to equip tactical fighter large ammunition guided weapons in the same way as do the United States, the Israelis carried out in the variant with higher capacity of ammunition with the same number on the media. On the development of ASD reported at least a couple of years ago. Feature Spice 250 is that ASD is made as a single construct and not a special package, which are loaded with conventional AB series Mk 82, Mk 83, Mk 84. And, of course, characteristic of modern UAB to become the use of large wings to provide extended range planning. Radical upgrades, coupled with the significant range and start making tactical fighter, more formidable fighting unit and complicates the task of air defense.

Company Leonardo introduced combat training M-326, based on the airframe of the Yak-130 light attack variant of the aircraft – M-346FA (fighter attack), equipped with radar, CDB, capable of carrying more than 2 tons of payload on 7 hardpoints. In terms of greater technical complexity and increased cost of modern fighters such machines will probably find their buyers, and for countries having adopted both types of combat aircraft will enhance the combat potential due to the growth opportunities training and combat aircraft.

China presented a model of the impact of Wing Loong drone II with a set of combat equipment. According to the manufacturer, AVIC, - maximum take-off weight of 4,200 kg, which is 4 times more than its predecessor – the Wing Loong I. Notable probably is not the drone, but the reason to mention the fact that China follows the conceptual model of the development of U.S. weapons systems. Wing Loong II not only forms a layout like a copy of the American MQ-9 Reaper, but the growth take-off weight compared with the predecessor is the same as the growth take-off weight Reaper compared to the Predator. The same evolution we can observe, in particular, in the field of fundamental decisions of the Chinese to equip warships escort classes (see articles in the new collection: Valetsky, O. V. "Weapons of modern warfare. Practice".

Oleg Ponomarenko

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