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Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

Events in Ukraine, taking the start in the autumn of 2013 with the Kiev "Maidan" and the seizure of administrative buildings throughout the country, in the spring of 2014 resulted in the start of a full-scale confrontation. The second decade of the XXI century has confirmed the ideas expressed by the Russian scientist, an officer Evgeny Messner - myatezhevoyna determine the future of not only the Ukraine but also in Russia and Europe, and around the world. In the terminology of zapadnyeh military theorists - a "hybrid warfare", where guerrilla warfare complemented by action of special forces and regular troops with heavy weapons. On assessment of what is happening in Ukraine and related to these events geopolitical sdivigov devoted to this project.

Croatian script for Galicia

Lately in Ukraine, discussed the so-called "Croatian scenario" settlement of the conflict in the Donbass. Its essence is that first you need to defeat the Republic in a lightning war, to destroy or squeeze in Russia do not agree with the outcome of local residents, and the remaining impose its conditions of existence in a single country.

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Murder Givi: as was killed one of leaders of DNR

The self-proclaimed Donetsk killed the commander of militia battalion "Somalia" Mikhail Tolstoy, known under the Callsign Givi. Behind the assassination attempt may stand as security services of Ukraine, who liquidate the most active battalion commanders of the DPR and subversive groups associated with the Russian security forces, experts say.

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"Very timely" death Bolotov: comrades of the former head of LC gave his version of

Donbass again blazed that day was buried in Moscow Valery Bolotov, the first head of the LC. 1970-2017. 46. Suddenly. "You know, because we were supposed to meet with him just today, as it turned out, the day of his funeral came up to me in the cemetery a group of strong men. Because what is happening now in the LC, this is a complete mess, and only Valera, we believe, could change things for the better. Very "timely" for the death of the current leadership of the Luhansk".

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Chronicle of a dive new: Eliminated the heroes of the "Russian spring"

Over the past two years during the conflict in the Donbass militia commanders killed not only in battle. The last time this happened solely as a result of terrorist attacks and planned "actions".

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The citizens of Georgia and the Georgian armed forces in the war in the Donbass

The logic of military confrontations of the last decades is the high level of involvement in wars and armed conflicts of varying intensity, broad-spectrum non-state actors: volunteers, mercenaries, rebels, etc. In this regard, the war in the South-East of Ukraine is no exception. Despite the fact that in the fall of 2014, she soon took on the character position, on both sides of the conflict in varying degrees, the bet was made on the centralization of command and pushing off from participation in hostilities irregulars representatives of other States have not disappeared.

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