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Promised that the traitors to the President, but obviously they had cheated him. Any agreements will not be
Material posted: Publication date: 12-09-2014

Next EU sanctions, in fact, put an end to any talk about the possibility to negotiate with the West. Even at the cost of any concessions and betrayal.

The very fact that Russia faltered in Ukraine and did not defend its national interests, giving at the mercy of the Donbass and its people, agreeing to the loss of face of the Russian leadership, treachery — all these have convinced the West that it can dictate its will by continuing to increase the pressure.

It's hard to say that he had promised the traitors to the President, but obviously they had cheated him. Any agreements will not. The problem is that now the Western pressure has ceased to have Ukrainian "dimension". Sanctions and their tightening aimed solely at splitting the Russian elite, to the disadvantage of its parts and hastening to an early coup.

Now at stake is no more and no less, as the head of Putin — no other result, the West will not be satisfied. Already after Crimea, the frightened Euro-American elite has decided that Putin's Russia it is impossible to have Affairs, for what reason commanded for his overthrow. While — via a coup. Hands of the downtrodden and disadvantaged oligarchs. Will not work — through a military conflict.

It seems that the Russian leadership understands this, and yesterday's regular exercises of the troops of the Eastern military district with bringing them to full combat readiness — demonstration that Russia is ready to such development of the situation. The only question is whether it is ready to betray.

The last three to four years, provided rich material for the study of possible scenarios of war with Russia. Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and Ukraine — countries where the West achieved its objectives through mutiny of portion of native elites. After which supported the arrival of democracy to these wild outskirts. In Libya, it supported the NATO bombers, in Egypt — the massive funding of terrorist groups through pocket purse Western corporations in Qatar; in Yemen, the bet was placed on tribal leaders and on the launch of the project "al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula," Ukraine — well, then everything before my eyes.

In Syria, this scenario failed. Syrian elites had refused to betray Assad, as its interests are tied to Syria, their business and their wellbeing is based on a unified and stable Syria. Therefore, individual traitors in the leadership of the country was unable to shake its stability — and the West was forced to rely on terrorist An-Nusra, ISIL, Islamic front, Farouk brigades, Free Syrian army and many others. Now Obama is preparing to bomb the Syrian territory under the guise of battling the Islamic state. There is no doubt that area bombing would spread much further — and if Russia will pull hand bombing Raqqa, in another month the falcons Obama will start bombing Damascus. If now in Syria will not be supplied to the Russian air defense systems that can shoot from the rate of the us terrorists — we get a sharp aggravation of the situation in the South of wdowiak to Ukrainian problems.

Russia faces the same choice — initially we will have to wait a coup. Unlike Syria, a significant part of the Russian modern elite — the usual compradore, with the country having nothing in common except the fact that it is from Russia that they deflate their personal selfish well-being. These people are now beginning to firmly press their Western masters, using sanctions as a carrot to encourage them to organize the coup. And the longer they procrastinate, the stronger and hotter will be the penalties.

However, the sanctions have yet another aspect in the case of the failure of the coup the West wants to weaken the leading sectors of the Russian economy with a view to possible military conflict Russia met in the least ready for it. Speaking about the military conflict, it is possible to assert with confidence that the ideas of George Freeman on the use and Association of the war in Iraq and the Ukraine will form the basis of the plan of military intervention in Russia. Whether it's made through the war in the Crimea or the war in Chechnya — the question is purely situational. Probably practiced different scenarios, which will be launched immediately after the coup attempt or synchronously with it.

The events of recent years have shown very clearly the West has bet on the collapse of the existing world order. He was not satisfied with new centers of power that put him in front of a civilizational catastrophe. Sweet life "Golden billion" has always been based on the slavish existence of the rest of the world who worked for their masters. Now new centres and growth points, the new fledgling Association of third world makes the concept of neocolonialism worthless — and the West will fight. It has nowhere to go.

The color revolutions were given into the hands of the US and its allies is a tool by which they hope to defeat their strategic opponents, without bringing the matter to a direct confrontation, which threatened universal destruction. The cancer of democracy and human rights in their Western interpretation, spreading around the world, sets the stage for color revolutions of varying degrees of ferocity.

Sanctions pressure on Russia, which no one intends to stop, translate the level of confrontation to a qualitatively different state. Apparently, there is some point of no return at which no rollback will not succeed. There is a deep suspicion that we quietly and casually crossed. Most likely, this point can be considered Russia's refusal of fight for Ukraine. May 14, when quite inexplicably the people of Donbass were simply betrayed, can be considered a point — the West received proof that it has the possibility to force through their interests. Via who exactly from the Russian elite and the state apparatus was carried out a pressure or deception of the Russian President — he knows better. But these people are the ones who will stand behind the coup.

If we have entered in the prewar period, hence, its behavior should be different than in peacetime. It is necessary to eliminate even the hint of a possibility of a coup. To remove from power people who will betray and sell the country. To deprive their tools of influence. Then the West will remain the only military way which he fears. And on which he has much less chance than betrayal.



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