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Croatian script for Galicia
Material posted: Publication date: 03-09-2017
Lately in Ukraine, discussed the so-called "Croatian scenario" settlement of the conflict in the Donbass. Its essence is that first you need to defeat the Republic in a lightning war, to destroy or squeeze in Russia do not agree with the outcome of local residents, and the remaining impose its conditions of existence in a single country.

Recently in Ukraine held a round table "Croatian experience the peaceful reintegration of the uncontrolled territories." Their invaluable experience shared by former Croatian politicians, among them the prima looked Spring Scare-Ožbolt. "European Pravda" (in fact, this section of "the Ukrainian truth" — horn of Ukrainian nationalists) exhaustively questioned her about how she has managed to subdue the rebellious Republic, and to reintegrate into Croatia.

"Yevropravda" trying to gain experience and frankly jealous of the Croats: "Part of the occupied Croatian lands came under the control of the government after a brilliant military operation, but another part of Zagreb decided to return to a fundamentally different way — through a long peace process held under the mediation of UN," — writes the Internet-newspaper.

I think Ukrainian neo-Nazis are wrong — in a future division of Ukraine in the position of Croatia will not Donbass and Galicia — the birthplace of most neobanderovtsev. And sooner or later, section will happen, I don't doubt that. The similarity between the attitude of the population in these two European regions to others is evident. It emerged first of all during the war when thwarted all moral brakes. However, in our relatively peaceful time, you can guess how Galicians and Croats would behave in relation, respectively, to the Muscovites, and the Serbs if they had the opportunity.

If someone does not know or have forgotten, Maidan slogan "Poland — na gilyaku" — a blueprint of the Croatian "Serb on a willow", who is the author (below I will introduce him). "Moskalyaka" is not only a resident of Moscow or Russia. Those who live in Ukraine, but do not speak the Galician dialect and do not adhere to the Greek Catholic rite. Ukrainians who hate Russia, should know: you are nothing more than companions in the struggle with the Russians, to which is added all Uniates. Even if they consider themselves Ukrainians are Patriotic and go to Church Kiev Patriarchate. Until your turn comes later.

Croatia has its own, revered still, Bandera and Shukhevych. Ustashi and UPA warriors — twins.

Ante Pavelic (14 July 1889 — 28 December 1959) is the founder and leader of the fascist organization ustasha 1941-1945 dictator (poglavnik) of the Independent state of Croatia. First issued to them by the law was the Law on citizenship, whereby all citizens-not Aryans (Aryans was added and Croats) were outlawed.

The law on race and on the protection of Aryan blood and honor of the Croatian people were forbidden intermarriage. The law on the protection of national Aryan culture of the Croatian people were not Aryans forbidden any participation in the work of NGOs, youth, sports and cultural organizations and institutions of the Croatian people, as well as in literary and journalistic activities in the field of painting, music, architecture, theatre, cinema. In 1945 he fled to Austria, the same year the Yugoslav people's court sentenced to death in absentia. Hiding in Italy, Argentina and Spain. April 10, 1957, he was assassinated. Pavelic survived, but from the consequences of a serious injury two years later died in Madrid.

Mile Budak (30 August 1889 — 7 June 1945) — the main ideologist of the ustasha, the organizer of the genocide of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies. The writer, whose novels are sold in Croatia now. He is the author of the slogan "Serbs on the willows". In his books has called for the expulsion of Serbs from Croatia or destroyed. He was Minister of education, religion and cults, as well as Deputy leader of the Ustasa Ante Pavelic. It Budak called "kill a third, expel a third and convert to Catholicism, one third of the Serbs". Arrested by partisans in 1945 and executed along with many other leaders of the collaborationist regime.

After the collapse of Yugoslavia in Croatia attempts the rehabilitation of Budak. The official position was that it should be valued as a writer and a fighter for the independence of the country and not to mention the results of his political activities. Today, however, the street that bears his name, renamed, and removed the plaque.

As well as murderers from the UPA, thousands of ustashe emigrated to the U.S. and received citizenship there. Here is one of them.

Petar Brzica (1917 — 2007) In the concentration camp Jasenovac was held competitions to see who will kill more Serbs. Absolute is a champion Petar Brzica, "King cernobila" — August 29, 1942, without interruption, killed 1360 people. For it from the hands of the chaplain of the camp got a gold watch, from the administration of the camp — silver service, and the ustasha, who served with him in the camp -- roasted suckling pig and wine

He graduated from the Franciscan College in a Wide-Briege, studied at the law faculty, University of Zagreb. He was a member of the Great order of the Crusaders. In his youth, became interested in nationalist ideas, had joined the party ustasha. In the army of the Independent state of Croatia was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

After 1945, fled to the United States, where he obtained citizenship and maybe changed her name. Attempts by Yugoslavia to give Brzica not successful; not helped by the Simon Wiesenthal center, despite the long debates and discussions with the United States. Since 1970-ies traces of Bricy lost. In the 1990-ies a re the requirements to issue and were not satisfied. According to unconfirmed reports, died in 2007.

The hatred of the Catholics to the Orthodox

I don't know how to explain the animal hatred of Catholics (and the Galicians and Croats — Catholics) to the Orthodox. Of course, when people live a long time side by side, they often have mutual claims. But the Croats and the Galicians showed during the war just the same pathological cruelty. Moreover, massively.

History of Galicia, of course, different from the history of Croatia. And the Galicians were cruel not only against the Orthodox and Catholics is enough to remember the Volyn massacre. And yet, at the core of their ideology is a religion — the Unitarian Church has positioned itself as a Ukrainian national, today, claiming the whole territory of Ukraine, including the Crimea and the Kuban and other regions of Russia. In the Donbas a war with Ukraine is considered religious. And it's true — independence was originally privatized Greek Catholic priests. It was their chance to subjugate the whole of Ukraine.

Hopefully you don't notice, what were the plans for the ustasha? I draw your attention: kill a third, expel a third and convert to Catholicism, one third of the Serbs. No doubt, such plans have Uniates against the Muscovites. Only they are aloud not yet discussed. The time has not come yet.

Frankly, I don't believe that Galicia can be reformed — they can only be separated from the body of Ukraine. And to do re the rest — those who are infected misanthropic ideology of Bandera. Don't know when it will happen. Perhaps only after, when Orthodox Ukrainians (no matter what the Patriarchy) will understand who is for them the real enemy.

Pavel Shipilin


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