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International Commission: "the Boeing 777" could shoot down the Ukrainian fighter
Material posted: Publication date: 01-11-2014

Dutch Prosecutor Fred Westerbeke, who heads the Commission for investigation of the crash Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines in Ukraine on July 17, made soobseniem that to determine the exact cause of the crash experts are not enough data. According to Westerbeke, it is not certain that the investigators have all the available data.

"We are not sure if we're already there, or might there is additional material, perhaps even more specific. What we have, in any case insufficient to draw final conclusions. We are in contact with the United States to get satellite images," said Vesterbacka in an interview with Spiegel Online.

He noted that currently considers two versions of what happened, including the firing of Boeing and other aircraft and hit by a missile "earth-air". At the initial stage were two versions - an accident and a terrorist attack, but they both disappeared during the investigation.

Westerbeke stressed that "all the time it seems that it is quite clear what happened to the plane and who is to blame. But if we really want the perpetrators brought to justice, we need evidence and something more than excerpts from telephone conversations from the Internet or photos of the wreck. Therefore, we consider not a single script and a few".

As already mentioned previously Malaysian experts generally confirmed the statements of the Russian defense Ministry that the victim in the sky over Donbass "Boeing-777" was shot down by a gun of the su-25 and missile "air-air" and not from "Beech-M" from the ground.

In their view, "the fighter jet fired a missile "air-air" passenger liner, and then "finished off" his shot from 30-millimeter guns." At the same time, the head of the SBU Nalyvaychenko in an interview to Ukrainian TV channel said that "to complete the investigation of the plane crash in the sky over the South-East are not enough fragments of a particular rocket specific "Buka".

Professional Union of engineers conducted a separate investigation into the death of Malaysian Boeing and provided a detailed analysis. "Unidentified combat aircraft (presumably a su-25 or MiG -29), which was a tier below, on a collision course in the cloud layer, sharply gained altitude and suddenly appeared out of the clouds towards the civilian aircraft and opened fire on the cockpit (the cockpit), making the rounds from the cannon armament of caliber of 30 mm or smaller caliber," he proved the experts.

"These actions could be not only produced a pilot of fighter aircraft in "free hunt" (using onboard radar), but with the help of the Navigator hovering using the data of air environment from land-based radars",- sounds in their report.

Moreover, he even said - the plane was used the complex "Buk-M" (which is not on the weapons neither Russia nor the militia of Donbass). Accordingly, "it appears that Ukraine pulled to Donetsk powerful system the Buk missile system, though the militia has no aviation, threatening the grouping of Kiev.

It is clear that by 17 July the combat systems were fully prepared and deployed, and they were off the radar activity, which fell immediately after the destruction of the "Boeing-777",- said former Colonel of the Israel defense Sergei Schmitz.

To top it all, Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky in discussions with Prancer from Russia voiced form to sponsor militias DND in the elections to the Parliament, and recognition of "Boeing-777", "smilely one by one and got on another plane", and "respect and sympathy for the militia."

Thus, the question of who shot down the plane, is somewhat rhetorical. Especially if you think that the Malaysian media has said, "from the bias of the West is breathtaking".

Sergey Larin


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