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Modest Kolerov. Ukraine is in a coma — they want to make the cadaver
Material posted: Publication date: 10-09-2014

Total for us on both sides of the Russian-Ukrainian border, especially on its borders — in the new Russia — is the only thing we are waiting for a rapid end to the nightmare of civil war and don't want to even think about how all the power of "European integration" is killing children in our land just because some racist bastard has defined them as "quilted jackets" and "coloradi".

In jackets our grandfathers defeated at Stalingrad and captured Berlin. Seven million Soviet children were murdered by the Hitlerites and their allies from Finland, Holland, Belgium, France, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Spain, from among the current founding fathers of Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan during the war.

Now Ukraine is bankrupt and the only commodity of its reversal, the authorities will sell with increasing success, is to prepare for war against Russia, placing NATO infrastructure and even ABOUT its territory. Increasing financial debts to the Euro-Atlantic unions will make her absolutely obedient to manufacturer cannon fodder for the needs of NATO. The coming year may be the last for the expectations of European values for Ukraine. They come to mass poverty, which Russia has already experienced in 1992 and 1998 respectively. We will again see on our streets and in our homes in the new destiny, now economic refugees from Ukraine.

Sanctions the US, EU and their allies against Russia in the part where it affects their interests, will be cancelled. Sanctions — including military — will continue where they cancel requires the consensus of those who have been professionally and sells her hatred of Russia is based on hereditary collaborationism with Hitler and the glorification of murderers of our children: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Russia etc. should be used that successive Western power will be politically raping her once amended, Jensen-Vanik, demanding for the abolition of each of them addressed to Russia with a comma almost a national betrayal from another weak shower Russian economy and diplomacy on the Western floor.

The US and EU will do anything that will turn Russia into an economic resource for the donor and decaying corpse of Ukraine. Actually, it's been announced in their alphabets. And only liars and compradore pretend that it is not about the exploitation of Russia, and about its "partnership" with the aggressors. The main result of this war — the accession of huge and already dead of Ukraine to the living body of Russia, and she died.

To Russia, raping integration in Western economy in the area of exports, financial markets, and technologies continue to feed Western, anti-Russian, nationalist and progeterone experiments in Ukraine, as it continues to do now subsidiaries of Russian banks and enterprises.

Ruling Russia still has not told his people how it will protect him from lawsuits, sanctions, restrictions, humanitarian aggression of their Western "partners", she still did not show even pique vests its medium-term strategy for Ukraine. And so each new victim will call its new surprise and hysterical reactions such as the creation of a national payment system for one and a half months, a low-cost airline to Crimea and Kaliningrad and hamonno-Parmesan-lactose glamorous needles for those, and so our account should only eat oysters in Brittany.

Russia is once again in its history discovers that for freedom and national dignity have to pay. Fortunately, to pay, first of all, glamorous-item fat rolls of those who washes her brains out. But the fat folds of parasitism do not want to die without a body.

Kolerov M.


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