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Why Yarosh spoke about the collapse of Ukraine, Zakharchenko holds a "straight line" with Kharkiv
Material posted: Publication date: 21-04-2016
Quite a lot of talk in Ukraine was caused by the statement of people's Deputy of Rada, former leader of the Promoscow Dmitry Yarosh about the real collapse of Ukraine already at the end of this year. What two years say and write many political analysts, now voiced radical Yarosh.
On one side it is clear that today, Yarosh. If the victory of the Maidan in some degree the merit of the "Right sector" Yarosh and personally, today and organization, and a former leader of such strength have not already. So, this statement will likely be interpreted as an attempt to draw in new organization supporters.

Today Yarosh actively collects under the banner of a new organization DIYA (sovereign initiative Yarosh) all those who have lost faith in the results of the Maidan, those who want to continue the revolution. While the political and economic situation today is such that these people are becoming more and more.

"There is a very pessimistic scenario, which gives our country a margin of safety to the end of the year. After that you can get several quasi-States on the territory of Ukraine".

Some readers now grinned. Two years many writers, including your humble servant, "bangout" the disintegration of Ukraine. But she stays. I'm tired already. And largely you'd be right. Indeed, "sanguem" really is. Why? And why has dramatically changed the rhetoric of the representatives of Ukraine on Russian television and in other media? Why talking about the collapse of already European and American policy? Why even the Ukrainian President in some statements drew attention to this issue?

Don't know if the readers, but even the President of Ukraine does not use the phrase "country-aggressor". But supporters are increasingly talking about the need to restore economic ties with Russia.

The answers can be found... the economy. It is in Economics, not in politics. No matter how beautiful or say a politician, if people are starving, there comes a time when the main argument becomes not a fork, and forks. The mutual influence of Economics and politics an indisputable fact. Every politician always expresses the view of some economic groups of people. And acts in the interests of this group. The only difference is how he takes into account the interests of others.

Yarosh said today that Ukraine can be saved only by the security forces. However, I have already mentioned Yarosh teach well. And there are no any statements about the military dictatorship. It is too early to scare the electorate by such statements. While talking about security forces as the saviors of a single state.

"We are working with the army and the security forces. Because we understand that if you break out some, relatively speaking, Vradiyevka, it can detonate the situation nationwide. And only the army, only the security forces-the patriots may this situation to keep. For politicians there is no trust. The more I travel around the country, the more in convinced".

If someone doesn't know about vradiyevke, I advise you to look through the publication for 2013. It was then in vradiyevk's village of the outbreak of the rebellion, which many Ukrainian analysts call a rehearsal of the Maidan. The reason was the authorities ' response to the statement made by two women of rape by militiamen.

More and more Ukrainians speak Ukrainian identity. More and more talk about the "localnode" of the Ukrainian state. Many openly oppose the East and the West of the country. This lead a lot of evidence. From historical roots to the way of life and outcomes for the past quarter century of elections. We are actively exploring the Ukrainian idea.

And, I think, it is this policy background decided to use to break through the information blockade Alexander Zakharchenko. Yarosh "plays" to Western Ukraine, Zakharchenko is on the East.

Donetsk news Agency reported that on April 26, Zakharchenko will hold a straight line in the format of an online conference with residents of Kharkov.

"For a long time on my site has received many complaints of ordinary people of Ukraine. Questions require answers. Especially from Kharkov. After all, they are our neighbors, there live our relatives, friends, colleagues. April 26 will be a direct and open conversation".

This is from the statement of the leader of the DND.

Why Kharkov? After all, anyone who knows the situation in this city it is clear that to take a chance to get in touch with the leader of the DND wishing, most likely, not there. The SBU in the Kharkov works. And works quite well. Then, what calculation? Who is the main consumer?

Rather just, Zakharchenko focuses not so much on the residents of Kharkov, but on those who consider themselves the best team, but for various reasons now lives outside the city. And questions, I think, will be precisely on this category. That is, the questions will be "their".

By the way, talking to people, living and working today on the territory of DND, I concluded that they are not particularly eager for this conference. Many are still living relatives in Kharkov, and to exhibit in the exhibition open conference wanting a bit. Only those who are sure that there will be no repercussions.

If you think about it, the idea with the conference is more harmful than useful to the Republic. Who is going to speak Zakharchenko? Those who are willing to protest today? Or those who the efforts of the Ukrainian mass media has become an ardent nationalist? Is it in the manual DND do not see a simple fact: Kharkiv, Pro-Russian configured the town, it's just strangled by the security forces.

Or the native of Kharkiv, and Kernes fosterling Biletsky, one of the founders and the commander of "Azov" already changed the location of your dogs? Like no, it's just one of the battalions of the regiment in Kharkov. And not just so worth it.

It is clear that there is blame Putin. I'm not kidding. It is Putin, with his successful straight lines. It seems to me that someone from the environment decided to raise the ratings of Zakharchenko in the same way as it does the Russian President.

Only here the level of Putin's policies and the field commander Zakharchenko too different. No offense Zakharchenko said. Putin, unlike Zakharchenko, self.

And "screwed up" enough in DND. Mistakes when dealing with the simplest issues, repression that the leaders have become almost the norm, artificially created cult of personality, all this somewhat tempered the revolutionary fervor of the Donetsk side. And I'm doubtful that the elections of the President of Ukraine (hypothetically) Zakharchenko have the chance to qualify to the second round even in the Donbas.

Why I have linked two such seemingly different characters in one article? It seems that the enemy Yarosh and "our" Zakharchenko.

Today they both know perfectly well that blame everything only on Kiev anymore. Traditional Ukrainian "blame the predecessors" doesn't work. They, the predecessors, of course, is to blame, but what has been done in recent years? How can parasitize on the military exploits?

As I wrote above, the authority is created to deal with specific political and economic challenges. When it was time to raise the radicals on the Maidan, moved figures type of Yarosh and Tyagnibok. When I had to defend Donbass from Western Ukraine selukov, appeared Zakharchenko, Khodakovsky, Brain, Dremov and their ilk. They were right then.

Now, when the existence of the republics is largely dependent on Russia, as Ukraine's existence from infusions of the West in the economy, it's time for other politicians. It's time other economists. Came another time.

No matter how respected Yarosh Zakharchenko or their supporters, but... a Time to gather stones and a time to cast away stones. Moreover, as practice has shown in recent years, in Ukraine and in Donbas the situation is quite comparable. Both explain the difficulties of war. Both in the power of the populists rather than economists. And there, and there political opponents disappear to who knows where. There are no people who will really be able to "pull" the country out of the swamp, where, as previously mentioned, the country is "at pace".

Well, look at the press-conference of the leader of the DND. And look at another statement by the leader of the DIYA. In any case, it will be informative. But unpromising.

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