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`The subversive activities of the Ukrainian bourgeois nationalists against the USSR and its control of the organs of state security`
Material posted: Publication date: 13-01-2012

Proposed training material contains information about the activities of the Ukrainian nationalists against the Soviet Union and the main agent and operational activities in combating the public security organs. The main focus of the learning material is given to the organization of the agent-operational work to combat the activities of Ukrainian nationalists in Ukraine, especially in its Western regions. In the training material gives only brief information about the origin and development of Ukrainian nationalism.

Author: comp.: Burdin, L. S., I. V. Hamazyuk, Prodeco S. V., Kuleshov N. And.
Publisher: higher school of KGB at SM of the USSR
Year: 1955
Pages: 162
Format: pdf (DOWNLOAD)
Size: 12 Mb
Language: Russian

Tags: Russia

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