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Strelkov explained the truce in Ukraine the influence of "agents" in the Kremlin
Material posted: Publication date: 12-09-2014

Former defense Minister Donetsk self-proclaimed people's Republic Igor Strelkov criticized achieved in Minsk agreement on ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine and called them "shameful". However, he said that the leadership of Russia supposedly there are some forces that sabotaged military and political assistance to the rebels and urged President Vladimir Putin to the option to truce.

"More shameful agreements than those that are being discussed in Minsk, to come up with is simply impossible," — said the Shooters at the first press conference in Moscow.

"Has penetrated the foreign policy leadership of the accomplices of the Nazis not only sabotaged any military and political assistance to the rebels, said the journalists Shooters, but they tried to force the President of Russia to set their traps".

Shooters called his resignation at a time of severe martial law, a difficult decision taken in difficult conditions, but needed to "join forces on the eve of the attack", reports the correspondent of RBC.

"Only a few in the leadership of our Republic knew that this situation should change in the next few days, and the enemy will suffer a serious defeat. I was among those few, but could not even hint to my subordinates that soon we will come," said Shooters.

According to him, once "the enemy retreated", intervened the hostile forces that have penetrated the foreign policy leadership of the country. "Was thrown agents, regiusace in robes of patriots and of statesmen", — said the Shooters. In his view, "the agents" penetrated even to the circle of President Putin and "came up with the truce".

At the same time Strelkov stressed that those who expect to use his name in subversive activities and "see Colonel strelkov are the leaders of the protest", will not be able to pull it devastating, he said, was "protests". He urged Russians to support Putin in a "war waged by the West".

A former employee of the Russian security services Igor Girkin, who took the pseudonym Strelkov appeared in the South-East of Ukraine in April. He became one of the leaders of the militia in Slavyansk; it is the Shooters a few weeks he directed the defense of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk by Ukrainian army, and then, after the almost complete encirclement of the city by the Ukrainian security officers, led the militia in the direction of Donetsk, avoiding the defeat of their group.

The self-proclaimed authorities of Donetsk national Republic, given the success of the Bureau, elected him Minister of defense. After the retreat from Slavyansk by subordinate groups began to defend the territory of the DPR. The Shooters declared himself the military commandant of Donetsk and entered the city in martial law.

13 August militia reported about strelkov's wound, and the next day he reported that he retired from the post of Minister, which confirmed RBC Deputy Prime Minister of the new Republic Andrey Purgin. The former Prime Minister DND Alexander Boroday reported that the Shooters are not wounded, he's all right.

Strelkov's resignation was not only among the leadership of the militia. In August in the breakaway republics completely new leadership: the leader of the unrecognized Luhansk national Republic Valery Bolotov has resigned a week after has left his post as Prime Minister of DNR Alexander Boroday. The official reasons for resignations vary, but experts attribute them to the desire of Russia to further distance themselves from the situation in the Donbass and to remove from the leadership of the host of people with Russian citizenship.

Maxim Solopov, Vladislav Gordeev


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