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Ukraine: the unprecedented rise and hard fall
Material posted: Publication date: 03-09-2014

Now, few will remember and even fewer would believe it, but the history of modern Ukraine, this is the story of the biggest economies in Europe-which was destroyed by greedy for money and power bastards. This is the story of a real alpha male in the post-Soviet space, which he had chewed on...
And before you start reading, I warn you – in this article I will try to distance themselves from politics!

The facts that I cite, are often sent into a stupor of many Ukrainians. For most Russians, and I'm not convinced that these facts are just opening.

And remember how it all began...

I'll start from the very beginning – from the creation of the Great Globe of Ukraine! And so, the millennial history of Ukraine dates back 24 years! But for such a short period of time Ukraine managed to show the world how you can achieve incredible economic success and how they can all be buried. To bury in the literal sense, to return already anything it is impossible.

24 years ago Ukraine gained independence and became a sovereign country. But due to many objective reasons to immediately start using all the benefits of independence did not work, stood at the helm who understands absolutely nothing and not knowing capitalist economy former party bonze Kravchuk. Nothing good to say about him I can't: the man of the old school, who in pursuit of a seat completely forgot that this chair is not a trophy for beauty, but for it to work. As a result of its illiterate actions, constant errors, complete lack of understanding present conditions, and absolute unwillingness to grasp what was happening with the strong economy, which was Ukraine, started to fail. And this failure would not be so terrible if he did not help Yeltsin in Russia. Together they did a around.

And that's what turned it for the economy of Ukraine: GDP decline in the last year of his reign was 14%, and their inherent errors led to the fact that the first year of the reign of the next President, Leonid Kuchma, was marked by the continued drop in GDP. And then I can say with confidence that these losses of Ukraine's GDP is entirely on the shoulders of Kravchuk. President Kuchma year tenure as President was spent fighting and uprooting entrenched in the apparatus of the shit programokban. Really work the new President began six months before that were squabbles, reassignments and purges of the ranks.

The real basis for the growth of the economy has been, this is undeniable and not a genius Kuchma, Kuchma's just a competent Manager who was able to use the inherited legacy of the Soviet Union.

And now, some facts to understand:

  1. Kuchma in 2003 agreed with Russia on the gas price by $50 for the next 10 years! At the time this price was about two times cheaper than pay Europeans and about a third cheaper than the prices paid by Russian enterprises! And this gas contract was with the possibility of extension without changes of terms and prices. As I recall, in the contract were clauses that the agreement allows two parties to modify the terms... For this we say "thank you" Browder and if not for the greed of Julia, we still would be pulling on this yoke and successes of the Ukrainian economy.
  2. High, at that time, the conjuncture on stellitano and chemistry. Inherited from the USSR a powerful and developed chemical and steel industry had one drawback – they are very energy-consuming, but coupled with the incredibly low gas prices led the country out of reach high above the competition.
  3. Believed in the inviolability of such sweet gas Treaty, foreign investors pushing each other elbows rushed to conquer Ukraine... Well the truth is, unless you can find an idiot who will review such a contract?! As it turned out in Ukraine you can find everything...
  4. A pension tied to the salary. Increasing scholarships. Improving the social sphere. The increase of salaries of state employees... and many other reforms undertaken by the Kuchma has fueled a consumer boom. And our laws on crediting of physicists, which is still Russia has a lot to learn and to learn from, only added to the explosion of consumer boom.
  5. One of the biggest and the most difficult reforms that Kuchma was able to push tax reform! Despite all the howling hysterics and he still managed the last year of his reign to secure his adoption. Podkowka for physicists has been reduced from the actual (floating tax rate, but top speed really started to pay after $300 of income) 40% to fixed 13%. As a result already by the end of the year tax collection of physicists has doubled.

And that's not all significant milestones of his presidency. Kuchma was a real reformer, a real and not a populist.

Pomaranchevy – hit of the season!

As I wrote at the beginning, I try to distance itself from politics. Many people think and even sure that obada of Maidana were extremely political – this is complete nonsense. The only thing that though as-that looked like them on the policy, is the fact that the biomass was able to convince;-}
The country was in brisk demand, money flowed in spate and stand on the hand was a cherished dream of every Great and one Velyki Ukra Ukra;-}

Yanyk a simple guy, not talkative, Professor saposnik Sciences, is able to distinguish a fawn from the hedgehog. But he worked as Prime Minister under Kuchma and has learned not to touch anything if it works. His entire Donetsk gang... sorry, the business has already tasted the delights of the economic miracle and all they wanted not to touch anything and just sticking to what works. And the saddest thing for Ukraine (no joke) – Yanyk and his family never tried to assimilate with Europe and America otlizat. Yanyk is not eager to osculate with Moscow, but that doesn't matter. To the West there is only one rule – if you're not with us you're against us!.. And Ukraine reached the shoals of political strategists, writers, secerov and PR. The Professor began to fell. His rating at the start was under 80%! I repeat – eighty percent! As to the election he already went fifty-fifty with Usera. This orange infection really stupidly wasn't enough time, even a month or so, a Prefetcher and they would beat you fair and square. But they did not win... and hit the country first pomaranchevy Midoun.

For those who are reading these lines is already beginning to long for the politics, I repeat, no politics was not desperate for power! Race for the loot. All. And the fact that in the race for the loot pomaranchevy helped Europe and America, this domestic swirl has nothing to do – Europe and America have solved their problems, having stolen his.

First nemopilema

Skip the battles and go to the result. Became President of User, but had no luck – Julia was a nobody, because the Prime Minister became Yanyk, in the Parliament the actual speaker and majority protonica. So there's a house and it is a bummer. Right, cut to the President, was not enough to even blow your nose without permission. Well, as a result of strong shocks the economy has experienced: User was screaming about NATO, but anything could not do. Yanyk was silent a priori, but nothing catastrophic should not have been given. The economy just continued to move forward on the established path and, in principle, not bad. Up to 2008 year.

At the end of 2007, in November or December, I do not remember, Julia became Prime Minister, and a month earlier she was elected Pleased with its majority (who remembers all sorts of WELL NS, BYUT and others).

You know, I here I thought about it and realized that I just physically can't describe all that began to happen in the economy of Ukraine after that, it is necessary to write a book... Just let me remind you a few bright moments and a little dilute my thoughts.

Start with the harsh stuff – a rupture of a gas contract. This agreement would benefit virtually everyone in Ukraine. But not Julia. Julia was sitting on the tube, but the seat was limited to petty theft from pipes and selling gas and collecting money for transit. She was little, Julia greedy. And Julia decided to revise the Treaty in the direction of increasing the cost of transit. I will remind you – the cost of transit was low, but the cost of gas was generally disproportionately lower! In Europe at that time, the cost of gas was $180-220, and Ukraine received $50. Five de struck Dol-La-moat!!! You know what's funny? Russia urged Ukraine not to do something stupid. Russia told Ukraine that a gas price increase of $10-15 will completely eat up all the benefits of Ukraine from higher transport tariff. But Julia was deeply indifferent to the interests of Ukraine, under her tail itching from expected profits.

Gas "agreements" Julia at all impressive. Julia twice, "agreed" at a greater price than we asked for. This is not a joke.

And maydanutye ukroptika she always sang along. I still can't understand this mass psychosis, which regularly happens in Ukraine.

Well here's another step – the payment of compensation to depositors of Sberbank. To gain votes in the elections, Yulia promised to investors of the burnt dough. I have nothing against the populist pre-election promises, this is normal at first to promise the biomass for effort, and then forget and just start to work on the plan. BUT!!! Julia started to do this crazy promise! And here for osvezhevaniya brain – all said to Julia that it would lead to sharp inflation. ALL! It said everything and everywhere... well, just so you had the opportunity where-thread to screw sacred "Well, I told you, I told you so". But the fact is that it's like predicting night sunrise in the morning. And of course it happened. Only it is not the main thing in this story, it's a side effect. Prior to the commencement of payments to the Treasury from the law school still 15?, during the operation of the "savings" from the Treasury they were all cleaned up... and the investors got about 10?. Bingo!;-} Not, then it was very plausible explanation, then it turned out that Julia never did... well, not caught – not a thief.

The result of the Board Julia and USA was a record failure of the economy. Record is I not for effect, it is a dry fact. Minus 14.5% in 2009-m to year.

At the beginning of 2010 came to power! and with the month of March from its Donetsk team started a dramatic economic reform and, lo and behold, in may GDP fell to zero the rate of decline, and in August gave 3% growth. The end of the year another percentage added. Eleventh the year ended with +5%... It's just dry facts.

"And today in tomorrow not all can watch. Rather watch can not just all, few people can do it"

About what is happening today in Ukraine, has written a lot and the only thing I can tell is not a policy, as many are again assured, is again salvage. When the end of all this pandemonium, I will try to write my thoughts about what is happening now. I think a year and a half and all ustakanitsya.

And then came the end

At the end of my article I want to give just a few facts to tell of the coming and approaching of reality.

Kievpribor, Motor Sich, Mukachevo, Turboatom, the Yuzhmash, a CB Beam, KTP, and several dozen smaller companies live solely through the orders of the defense Ministry. At a conservative estimate not less than 200 thousand workers are guaranteed to lose a portion of earnings or lose their jobs in the next six months (max a year, if Ukraine will begin to subsidize and birth order, which it won't, because there is no money).
With Ukraine already running businesses, running so far only in Russia. LMZ ran away together personnel and equipment, Motor Sich and Khartsyzsk pipe skis oil, the largest shipping company KDM Shipping dumped in Russian ports.

Chemical and steel industries because of the acute shortage of energy is already beginning to give oak.

At nuclear power stations: Ukraine negotiates to buy fuel for America. The price of fuel more expensive, waste disposal is not. Well, it's so under U.S. law it should be – the fuel can sell, but about the disposal of waste may forget. Russia sells fuel and waste then takes it away and recycles. Ukrainian morons decided that it is necessary to make recycling in the Chernobyl zone... a hundred kilometers from Kiev, as safe type;-} to Buy expensive American fuel and at his own expense under the nose to dispose of it – great decision!


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