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Armenian sappers in Syria: a belated but necessary action
Material posted: Publication date: 06-11-2017
The alleged participation of Armenia in demining of the territory of Syria, where for the fifth year of a bloody civil war, can raise a new level of military cooperation between Yerevan and Moscow.

The readiness of Armenia and Serbia to join this format was announced in late August, the representative of the Russian defense Ministry Alexander Novikov. According to him, were sent the appropriate appeal to the representatives of the defense ministries of Iran, Egypt, Serbia, Armenia, Turkey and the UAE. "Ready to send their troops Armenia and Serbia, considering also the possibility of attracting Chinese engineers," said Novikov reporters at the forum "Army-2017".

Commenting on the request of one of the Armenian media statement Novikov, press Secretary of the Armenian President Vladimir Hakobyan stated: "When the decision will be made and all questions are clarified, then the public will be notified as appropriate".

As noted in the article on pages Dalma News, later on the initiative responded to the Ministry of defense of Armenia. The request for publication here noted that in the last year, the Agency has conducted with Russian colleagues working discussions about possible participation in humanitarian demining in Syria.

"Within these discussions, Armenia expressed readiness, in case of final implementation of such initiatives, the consent of the Syrian government and observance of all international legal procedures, to consider the participation of its division of humanitarian demining mission in those areas of Syria where military operations are not conducted. Any information on the progress of the formation of the coalition, its membership and especially the deployment schedule of the Ministry of defense of Armenia at this moment does not have", — said the Agency.

Despite the lack of any details about the timing of the operation, the extent of Armenia's participation, her willingness to take part in liquidation of consequences of the war in Syria is understandable. In Syria, there are still thousands of Armenians who survived the horrors of the carnage.

It is noteworthy that on 28 June, the Minister of defense of Armenia Vigen Sarkisian argued that Armenia intends in the near future to send troops to Syria. However, according to Armenian Minister, Yerevan is ready to participate in humanitarian programmes.

Despite the presence of a large Armenian community, the Transcaucasian Republic all these years refrained from any intervention in the Syrian crisis. So, in the midst of the battle over Armenian-populated Syrian town of Kessab in March 2014, when under the onslaught of the militants of banned terrorist organization "dzhebhat an-Nusra" people in haste left the city in the Armenian socio-political circles, suggestions are being made to send a peacekeeping contingent. However, official Yerevan is then limited only to verbal statements such as "the necessity of consolidation of efforts for fight against terrorism". The only practical step was the visit to Damascus of the Armenian deputies, which even took the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad, presenting the situation to them on the spot.

Against the background of such passivity of yesteryear, today's decision to join the Russian initiative — a step was prudent and necessary.


In this case, if the Syrian issue, the Armenian government only now decided to take some practical measures in NATO peacekeeping missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan, Yerevan is involved between 2008 and 2010, respectively. A small Armenian contingent also participated in peacekeeping operations under UN auspices in Lebanon, another soldier sent ... in Mali. The number of peacekeepers, usually not advertised, but we know that in Kosovo and Lebanon in total there are about 30 Armenian soldiers, another 120 people serving in Afghanistan.

It becomes something of a paradox. While Armenia is helping the Western partners to fight with the Taliban in distant Afghanistan, in Syria, the terrorists destroy the Armenian population, blow up their school, Church and at home. And hardly anyone in the higher echelons of power is able to give a plausible answer on why the threat hanging over the heads of the Syrian-Armenians is ignored and the assertion of others, in this case, American interests in Central Asia becomes a priority.

Is it not because behind the destabilization of Syria and "peacekeeping operation" in Afghanistan are the same strength? It is easy to understand, some sharp and unpleasant for Yerevan-reaction in Western capitals would have caused any meaningful participation of the Armenian side in the aftermath unleashed by the West, the war in Syria. Of course, military-diplomatic and political potentials of Armenia and Russia are incompatible, and because of the Transcaucasian Republic is much more vulnerable and sensitive to outcries from Washington. And therefore it is no coincidence that in the Republic the most ardent opponents of the country's participation in the "peacekeeping mission" in Afghanistan.

But even a hypothetical idea of involvement of Armenian troops in the Syrian war is causing hysteria in the media funded by American and European funds. So, the portal being one of the mouthpieces of anti-Russian propaganda in Armenia in connection with the issue of participation in the clearing of Syria writes: "Armenia should avoid those international operations that may cause human losses in our armed forces. And without exhausting the Karabakh war is draining our society and our army. Probable participation of Armenia in the Russian operation in Syria will make the target of terrorism not only in Armenia, but also our communities in the middle East. And, finally, international processes leading to the collapse of the Russian Empire. Armenia in this situation should pursue a flexible foreign policy in order not to remain under the ruins".

The logic Armenian peacekeepers in Afghanistan, where the Taliban almost every day blow up NATO troops and where the neighboring Georgia has already lost 30 soldiers, are safe and in Syria at risk of coming under attacks of the Islamists.

Even more funny looks and the assertion about the threat to Armenian communities in the middle East. It is unclear what threat can there be after one of the largest Armenian communities in the middle East community in Syria, the civil war was almost on the verge of extinction. And the Russian proposal in a number of other tasks are also intended to stop the process of deaminization Syria.

As for the "collapse of the Russian Empire" and "the ruins", then, unfortunately for the author of, Armenia, in any case in the Union with Russia "under the ruins" will be left, but to dismantle the Syrian ruins, which became established at the hands of Americans and their middle Eastern satellites, it is still necessary.


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