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Who is fighting in Syria?
Material posted: Valetskiy OlegPublication date: 28-09-2016

Not so long ago on the newspaper's website gazetasi there is a piece called "the Russians strike, and Assad's soldiers in battle don't go". In it the author, Michael Hadareni, there is a question: why in a year the enemy in Syria is not defeated (somehow, in the course of the two Chechen companies, such issues do not arise)? Will try to answer...

First you need to understand that the Sunni Arabs, and that 70% of Syria's population, are in significant weight (especially in rural areas) under the influence of ideas of Salafism that has spread in society since the beginning of the "Arab spring". But for Russia this is a serious problem and to solve it we haven't, so to give advice here, we obviously can't.

Further, the army of Turkey and Saudi Arabia directly involved in the armed conflict in Syria, the quantity and quality of arms, each superior to the Syrian Arab army. Those rebels they support are also in some parts of the front the superiority of the CAA.

Comparing the war in Syria with the second campaign in Chechnya, where the Russian army had total numerical superiority over the enemy, it is worth noting that such a level of saturation of enemy ATGM, MANPADS, howitzers, tanks and mortars had not met even the Soviet Army in Afghanistan, nor the Russian army in Chechnya and Georgia, and because it is unclear on what basis the Syrian army declared unable to fight, if we do not have your own positive examples.

It is strange to blame the CAA that you have opened the Syrian-Turkish border in the region of Idlib, where there is a Turkish army, our, more recently, ally. The Syrians need to take an assault on Istanbul?

It is unclear from the material taken from the data that the CAA was purposefully retired Russian officers and moved those who were trained in the West, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. How, from a secret service data? From OBS ("one woman said")? And what for then the United States with Saudi Arabia and with Turkey hosted the 2011 uprising against Assad and SAA? Why, if her command was already their people? Why SAA went over to the side of the rebels (although in the USSR-Russia is known because a similar example - 12 June 1991).

Also an amazing passage that honest officers are fleeing the CAA in opposition to, and in the CAA remain dishonest.

Since the split here lately is not under the honest - dishonest. and Alawi, or Christian, Druze, or secular-educated and well-mannered Sunni) - a supporter of radical or less radical Salafism, then naturally readers might have the impression that it was following the commandments of Saudi imams is the way to honest life.

It is unclear why such confidence that the emergence of the detachments of Kadyrov sharply change the situation? What is this confidence based? That "the Czechs are all afraid", but not the fact that they will be afraid of in Syria.

Regarding the passage, "...the corps commanders — the richest people in the Syrian army.... The Central apparatus of the armed forces on this process no effect. Army for these reasons, stripped and barefoot. Syrian youth from military service, flees abroad. Assistance to families of fallen and wounded soldiers is minimal or not provided at all. They was a disaster...", here too not all is clear. After the high-profile scams in the army of Russia Serdyukov times, you would be ashamed of such writing, especially that in Russia the payoff from service in the armed forces have long put on stream, and the Russian "Golden youth" can meet soon in the Seychelles, Spain and in Nice rather than in the army.

It is also unclear where the data about the extremely low morale in the army of Syria. How she is fighting against ISIS? The author himself writes that "...there remained Russian at least...", so who is fighting with the Islamic state, against which the Iraqi army cannot fight without the help of Iran army and the air support of the US and NATO? Is it possible to ask the author where exactly happened and when, that would be the Syrian branch ran from a bearded gunman?

Clear examples of someone's cowardice can always be found, but, in my opinion, such examples can be found in the actions of the Russian and Soviet armies - everywhere there are examples of bravery and cowardice.

It is strange that the author did not see the fire, the Syrian artillery from concealed positions - it seems that even such examples show on TV in those hotels Latakia and Damascus, where the post of Russian journalists, the remote just to take in hand is necessary.

It is unclear what exactly claim to Ali Aslan? The fact that he was in command in 1967 as a platoon against a cute heart other of our journalists of Israel? As anything concrete about him, except that he was a platoon commander in 1967, not written. Written, however, so they say, wars are not won, but the author did not write, and how they are won?

Strange claims that, say, access to the President of Syria is limited - it seems to be the practice of all belligerent countries, and in General, except that of the President of Uruguay to meet in the street, but apparently not the President of any country, and especially of the Russian Federation.

Yes, indeed, that the four intelligence agencies is a lot, but shouldn't be counted as special services in the Russian Federation? And, by the way, in America there are more of them.

The situation of Christians is of course difficult, because of the environment in which they reside, but not so hopeless, because in the mass they support Assad. Yes, they need help, as Russia has done for centuries, but nothing prevents Russia to do it yourself, because the government of Bashar al-Assad just Christians and patronized.

By the way, the Turkomans is not a Turkmen, but the descendants of the Caucasians who had fled during the Caucasian war by Russian troops and Russian power in Turkey and which Port is put for the sake of strengthening its authority in the Arab lands. It is doubtful that they wanted to fight for Assad, especially since their districts in the Northern province of Latakia cleaned after the murder of Peshkov and pilot because in the mass they are in refugee camps in Turkey.

It is clear that the eulogies of the army of Syria makes no sense to write, but it must be compared with the actual experience of recent armed conflicts, not with what for decades had been convinced by experts in the myth of the "invincible and legendary Soviet Army" and spawned this myth the rules of war.

Oleg Valetsky

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