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Professor Khaled Al Assad
Material posted: Hassan GhadaPublication date: 28-10-2016

Born in 1934 in Damascus. He taught history at the University of Damascus, 1962. From 1963 he was Director of the Department of archaeology. He was the Director of the Archaeological Museum of Palmyra. The author of a number of archaeological finds in Palmyra and throughout Syria.

Islamic state militants beheaded him on a plateau of the State Museum of Palmyra on 18 August 2015.

Comment By Oleg Valetsky. The current campaign against Russian participation in the war in Syria is understandable for the interests of the US and Western countries.

Washington where the army of Russia is not necessary, because the control strategy of the world in the diplomatic school of Kissinger (whose disciple is and Hillary Clinton) implies control over the Middle East. Extra players not needed here.

It is also clear that various human rights organizations are only a means in the management of the world, the more that Barack Obama himself "the struggle for human rights" outlined as a priority in US foreign policy.

It is equally clear that without human rights organizations, such a fight is not possible - because who, then, will indicate the objectives of such struggle?

Such an organization must have funds that they can Finance various projects in the field of media, in order to justify received funds finansovyye. And the money they need and independent journalists, intellectuals and even bloggers.

However, if the goals are reached, and the Russian army to leave Syria, after the victory of the Islamic state all of these independent masters of the pen and Donoho Donoho language will be deeply spit on who the Islamic state will behead in Syria: generals, soldiers, police, Alawite, Christians, the "wrong" Sunita, pilots or television announcer, archaeologists or young children.

Because of the coverage of their deaths to pay will not be.

Ghada Hassan

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