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The Geneva-2 plan "B" Washington's regime change in Syria
Material posted: Publication date: 20-01-2014

A fatal issue of the negotiations at the Geneva-2 on Syria due to start next week in Switzerland, is that the U.S. and its allies secretly see this process as a lever for regime change. It is their plan "B" for regime change, while plan "A" is not justified tactic veiled hostilities. This approach does not Bode well for successful, that is a viable solution to the crisis that has lasted almost three years, claimed the lives of well over 100 thousand people, and 9 million people – over one third of the total population – forced to leave their homes. It is tantamount to illegal interference in the internal Affairs of a sovereign state and as such is doomed to failure.

Of course, Washington and its allies would never admit to such cynicism. No, they formulate their dark and cynical program with all known to them sanctimonious platitudes about "peace" and "finding solutions".

But there is another way to check for lice. At the Geneva conference invited somewhere around 30 countries, including 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council, plus Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and even Brazil and South Africa. But missing in this list, like a fifth wheel in the cart, was the main regional ally of Syria and Iran. This exception was made at the insistence of the United States. Such unreasonable, violent U.S. position betrays the hidden ideological purpose and denies existence of any sincere interest in finding a peaceful solution.

Emphasizes the implicit motive hypocritical concession to Americans, according to which a visit to Iran summit Geneva-2 "welcome" – but only if Tehran will agree that the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad must resign. Iran refused to accept any such precondition of their participation and reiterated that the definition of the political outcome of the negotiations is in the hands of the Syrian people.

Hidden defect process Geneva-2 reflects the insincere position of the Western powers and their regional Arab and Turkish allies against the attempts to find contractual political solution to the Syrian conflict.

The Syrian Assad government has indicated its willingness to participate in the conference, which opens January 22 in the Swiss city of Montreux and continue on January 24 in Geneva. It's called "Geneva-2" because the previous conference, which was held in Geneva in late June 2012, first laid down the basic principles of forming "a transitional government". In the so-called Geneva communique-1 makes it clear that any political settlement should be worked out jointly by the Syrian parties, and that it may include members of the present government of Syria, including Bashar al-Assad. In other words, the communiqué does not prejudge the outcome of negotiations.

What the follow-up conference Geneva-2 postponed for more than 18 months, largely caused by the collusion of Western governments and their sponsored Syrian opposition in exile, the so-called Syrian national Council. Western powers and their trusted countries in the region have aggressively tried to give the Geneva communiqué a different interpretation – as the document which establishes a precondition of the resignation of the Assad government. In the opinion of Syria and its allies Russia, China and Iran, contrary to the Geneva set out agreed the principle of joint negotiations and the lack of any pre-conditions, especially imposed by external parties. (In truth, this is not the first time the U.S. refuses political arrangements that familiar Russia on uneven negotiations on nuclear disarmament).

The American departure from past positions on Syria is clearly and immediately followed the first conference in Geneva when U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton ending in nails uncovered a secret plan. Clinton quipped to the media that the sequel to finding Assad in power "will never be acceptable", and therefore communiqué on the American view, for all purposes and intent is of the order of dismissal.

Over the past year and a half has changed a lot. For starters, the list of victims of violence, apparently doubled to the current value 130 thousand dead. Otvetstvennost for the bloodshed and destruction are the U.S. and its allies because of their material support to various anti-government groups and undue delay of convening a conference Geneva-2.

The second major change is that Syrian government forces were able to gain an advantage over the militants with the foreign support. Assad's army recaptured large swathes of the country and drove the rebels back into the territorial "bags" of the northeastern region. The fighters can hold the second Syrian city of Aleppo in the North and Raqqa in the northeast, but the Syrian Arab Army gradually narrows their control zone surrounding territories to a state of constantly tightened the noose.

While in June 2012, Assad's political future seemed uncertain, his government now more confident that prevail over the insurgency. Its legitimacy, authority and sovereignty has been further strengthened. This rebellion has always been a secret campaign for regime change, driven and supported from the outside hidden supply of weapons, money and so-called jihadis sent to Syria from the USA, UK and France together with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan and Israel.

Moscow was aware of this secret program and therefore stood firm in support of its historical Syrian ally, despite the attempts of Western governments and the media to denigrate the principled position of Russia as "assisting the despotic regime."

The Saudis seem to be the only members of the US-led axis, which still remain committed to the secret plan of regime change by military means. Washington and its allies have sobered up to the real policy on regime change in Syria will take place not through the battlefield and the cycle of terror.

That's why Clinton's successor, John Kerry, said last weekend at a meeting of the so-called "Friends of Syria" in Paris that "there is no military solution, only political." The reasons Kerry should be seen not as a moral exhortation, but as a bile humility of the United States with reality.

What Kerry meant by "solution" means that from this time long-awaited goal of regime change in Syria should be achieved by political means, because it is obvious that a secret military option quickly goes beyond that.

The Western media myth of "moderate rebels" fighting for democracy simultaneously with anti-government "extremists" with a Bang burst, shedding light on an Orgy of monstrous crimes against the civilian population and nihilistic enmity between different groups of extremists, all of which declare their ideological connection with "al-Qaeda".

During the most recent strife extremists in northeastern Syria, "Islamic state of Iraq and Syria" (IGIS) is reported to have executed hundreds of prisoners from the Front "dzhebhat EN-Nusra" and another formation under the name "Ankhar al-sham". All of these groups – which before to draw their weapons against each other, fought with the forces of Assad – support fanatical Wahhabi ideology of Saudi Arabia, and receive financial assistance from the Saudis. That the U.S. in collusion with the Saudis provided these are associated with "al-Qaeda" groups weapon for a few months, among other Western media significantly – albeit discreetly – told the "new York times", "the daily Telegraph" and "Le Monde".

From the point of view of the West, of effective tactics for regime change hidden military plan degenerated into Syria to dangerous and unpredictable state of "broken from the mast gun." The echoes of violence that threaten the stability of Iraq, Lebanon and the region, reaching up to Russia itself, a symptom of what are the heinous bombings in Volgograd, which is probably not what is forecast Washington, was supposed to be released in such an uncontrollable manner.

Last week Kerry, revealing misgivings on the American side, said: "This is one of the reasons why the Geneva conference is so important, because the elevation of these terrorists in the region, including Syria and through the war in Syria is part of what releases this instability in the rest of the region. That's why it applies to everyone. All the countries of the [Persian] Gulf, all regional actors, Russia, the United States and many players in other parts of the world have a vested interest in how to confront violent terrorists-extremists who do not revere any laws that have no purpose other than seizing power and forced weaning lives."

Hypocritical words of Keriya, of course, calls them in contempt. Why Iran stressed exclude from this set of players? Moreover, rampant in the region extremism – countless bloody list of victims – is a direct result of the machinations of imperialist America, inciting those "violent terrorists-extremists who do not revere any laws."

Words Kerry and his belated interest in the convening of a conference Geneva-2 doubly contemptible, because it represents not that other, as a blatant deception in order to wash away the dirt of its Commission.

The concern of Washington is to allow a political solution that would stop the Syrian conflict, and alternative way to produce regime change by other means. That is why Washington is desperately trying this week to secure the participation at the conference sponsored by his organization in exile, the Syrian national Council (SNC). Policy framework of SNA inside Syria minimum. Even anti-government militants, something like the mission which dares to take on the SNA, denied him the political existence.

In spite of that, States need to have this artificial organization in exile came to the conference Geneva-2 and gave it a preliminary condition, "Assad must go" at least some physicality. If SNA is not coming, then all that is left of the Syrian meeting in Geneva – is the Assad government, and such opposition reform party of Syria as the Syrian nationalist party and the Syrian popular front for change and liberation. Recent opposition groups said they are ready to find a solution in negotiations with the Assad government and, poignantly alluding to the Western-backed SNC has reject the "phony opposition, who lives in luxury hotels and make their money on the blood of the Syrian people".

Here's the deal – the US and its Western allies and promoters in the region as Saudi Arabia and Turkey does not want to let the Syrian people has established a true political process. Orwellianly bearing the name "Friends of Syria" impose preconditions to ensure that such is the result of "Geneva-2" as regime change regardless of interest or sovereign rights of the Syrian people.

In contrast with this, Russia, China and Iran have shown themselves to be real allies of the Syrian people, as these powers insisted that the process should be managed by Syrians without any preconditions. As pointed out by the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, the Western approach to the Geneva-2 is "ideological" rather than practical commitment that would have given priority to finding a peaceful solution.

If you allow Western interests to determine the process, in their external goal of achieving a solution to the Syrian conflict Geneva-2 is doomed to failure ... It should come as no surprise because the Creator of the conflict in Syria is led by the U.S. the axis that now gives himself the Creator of the world. As these subjects may advise the world? And the more especially because their covert war against Syria in fact is set again by other political means.


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