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Area of research, "Defence and Security" is aimed at a comprehensive study of the formation and development of methods for detecting and predicting threats to national security. Particular attention is paid to the study of conceptual and doctrinal issues of modern military science and art. Special place in the study is concerned with the study of modern concepts and techniques of warfare.

Military-economic security of the state

The world has entered the new Millennium. The last years of the century characterized by global geopolitical changes and the increased controversy, the result of which became

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`Information warfare and information security. A Glossary of key terms and definitions`

Russian Federation, with significant military and economic potential and for representing Western countries is a serious obstacle to world domination, is the object of close attention of special services of foreign States engaged in information struggle. This Handbook attempts to summarize a number of sources and to form a common view on the subject as outlined by the phrases "information warfare" and "information security".

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Military-economic confrontation in the modern world

In modern conditions of the relationship between Economics and war are becoming increasingly complex in nature.

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Comprehensive information attack type "cyber strike" on an industrial automated system: anatomy of phenomena and approaches for protection

The material in this report the analysis of the technology of preparation of the economic crisis different scale by organizing and hosting automated systems that control the production of goods or services, an integrated distributed active information attacks, called cyber strike. The directions of countermeasures against this type of intrusion with the goal of eliminating threats to economic security of the enterprise, the industry or the country as a whole.

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Special operations forces and the war in Libya

In history, many secret becomes clear, and we now have increasing evidence that the participants of the international coalition operations against Libya should not be confined to "establishing a no-fly zone" or strikes by missiles and aircraft on ground targets.

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