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Bruce Schneier about the digital threats of the future

Bruce Schneier: "If the principles of the use of technology in elections will not change the cracking results of the vote — only a matter of time."


The biggest danger 2019 — this is war

"Rosbalt" has asked experts to name the scenario, the realization of which they now dread the most.


Subcommissie race

13 Dec private space company Virgin Galactic was able to launch a manned rocket plane SpaceShipTwo to a height of 82 km, which technically corresponds to the vacuum of space. Almost a year earlier, another company, Blue Origin has successfully tested the unmanned flight of their rocket delivery system people to a height of 100 km, Both companies create a new market for suborbital space tourism, and hope to occupy a significant share. Competition spurs progress, and there is intrigue when the first tourist flight.


A Navy without ships. The Russian Navy is on the verge of collapse

Proud reports about the rocket attacks from the Caspian sea and delivery of the fleet of new ships and submarines to hide from the public the real state of Affairs in the Russian Navy, which will soon be described in only one word – disaster. And well, if this disaster does not result in military defeat, proportionate Tsushima.


Diversionary war against Russia

Diversion is a very effective form of combat used in the period of preparation for war and during its conduct. It is an integral and main component of the secret war against Russia. In the works of Tatyana Gracheva analyzed disparate and seemingly unrelated facts, which together give a fairly terrible picture.


Возрастное ограничение