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Diversionary war against Russia
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 07-04-2018

Diversion is a very effective form of combat used in the period of preparation for war and during its conduct. It is an integral and main component of the secret war against Russia. In the works of Tatyana Gracheva analyzed disparate and seemingly unrelated facts, which together give a fairly terrible picture.

The USA is counting on this war to its military strategy, where it is recorded: "Long-term and complex operations involving the US armed forces, other government agencies and international partners will be held simultaneously in multiple countries around the world based on the combination of direct (visible) and indirect (clandestine) approaches".

Moreover, the ratio of direct (armed) approach and indirect (covert) approach is rapidly changing in the direction of increasing the role of the latter.

About the secret, as one of the main components of modern war, wrote in the early seventies of the XX century an outstanding military theorist, a former officer in the tsarist army C. Messner:

"In a future war to fight to be not on the line, and on the entire surface of both opponents, because oruzhno behind the front will occur on the fronts of political, social, economic... the front Line ... now will be erased completely... In these conditions, "tainiwaini can get a very large development".

In connection with the presence of two wars - overt and covert - in modern war there are two armies, specializing in the conduct of each of them.

Messner allocates a special army designed to tainiwaini, and gives her a very precise name:

"If we abandon conventional notions of the army as a slender body is regulated by the actions of his dashing warriors, it would be possible to call the army and the collection of accounts, columns, performing sabotage and other subversive acts. This army is cryptogamia, tinopolis".

Currently cryptogamia - an army parallel to the army traditional. The danger of actions of the first far outweighs the risk of action of the second.

If the army is traditional focused on physical destruction and the destruction of individual elements of statehood, cryptogamia aimed at total and global undermining of the fundamentals of the system state as a whole.

Her goal is ultimately to weaken and then to destroy the state and state power from within, and therefore to prepare an armed invasion of the traditional army and to ensure a swift and easy victory over the people - the victim of aggression.

Now heterochromia began implementing the final phase of his political project - the construction of a global Empire that must be created at the expense of national States and their ruins.

This project can be implemented only if national States surrender its sovereignty voluntarily or as a result of armed violence, i.e. war.

If they hand over their sovereignty and voluntarily become a building material posed by the global Khazaria, a part of it, they automatically begin to not protect their national and its interests.

That is, the "national interests" as the Declaration exist in this pseudo-state de jure, but de facto substitution of national global.

This is the situation in the US that lead and lead the war in the global interests of heterochromia, declaring their own national interests.

Here's what it says about the purpose of the American armed forces in modern warfare in the Four-year review of defense policy (COOP) 2010:

"The main purpose of the U.S. armed forces is to protect and promote national interests... important for American interests is ensuring the full integration of emerging powers in the global system".

From this quote it is evident that the United States is pursuing in modern warfare, not the traditional, governmental, and global goals.

The law of any state restricts the possibility of direct application of traditional, national armed forces a number of restraining norms.

To bypass them and to reach global targets non-traditional, under United States command are created global unconventional forces capable of conducting unconventional secret war irregular, that is subversive. The result is a new model of war, which in COOP called "hybrid (combined) war".

The appearance of this model was identified as "a revolution in warfare". Khazar anti-system, even in the narrow military sphere has managed to make a revolution in their interests.

You can tell that this whole hybrid war, with its irregular actions in the form of terrorist acts, crime and political unrest does not belong to us.

Let us remember the terrorist act in the Moscow metro in spring 2010. We immediately placed the blame on the Caucasian fighters. But there are perpetrators of the attack, there are the organizers and have customers. You should not break this chain if you want to get to the truth.

Here are the titles of two articles published in the American press after the attack:1. "The explosions in the Moscow subway made the CIA and their friends?"("Moscow Subway Blasts Carried Out By The Cia And Its Friends?")

"Terrorist acts in Moscow: the operation of the CIA, Saudi intelligence, of Mossad?"


Another factor that causes confusion in connection with these attacks. Let me give you another title: March 29, 2010. "CNN will broadcast live from the places of explosions".

In this report, it would seem, is nothing special. But time.... The fact that the Federal channels started to broadcast news only from ten in the morning. And CNN will broadcast live from the places of the explosions almost as soon as the explosions occurred. This can be viewed on the Internet.

How is this possible? Probably in CNN, there are people with supernatural powers to pinpoint the time and place of the expected attack, and because of this, be ready to shoot.

The form of sabotage are divided into:active (acts material damage or destruction) and passive (sabotage, evasion, or refusal to perform a particular work, spreading rumors, slowing manufacturing processes)

.Modern practice of sabotage suggests that in peacetime, active acts of sabotage are carried out mainly on economy and terrorism, and passive - through policy.

The gain and lihoradka preparations for the war, the wider and more energetic diversions, so they are multilateral and fancier: from subtle sabotage and little perceptible provocation to mass murder, bombings and arson in the vast territory as if not connected. (Drobov M. A. Small war - M: Govoriat, 1931)

But this is what is happening and takes place in Russia.

And we, because of our carelessness and historical unconscious, believe that everything is concentrated at the time of the tragedy taking place in Russia - just unrelated coincidence.

Drobov writes about sabotage in the form of arson on a vast territory.

Here is the information, dated August 2010:

"Russia is taking measures to protect military and nuclear sites from wildfires raging in 22 regions.About 500 military fighting the fire near Sarov, which especially worried the Russian authorities. The city is the Federal nuclear research centre.

In seven regions the emergency situation is declared. Most affected by the fires in Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan and Voronezh region.

Authorities are warning that wildfires can activate the infected regions in the Western part of Russia affected by the Chernobyl disaster, raising into the air from the soil radioactive particles.

The day originated hundreds of new fires.In said Nikolay Shmatkov, forest policy coordinator of WWF Russia, on the causes of fires: "Almost every forest fire was caused by humans. This is either carelessness of the people who light fires in the woods, or deliberate arson..."

But if it is the negligence of individuals, it shall be dispersed and limited in time and place. And here there is a large-scale action, covering almost the entire country, which were simultaneous and pervasive (hundreds of fires, or rather of burning, during the day and 22 in the region was in the thrall of fire).

At the end of August 2010, according to official data, the total area of fires extinguished amounted to 857 thousand hectares, and not extinguished 46 thousand hectares. A total of more than 900 thousand hectares.

Can the fires in this area to be the work of careless individuals?

This question can be considered rhetorical.Consequences fires from arson attacks can be equated to weapons of mass destruction.

So, the consequence of arson may be a shortage of food, because "fires (i.e. arson) and drought destroyed one-fifth of the national crop".

The death rate in Moscow from-for heats and a smog has grown twice. At a press conference the head of the Department of health care of Moscow Andrey Seltsovsky if usually death rate in the city is 360-380 people a day, now it has reached level approximately 700 persons.

The thick smog forced to choke millions of people in Moscow and dozens of other cities, harming their health.Moreover, the smog in Moscow is also not clear.

Here's a message to RBC dated August 9, 2010: "the Head EMERCOM of Russia Sergey Shoigu said at the selector meeting in the Ministry that Moscow needed a wind of any direction to the capital was clear of smog. The Minister considers as the most bad situation a full calm because then the city is filled with car exhaust fumes and smoke from the burning peat".

But if there was no wind, as in Moscow, would come the smoke from the burning peat from the suburbs?

You can argue that cheated before. But this must be a wind of sufficient velocity. Open the file weather meteorologist and watch the wind speed from 3 to 9 August. So, 3 August to 1 m/sec, 4 and 5 - 2 m/s, 6 - 0 km/h, 7 and 8 - 1 m/s, 9 - 2 m/sec.

Is that Shoigu has indicated as calm. According to the official terminology of meteorologists, calm - a wind speed of 0 m/sec 1 m/sec is the quiet wind, and 2 m/sec is light wind.

In any case, the wind of such speed could not be the cause of such a powerful, thick smog in the suburbs. So where was the source of the smog?

Another message to RBC dated 15 August 2010: "theSmog enveloped Moscow today, not connected with peat fires in Moscow suburbs. According to the emergency situations Ministry, the current smoke in the capital is caused by operating fires in the Vladimir and Ryazan areas adjoining with Moscow".

But to the smoke of distant regions of Moscow, Vladimir and Ryazan, came to Moscow, we need quite high wind speed from the East. As it is to the East of Moscow are the areas.

And now compare the facts. To do this, look at the weather archive meteorologist and see what were the speed and the wind direction in Moscow August 15, 2010. And it turns out that on this day the wind speed was equal to 0, and its direction is from the Northwest.

Thus, at zero speed and North-Western wind direction, the smoke could not come to Moscow from being in the East, Vladimir and Ryazan regions.

And if, as follows from the above messages, the smoke was not from the suburbs, as it was calm, it turns out that the source of the smoke was inside of Moscow...

This confirms one more detail. As reported 06.08.2010 year on the website of the group of companies Pozhoboronprom:

"It is noteworthy that the strong smell of burning came at night for a few minutes, forcing the residents to worry that a fire occurs in the vicinity of houses. Now in the South of Moscow, according to the correspondent, the visibility is not more than 100-200 meters and constantly getting worse".

But in order to in a matter of minutes there was a strong smell of burning like a blaze next door, and needed a strong wind. But it was not, was calm.As mentioned above, the wind August 6, was 0 m/s, that is, complete calm.

But even if the wind was, he would have needed time to inflate the strong fumes. It would appear gradually and the visibility is not deteriorated would so rapidly. And here we are talking about a few minutes, making the official version with the wind incredible.

And why this situation arose in the South of Moscow?

If, as reported, the smoke was coming from fires in Shatura, that he had not come to the South, and primarily East of Moscow. After all, Shatursky district is located in the East of Moscow. In addition, the district is the most remote from Moscow and 150 miles. At a wind speed of 0 m/s so thick the smoke is not able to overcome such a distance and go, bypassing the East, directly South of Moscow.

So how could so rapidly to have this strong suffocating smog and why he came that night and, in spite of geography, the South.

Then, in early August, the smoke in Moscow was blamed on the fires.

But that was the end of August. The fires are out. 28.08.2010 year at 12:35 in the capital there is torrential rain, it is expected a third of the monthly norm of precipitation, and thus give the media absolutely does not fit in this weather information under the heading:

"In the South and South-East of Moscow felt the smell of smoke". "RIA Novosti" reports that in the South and South-East of Moscow felt the smell of smoke. In particular, the burning smell in the districts of Vykhino and Zhulebino, Marino and Lyublino. The region was covered with haze. Recall that the ecological situation in the city this summer, very complicated and could smell something burning from wildfires near Moscow. A few weeks in the capital was hard to breathe - smoke penetrated into apartments, offices and subway".

But the fires had already ended. So where is the smoke in several districts of Moscow?

There is another question, which casts doubt on the fact of arson by negligence: "Why targets of arson have become social objects, objects of economy and military-strategic targets?"

For example, such as Federal nuclear research center in Sarov and nuclear centre in the closed city of Snezhinsk in the Chelyabinsk region.These are "selective" arson happened.

In addition, according to Life News, obtained from one informed source, the fire from forest fire damaged shop design Bureau, which developed the complexes "Iskander" and "Needle".

A fire broke out in Kolomna near private enterprise, almost destroyed the known design Bureau of machine building. The fire was in the shops of design divisions of the secret defense enterprise. There, where the development and testing of modern weapons. These days the plant was tested on a portable anti-aircraft missile complex "Igla-s" and operational-tactical missile complex "Iskander-e".

The official comments nor the representatives of the companies, nor the defense Ministry did not provide. However, according to a source close to Rosoboronexport, the damage that was caused by the elements, it is already estimated at several billion rubles. We will remind, earlier it burned the air base of the Russian Navy in Moscow

The commander of the naval base burnt, sacked because of the fire, told how he and his men 10 days to save the airbase from the fire. With massive fire actually fought only 40 sailors and their commander. They tried to discourage fire 115 hectares. To help them, no one came. As a result, burned property worth billions of rubles.

And another question that raises doubts about the chance of arson:

"Why the fires had such a sighting of a military nature and in its effects and consequences can be equated to weapons of mass destruction?"

They were able to activate the infected regions of Russia affected by the Chernobyl disaster, raising into the air from the soil radioactive particles.

Russian forest protection center (roslesozashchita), confirmed the message that raging natural fires have spread to forests with radioactive contamination.

The Roslesozashchita expressed surprise concerning refutation of the fact of fires in forests contaminated with radionuclides after the Chernobyl accident. "There are maps of the contamination, there are maps of the fires. To impose on one another", - explained in the Russian center of forest protection.

There is another very important strategic consequence of the fires.

Before you write about it, I recall the following statement by Brzezinski: "Since $ 500 billion of the Russian elite are in our banks, you have examined: it is your elite or already ours?"

On this basis, we can assume that a situation may arise when, in case of war, the elite will run away from their billions and families to the West. And the people will remain alone with the aggressor.

The fact that the aggressor will be ruthless and will fight to the complete destruction of the Russian people, there is no doubt. That is, after the attack on Russia and our people will be only one: to organize rescue and resistance on their own.

The only thing that remains is the guerrilla movement in two forms, according to the classification M. a Drobov.

First, the partisan-rebellion (single and spontaneously created small group).

And, second, the partisan army type (system of guerrilla groups, organized and massively operated by the army). Moreover, the first may eventually outgrow and enter into the second.The guerrilla movement, uniting in a common spirit of the people, ready to die for faith and Fatherland, is what he is most afraid of heterochromia and fighting in its interests mercenaries.

But that has always been guerrilla shield? That's right - the FOREST.

And that is now subjected to large-scale arson and destruction? That's right - the forest.

According to conservative estimates, in Russia in 2010 destroyed more than 600 thousand hectares of forest.

That is, estimating the scale and the strategic military consequences of fires, we can talk about the action as pre-planned and well-organized sabotage operations in Russia.

But you will object: "How can I plan this operation in advance? After all, if it were not for heat, then there would be arson". Unprecedented in the entire history of observations, the heat become the basis for arson. Without heat it would have been impossible arson.

And how can you plan for the heat, to arrange arson? But it turns out that heat can also be arranged.

M. Grabow writes: "the gain and lihoradka preparations for the war, the wider and more energetic diversions, so they are multilateral and skillful".

According to "Free press", a former military weather forecaster captain second rank in retirement Nicholas Karavaevmade a hypothesis on the possible use against Russia, "climatic weapon". It uses as factors affecting natural phenomena triggered artificially.

According to N. Karavaeva, in this case an effect has been applied anticyclone (anticyclone impact). It is built on the fact that the atmosphere is cleaned first from the cloud cover. Then in the impact zone through the anticyclone pumped hot air from adjacent areas.

Referring to the heat wave in Russia, N. Karavayev noted that her reason and became a huge anticyclone that is hovering over the European part of Russia and the "uploaders" hot air from Central Asia. Such anticyclones in the region have never been observed.

According to scientists, in the area of the anomalies of the earth's atmosphere simultaneously dropped by a record 43 years of observations values. Cataclysm occurred in the thermosphere - thin layer, located at an altitude of 90-600 km.

This layer protects the planet from ultraviolet radiation.Steady-state heat leads not only to demoralization of people and loss of crops, but also to military problems. So, in heated air increases the flight range cruise missiles, increased damage from the application of air and missile strikes, etc.

Some time ago in mass media there was information that on the eve of this disaster in space, was placed a new us unmanned spacecraft X-37B. The purpose of the launch X-37B is classified, as well as the duration of his flight.

According to N. Karavaeva, the comparison of these facts leads to the idea of testing capabilities over Russia in a new climate of weapons.

But, if you can create a high that pumps hot air from the South, creating a catastrophic heat wave in the summer, then by this logic, you can create a high, which pumps frigid air from the North, creating the disastrous cold of winter. And it will be a terrible heat.

I wonder if anyone in the relevant departments at least thinking about this problem?

In connection with the development of climate weapons, it should be noted that in Alaska, in areas prohibited for civilian flights, set of 180 antennas with a height of 24 meters each, capable as it is believed to cause severe magnetic storms over the territory of any single country.

Officially the climate weapon is prohibited, however, "civil" prohibition of the development, influencing the weather is not applicable. The military kept these developments under its control.

N. Karavaev notes that the lack of global regulatory documents in this area increases the likelihood that the hidden use of climate weapons.

That is, in the form of sabotage.

M. Grabow writes: "Sabotage fuller and systematicae will be produced in the so-called prewar period, or the period, "threatened war." Therefore, all the preparation in time of peace, aimed at "clearing the way" for the organization of complete and utter sabotage, linked with the operational plans of the war. Sabotage in time of peace, there are only stages of this clearing, only elements of preparation and conduct of a future war, and, therefore, they seem to be random, lightweight and not menacing signs of war and of the future destruction". (Drobov M. A. Small war - M: Govoriat, 1931)

That is, sabotage is a "terrible symptom of war." If these diversions are perceived lightweight like a random occurrence, it is also "a terrible sign of the future destruction."

As history shows, acts of sabotage on the territory of Russia is not only a sign of preparation to the world wars, the main target of which it was always. Sabotage on the territory of Russia is a sign of the start of world war against our country.

If this symptom manifests itself, we can say that the war has already begun. Therefore, it is necessary to take urgent measures to counter the subversive attack of the enemy, the elimination of sabotage and preparation for armed phase of large-scale aggression against Russia.

If there is sabotage, then there is a preparation for war.If we establish the fact of the presence in Russia of sabotage, then we establish the fact active war preparations against Russia.

If we establish the fact of preparation of war, we must take all measures to prepare for it and win.

Thus, recognition of sabotage becomes one of the most important strategic tasks that need to be resolved before the start of the war.In order to detect diversion and to prevent the defeat in the impending war, please refer to our historical memory and consider what these operations are.

M. Grabowbased on the history, gives the following classification, which sounds absolutely actual and modern.

In accordance with this classification, there are

- sabotage:economic - the impact on businesses, rail and transportation, Finance and all economic relations of the country, damage or destroy various power plants and energy sources, nodes, messages and communications strategic and economic value;

- political - decay (corruption) and intrigue in the environment of government and influential public organizations, anti-state propaganda and agitation;

- military - explosion, damage and destruction of military bases, large bases, warehouses military, weapons, military equipment, depots, arsenals, FORTS, stations, etc.;

- the terrorist - the use of aircraft, water vehicles, poisons, gases, massive explosions and arson attacks, poisonings and assassinations, murder or poisoning the socio-political and military leaders, increased infiltration across the border of individual groups (of individuals), recruitment of performers for different acts.

Let's start with economic sabotage.

As targets for them, according to M. Grabow, have always been objects such as:a) metallurgical plants;b) mine - ore and coal;C) power stations and hydroelectric;d) transport - railway, automobile and water;d) warehouses and stocks.

Let's start with the recent accidents at power plants and hydroelectric power plants.

Early on the morning of 17 August 2009 accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP. She in a matter of seconds claimed the lives of 75 people.

The causes of the tragedy are unknown.

The accident was the largest technogenic catastrophe of our time.The amount of released energy the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP to 4 times greater than the Chernobyl disaster.

Recall that before the accident the hydropower capacity was 6400 MW, which accounted for nearly 15% of all energy produced in Russia. That is, this hydroelectric power plant is a military-strategic object.

The first version of the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power plant was a terrorist attack. But later this assumption has been refuted.

Clear version, what was the cause of the accident at the power plant there. Most often, the representatives of "RusHydro" and FEMA talking about hydrocare...a Different opinion was expressed in an informal conversation, experts on hydropower from other organizations. They believe that the closure of valves and stopping the flow of water may not cause surge at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP.

Gate valve for hydro power plant is a huge structure, similar to the locks on the river, and therefore any fast close or open them is impossible. In addition, it is difficult to imagine that at such a high-tech facility has not worked none of the three protection stages.

The reason for the surge, according to experts, may be the explosion of any nature. Then occurs extremely quickly, the energy input in water flow and changes the velocity of the water.

Thus, the first was the explosion of something, then the shock wave went to destroy everything in its path. And then we began to work formally describes the mechanisms of the accident: water ingress in should be able to cut short generators, asynchronous rotation of the turbines, and so on.

That is, spoke well on the topic of the mechanism of the accident, but intentionally or unintentionally omitted one, and that is triggering the trigger, there was an explosion, the explosion, quite calculated in its consequences.

Such explosions are usually referred to as a word, or a diversion, or word attack. (Victor I Am Sure. The Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP: What was it?, 2009-08-23)

At the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power plant, experts say, exploded the transformer. This explosion could be the cause of water hammer.

The explosion of the transformer itself could generate a shock wave, even more powerful than that which occurs when hydrocare. The energy of the explosion of a transformer could be transformed into a strong internal shock wave propagating through the water at speeds in excess of 1.5 kilometers per second. Such a blast wave, spreading through conduits in all directions, and could cause damage to the station, including the machine room

.However, it is possible that in addition to the transformer was mined and the other reference point of the machine room, since the disaster destroyed not one or two, but five (!) hydroelectric hydroelectric power plant, which accounts for half of its production capacity.But, nevertheless, the version of the attack was refuted because it was not discovered characteristic features, such as, for example, residue of explosives. But how to detect if all washed away by an avalanche of water.

It is fair to say that the explosion is not the only way of sabotage.But we proceed from the official version, according to which the cause of the accident is unknown. That is, it was not a terrorist attack. It was, it turns out that the combination of certain involuntary actions and circumstances. In short, isolated event - an accident, not a pattern.

In November of 2009. in the Circassian district of the CBD next to Aushigerskaya HPP was found 4 kilograms of Semtex, but then without the explosion. (">

Suppose that this was an isolated incident, a Fluke.

13.05.2010 again the message about the accident on another HPP - Nizhnekamsk - Naberezhnye Chelny in Tatarstan.

The hydroelectric power plant a massive explosion. According to preliminary data, exploded the compressor. The explosion occurred in the compressor mode of a synchronous condenser, which pumps air for own needs of the station. In one of the four compressors.

The version of the attack on the Nizhnekamsk hydroelectric power station deny.It turns out that it was an accident.

21 Jul 2010 a new message about the accident, and now two blasts at the Baksan HPP in Kabardino-Balkaria. Worked four bombs, one bomb squad managed to defuse it.

As a result of explosions on hydroelectric power station out of action were withdrawn three generators and other technical equipment.

The attack on Baksansky hydroelectric power station can be only rehearsal, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council, member of the National anti-terrorist Committee (NAC) , Alexander Torshin. According to RBC, he said this to journalists. According to him, for the bombing of the Baksan hydroelectric power station in Kabardino-Balkaria may be followed by something "more sinister". Torshin did not rule out that the attack on the station, can only be a "distraction". Meanwhile, he also stated that he committed the attack on the hydroelectric dam in CBD are not fighters for justice, and cool, cruel professionals".

23.07.2010 year. The first unit of the Kalinin nuclear power plant stopped on July 23 because of a fire in the open switchgear (ORU) 750 kV, the press service of the concern "Rosenergoatom" operating all nuclear power plants of Russia.

Maybe enough "accidents" and "coincidences"?!

Maybe enough to attribute the accident at the power plants to individual, unrelated to each other the facts?

Maybe it is time to call a number of "accidents" that have occurred only recently, laws? May we learn, finally, to call a spade a spade, learn to "recognize sabotage" as a system of interrelated subversive activities on the territory of Russia and against Russia in the eve of aggression.

"The attack on the Baksan hydroelectric plant is part of a global war for the Caucasus", - commented on the well-known politician Konstantin Zatulin - attempts to destabilize the situation in the region".

Here all things are finally called by its name: sabotage at the power plant - is part of a global war.

Say rather, preparing for its armed phase in order to weaken Russia, to undermine its economic potential and defence capability.

In the list of traditional targets for economic sabotage provided mine.

On the night of may 9, 2010and two explosions at intervals of four hours occurred at Raspadskaya (the South of Kuzbass), the largest coal mine in Russia and one of the largest in the world.

Thus repeated explosion was much stronger. Listed as dead 67 people, the destiny of 23 persons remains unknown. In RTN made in the media version of the causes of the explosions at the Raspadskaya coal mine is officially called "questionable." Local experts say that such an explosion - especially the second - to explain negligence, accumulation of gas, dust, etc. is impossible.

It is also reported that in this accident, there are some facts that do not fit into the version of the accident. And perfectly fit into a version of intentional sabotage, and politically prepared.

At the mine the re-explosion of methane - the same one that had stopped rescuers - happens 4 hours after the first explosion. Experts say the impossibility of such interval, it is impossible for purely physical reasons.

Secondary explosions are possible - but after 10-15 minutes, no more. 4 hours is unreal, this has never happened before in the entire history of the mining industry in Russia.

Therefore, among other things, rescuers went into the mine safely - methane has burned, re-dial a dangerous concentration of it can only in a few days. And "coal dust", which supposedly raised the first explosion, which allegedly exploded then (as we explain some of the "theorists") - it can no longer hang in the air in idle mine 4 hours.And then the explosion. And not far from the surface and to destroy the mouth and to kill as many rescuers. Very professional explosion...

By the way, a similar accident at the mine, with even greater scope and number of victims, was already a few years ago. 24.07.2010.

The accident occurred at the mine "Krasnogorsk". The cause of the accident likely was a sudden release of methane.

However, puzzling is the fact: "it is Worth noting that after the explosions at the Raspadskaya coal mine all coal enterprises of the region checked out MOE, Prosecutor and Rostekhnadzor. Mine "Krasnogorskaya" is also fully tested security systems in coal mining. Any deviation from the norm of the Commission not found".

05.08.2010 . On mine "Chertinskaya the" night fire occurred. Lit boiler room of the mine.Well, now on military sabotage.

Let me remind you that, according to the classification M. Drobov, these include explosion, damage and destruction of military bases, large bases, warehouses military, weapons, military equipment, depots, arsenals, FORTS, stations, etc.

These are just the recent facts.

November 13, 2009 At 15.43 Moscow time, the Embassy was rocked by an explosion. Was -lit warehouses of the Arsenal is a naval baselocated in Zavolzhsky district of Ulyanovsk.

The accident occurred in the territory of FSUE "Arsenal-31". Rushed to 2 workshops (of 5 available). Very quickly it became evident that the explosions chain. Then the explosions spread to the ammunition depot.

Exploded more than 40 tons of artillery shells.Blew up the 31st Arsenal of the Navy: naval mines, torpedoes, depth charges, shells for naval guns.

The Arsenal is located near the Volga dam. So you can imagine the consequences if the explosions got to her.

The newspaper "top secret" in connection with this incident, published an article by Vladimir Voronov"Arsenals are asked to fire"which has the subtitle: "What's behind the explosions at military depots, which during the last twenty years thundering in Russia with suspicious regularity"

.Lead fragments from the article: "the Investigation, yet did not the emergency visit nor the expertise to spend (what expertise under the debris?), hastened to present the culprit. Rather, the culprit of the fire was due to violations of technological discipline, when 29-year-old employee of Arsenal Ekaterina Kangina dismantled shell.

On the night of 11 December, she died, the boss is at hand: the dead can blame everything.It is no secret that safety regulations are sometimes violated terribly - shells apart almost sledgehammers. However, according to eyewitnesses, first, broke wagons with gunpowder extracted from the artillery rounds, and then exploded ammunition.

Did the investigation work out the version of arson is unknown as of 23 November it was the same.

Exploded one of the shells that the engineers put in the back of the "Ural" for transportation to a destruction site. Behind him detonated the rest were in the back. Eight deminers were killed on the spot, two were seriously injured.

However, if the shell detonated or planted an explosive device unknown: the dead will not say, and the survivors were far from the center of explosion.Medvedev ordered the defence Ministry to dismiss commanders of the 2nd guards combined arms army and, of course, the ill-fated leadership of the 31st Arsenal of the Navy.

The outrage of the President explained his visit to the Ulyanovsk was planned for November 24, had to open a new bridge across the Volga, to hold a visiting session of the Presidium of the state Council, as well as an important meeting with the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

And then there are "adjustments".

Military stores can sometimes burn (if they burn), but never explode: you explode them. This fundamental truth you will explain any professional military. In arsenals, warehouses, munitions storage facilities, fuel and lubricants (POL) and of clothing and equipment lay multiple strength and multi-layered security. Not only from fires, arson, sabotage or lightning, but also, importantly, "from the fool".

Ravens writes: "an Orgy of explosions that engulfed the warehouses of the Russian defense Ministry, is unprecedented: since 1992, they burn and tear every year! Only open sources, I counted over these 17 years not less than 38 major fires and explosions of warehouses of our army. One accidental fire possible, two or sometimes three I believe, though with difficulty. But dozens is just a mockery of common sense".

The reasons for the destruction of entire warehouses and military bases are just amazing, for example, the lightning, even though lightning struck once, and there were several explosions.

September 30, 2008. - a fire at an ammunition depot near the closed administrative-territorial entity Fokino (Primorsky Krai). The official version: a bolt of lightning into the ventilation shaft.

Another culprit is the Almighty cigarette. 23 may 2008 at the military airport near Lodeynoye pole (Leningrad oblast) from the cigarette butt was allegedly destroyed 430 rockets of a class "air-air" of the 6th army of VVS and PVO.

The fire actually disarmed this air army, covering the whole North-West of the country. From the thrown cigarette butt (what is the consequence and not installed) fire the wooden ammunition boxes.

To boxes air missiles flashed and burned to the ground, it is necessary to work hard, and even a single cigarette there is not enough, even two and three.

14 Sep 2009 butt was, for example, responsible for a huge fire in the vault Purvo near the village of Karabash (Chelyabinsk oblast). Howitzer shells were still bursting, and the military prosecutors already knew that a cigarette butt left PFC Cyril Deinekin.

Ravens writes about the typical reasons that are usually called in connection with the destruction of military bases and warehouses.

First of all, spontaneous combustion or someone's innocent negligence.

14 may 1992 in Vladivostok rushed the main artstudy Pacific fleet (TOF). Whether first took some 17 cars loaded with gunpowder (from and everything), then flashed the stock of fireworks. It is known that were stored in those warehouses are about two million shells for large caliber naval guns, torpedoes, depth charges, naval mines, cartridges, so many things.

In particular, as claimed, chemical weapons. Eight of the 36 stores seemed to have evaporated. After experts estimated that blew up half of the Arsenal - about 1155 conventional cars, and the cumulative power of explosions was determined at 50 megatons!

The official investigation came to nothing lead: investigators first stubbornly inclined to the version of spontaneous combustion, then began to search... nakalivanija adolescents. Boys with matches, burning strategic Arsenal.

The Prosecutor of Primorsky Krai mentioned that diversion is not excluded, but immediately stopped.

16-17 October, 2002. - a fire and explosions at an ammunition depot base near the village of taiga near Vladivostok. The official version: a fire of dry grass.June 13, 2003 - a fire at a military warehouse in the area East of the highway Khabarovsk. The official cause of the fire - set on fire poplar fluff.

13-15 July 2003 - a fire and explosion of the ammunition depot of the base of the Pacific fleet near the village of taiga near Vladivostok. The official reason for emergency: contact firecrackers into the air shaft of a warehouse during the celebration of Day of the fisherman.

30 Sept. - 3 Oct. 2005 - fire and explosion warehouses TOF near the villages South and North of the Koryak near Petropavlovsk-on-Kamchatka. The official version: the self-destruction of stacks of ammunition and detonation of one of the shells or fire from burning dry grass.

In General it is time to write the thesis on "Dry grass, Cottonwood fluff and the butt as a means of destroying military bases, depots and arsenals of strategic purpose".Well, then called, as a rule, the causes of a series of "it happened" or "it exploded."

Example events in Ulyanovsk.13 Nov 2009. - a fire and explosions at the 31st Arsenal of the Navy (Ulyanovsk). The official version: - compliance with the technological discipline during disassembly of the projectile

.23 Nov 2009. - another explosion of shells in the 31st Arsenal of the Navy (Ulyanovsk). The official version was the spontaneous detonation of the projectile.

What a coincidence, two "accidents" that occurred on the same military base at intervals of ten days near the dam of the Volga ("accident") and in anticipation of the visit and important meetings of the President of the Russian Federation.

As you know, it's too "random". Or maybe it's all the same there was a pattern inherent in the daring sabotage? 13-e - fatal number for the destruction of military objects. November 13, 2009 there was a fire and explosions in Ulyanovsk.

And a month earlier, on 13 September 2009, another fire. The Interfax: "In Tambov for about seven hours trying to extinguish the fire at the headquarters of the special forces brigade of the Main intelligence Directorate, located in the Central part of the city in the former school of chemical protection.According to the official statement of the defense Ministry, the fire killed five soldiers, seven taken to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning and burns".

RIA Novosti, citing a source in the security services said: "as a result of fire that occurred on the morning of 13 September the headquarters of the GRU in Tambov, burned secret documents".

"The fire seriously affected the secret part, where he kept documents of special importance. According to preliminary data, the damage is assessed as very serious, "- said the Agency interlocutor.He also said that on the instructions of the Minister of defence at the emergency flew the first Deputy Minister of defense General-Colonel Alexander Kolmakov. In Tambov well as high-level representatives of the Main military Prosecutor's office, the GRU of the General staff of the armed forces."

29 July 2010. The fire destroyed the equipment on a Central database to store airborne equipment of the airborne forces of Russia in Kolomna district, Moscow region.

According to the press service, the fire at the base came from a strong gust of wind. According to preliminary data, the fire destroyed one store with property for industrial purposes that had caused the state significant damage.By the way, what kind of wind can say, if that day in Moscow and the Moscow region its speed was only 2 m/s.?

This wind speed is considered meteorology as easy and may not give impulses.

July 29, 2010 a fire destroyed the Central aircraft maintenance air force base and air defense of the Navy of Russia, located in the Kolomna district of Moscow region.

According to UPC, burned the headquarters of the club, the financial part of two boxes car Park, 13 storage facilities with military equipment for various purposes, and 17 open areas for storage of equipment along with those on their cars.

The fire was yet another important object of the defense Ministry, the communications centre of the General staff. The defense Ministry stated that the object managed to save from the fire. (">

Further - more, all from a series of incredible attacks on military targets. The media are full of headlines like: "Capture of military units with real terrorists?".

Here are some examples from recent reports.

September 11, 2010 , gunmen attacked a training center combat use of missile troops and artillery inthe village Moulineaux Nizhny Novgorod.

The raiders took time at the checkpoint but was apprehended by a guard already in the territory of the. The motives of the attackers were not disclosed."Free press" recalls that a week before there was a terrorist attack a military unit inBuynaksk, and suggests that "in the near future, the actual seizures of military units and the use of the criminal world are weapons there".

Such seizures spetsializiruyutsya professional private military companies. In fact, according to press reports, the Mulino garrison stationed in Volodarsky district of Nizhny Novgorod region. It is actually a military camp, around which are grouped more than 40 military units, some of which are rapid response units and have combat experience.

So this RAID could be the work of only professionals from the PMC. Ordinary criminals, such a RAID would just not do. It was a planned military operation against a military facility.

Attempts to present all of this as isolated cases of attacks in order to or theft of any personal squabbles do not stand up to scrutiny.An attack on a military camp in Floss is just one of the cases in the circuit such raids, particularly frequent in 2010.

By the way, why now? Maybe because they're preparing a provocation against Russia? Indeed, as noted by the media, state of emergency in the Floss on its landmark: the first made an attack on the part of the rocket.

A few of these attacks, the West will have a reason to make noise about the vulnerability of our nuclear facilities and the need to send troops and NATO for their protection.

Production under foreign control these objects was to deprive us of the opportunity to use our strategic forces to protect the country from the aggressor.And attacks on military units is what creates preconditions for the realization of this cherished dream of our enemy.

NEWSru informs that at the end of may 2010 , three robbers entered in military unit No. 68128 in Faustian.

They managed to get unnoticed in the booth to guard and tie him before he raised the alarm. Then, the criminals cut the power to the entire surveillance system in a military unit.

The reform of the army through downsizing, disarmament and the actual destruction led to the fact that there is a problem of insufficient protection of military facilities.

The consequence of these measures was the creation of conditions that allow gangs to perform amazing in its audacity raids.

In April 2010, groups (from 20 to 40, according to various sources) has entered the territory of the 138-th infantry battalion, stationed in the village of Sapper Leningrad oblast area.

Soon SWAT outfit in the amount of 20 people and the outfits of the Priozersk district police detained 18 people suspected of involvement in the incident. Causes at least, perplexed by the article on which criminal case, "the Use of violence not dangerous to life, against a representative of authorities in connection with the performance of their official duties".

Maybe enough to play blind and pretend that all these attacks are not related to criminal cases. This is a systemic and large-scale operation by Western intelligence services against Russia, on which we close our eyes in fear, to the delight of the enemy, to pronounce the word "sabotage".

Because if we say the word, it will immediately mean the enemy will make obvious preparations for war against us, and will force the power elite to distance themselves from the West and mobilize the people in defense of the Fatherland on the eve of war with the West.

And this is for the Russian ruling elite is impossible, unthinkable, as her family and money are in the West, which she is forced in this regard to promote.Therefore, political crimes transferred us into the category of committed "domestic violence".

All this only encourages extremism. The consequences can be terrible. The last state of emergency in Mulino in its landmark: the first made an attack on the part of the rocket.

One of the next steps of the extremists may well be capturing "button", nuclear blackmail and terrorist attacks.

In Russia there were no cases of seizure of nuclear weapons.

But on June 1 2010 at a press conference in Yekaterinburg the head of the Russian FSB Alexander Bortnikov said that the security services have information about terrorists ' efforts to gain access to the "nuclear materials and biological and chemical".

In the night of 5 August 2010 was attacked by the field camp of the 136th motorised brigade near Dagestan Buynaksk.

The explosion of several dozens soldiers were injured and several people were killed.But even earlier,

24 July 2010., as reported Newsru.comin the same buynaksa the murdered conscript 136-th infantry brigade of the Ministry of defense of Russia.

As reported by ITAR-TASS a source in law enforcement bodies of the Republic, "around midnight, a group of unknown people went to the checkpoint of the military unit, took possession of cell phones soldiers, then one of the criminals stabbed one of the soldiers".On the way to the hospital wounded died.An hour earlier unknown near the checkpoint fired on a group of officers of the Ministry of defense who arrived in Buynaksk on a business trip from one of the regions of Russia. The shelling, three soldiers were killed.

According to the investigation, "these two incidents are not considered as links in a chain".

Well, it may be worthwhile to continue this chain in time and space, to make sure that it is one and the links in it miraculously lined up in their relationship, predetermination, and therefore predictability.

Cases on military installations in July and August 2010, associated with forest fires.

While it is an acknowledged fact that the reason these fires are burning, as it turned out, the sighting of arson.

To paraphrase a famous line, you can ask: "If the forest near the military bases burn, so it is necessary for somebody?"

The book Tatyana Gracheva "the Memory of the Russian soul" can be ordered at the bookshop "Russian Gazette" - 8 (495) 788-41-48, al. mail


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