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The formula of success of the PLA in the struggle against the novel coronavirus
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 18-03-2020

Military attaché of defense at the Embassy of China in Russia, major General KUI ANYWAY agreed to answer questions military observer TASS Viktor LITOVKIN. The full interview is published only in NVO.

People's Republic of China suffered a great misfortune – a mass epidemic of coronavirus, which threatens all of humanity. In these circumstances the country's leadership promptly took all possible measures to prevent the spread of the disease, were isolated, according to media reports, the territory, where more than 45 million people, including the 12-million city of Wuhan, where the spread of the virus, and achieved the minimum of damage and minimization of victims of the disease, and today reports that the risk of more infection of the population went into decline. As of 10 March, the total number of confirmed infections has 80 931 persons (of which currently suffer 17 789 persons, there were only 20 cases of new infections for March 9 in three districts), a total of 60 002 man recovered after medical treatment, the number of victims – 3140 people. The measures taken by the Chinese leadership to curb the spread of the epidemic, have already given great results and effectively prevented the possible appearance of effects of more large-scale distribution. What role was played in this struggle of the PLA?

– Since the emergence of new epidemic coronavirus pneumonia the Chairman XI Jinping, the CPC Central Committee and the Central military Commission of the CPC attach great importance to the security of life and health of people, and the epidemic is considered as the most important task for the current period. Chairman XI Jinping gave the army the important guidelines for successful prevention and control of epidemic, personally directed, personally gave the order, stressing that the whole army under unified command of the Central Committee and the CMC of the CPC must always remember the main objective of a national army, to act only according to the order, feel free to fight with all the difficulties bravely join the battle and actively support the fight against the epidemic in the regions.

The epidemic is a challenge, it is our duty. The whole army resolutely implement the important instructions of Chairman XI Jinping, quickly involved in the action for the prevention and control of epidemic, defends the safety of life and health of people, along with all the people of the country shares the hardships, overcome difficulties, actively fulfilling the role of an advanced assault team. We strongly win the people's war in this total battle, in the battle to prevent the epidemic.

First, it was held to strengthen the command. The Central military Commission of the CCP immediately launched the mechanism of action in emergency situations, has created a working group on the fight against the epidemic, a new coronavirus pneumonia, have established a joint working mechanism of the reaction of the armed forces to emergencies in public health and has conducted multiple studies to prevent and combat the epidemic and support the work of the regions. The Council took an active part in the joint mechanism of the State Council on the prevention of the epidemic, has sent people to participate in Central steering group in Hubei province, and has formed a steering group frontline commanders to gain the best command of the interaction of the army and of the regions and the medical forces of the army.

Secondly, underwent emergency assistance to the city of Wuhan. Was applied by air, rail and road delivery methods, organized by the medical forces of the army to quickly assist Wuhan, sent a total of three batches of more than 4000 health professionals to participate in a rescue mission the frontline in the fight against the epidemic, advanced formed a steering group, the joint forces logistics and support system forces the medical staff of the first line. Through a joint working mechanism of the reaction of the armed forces to emergencies in public health are also urgently was selected to Wuhan city 40 000 medical masks, in addition to this was sent to 8000 sets of protective clothing, 50 sets of helmets and 2 vacuum insulating the cabin for transport to ensure urgent needs in the process of medical treatment.

Thirdly, all the forces the treatment of patients. The system of military medicine has a distinguished history and glorious traditions, it has played an important role in the fight against SARS, aid in Africa's fight with Ebola and in helping to cope with natural disasters. During the anti-epidemic operations military medical personnel adhered to the principle of cooperation between the army and regions, medical-preventive measures, targeted treatment, applying all efforts to increase the speed of treatment and the percentage of recovery, devoting himself entirely to medical treatment. Currently, 63 specialized military hospitals created nearly 3,000 hospital beds and more than 1,000 medical workers were sent to the front line to provide treatment. As of March 1, three hospitals – hospital Josenian Wuhan, the hospital, the Bund, Tongji hospital Guanggu for women and children has assisted local 3467 to seriously ill patients and cured 689 people. Established military hospital and military medical team has provided medical care 4450 patients with the new coronavirus pneumonia in Hubei province, and has 1,000 patients cured and discharged from hospitals. Simultaneously with the provision of medical treatment by health staff of the whole army attach great importance to strengthening their protection and currently support a "zero infection rate".

Fourth, the organized research activities in emergency situations. Military units concentrated their forces and act quickly, stimulate greater integration of production, teaching, research and operation, and also trigger extra research to combat the epidemic.

Units took the lead in the implementation of several research projects of Ministry of science and technology for dealing with emergency situations, and also sent a group of military physicians in Wuhan to conduct research and reference activities for prevention and control of the epidemic. 28 Jan developed the Military medical research Institute under the Academy of military Sciences jointly with the regional government is a set of reagents for detection of coronavirus, a new type of urgency were reviewed and approved by State pharmaceutical administration and received a certificate of registration of medical products, and on March 1 the developed set of reagents, rapid test for the detection of antibodies passed the registration and verification of military production and was introduced in clinical use. The fifth medical center is the Main military hospital of the PLA launched a combined treatment of novel coronavirus pneumonia based on traditional Chinese and Western medicine; preliminary studies indicate that this treatment is safe and effective. Also is not in place and other activities conducted by the army medical research and development, preparation of antibodies, vaccines research and tracking viruses.

The current outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia since the founding of the PRC is the fastest rate of propagation, with a wide range of intrusion and the most difficult to prevent and control and represents a serious public health problem. Faced with this sudden and rare in a world of trouble, the Chinese Army once again demonstrated their willingness to engage in fierce battle, to act according to the orders, showed the powerful reserves of the country and the willingness to take on his duty as a defender of the people, and proved his deep communion with the people and the inextricable link of hearts. Successful results of work for prevention and control of epidemics once again showed the significant advantages of the leadership of the Communist party of China and the socialist system with Chinese characteristics.

As the interaction of departments and units of the Chinese army with other government agencies involved in the response to AIDS?

– Supports Chinese army Wuhan in the fight against the epidemic of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus. We can say that coherence between military forces and the area is very tight, smooth and very effective. The Central military Committee specially organized a joint mechanism of prevention and control, chaired by the Department of logistics with the participation of the relevant departments of the military Committee and major units of the military Commission. A single organization is coordinating the response of military forces to emergencies in public health and is actively involved in joint work of the state Council on the prevention and control of epidemics. The organization also actively participates in the work of Central steering group in Hubei province strengthening the military-local coordination.

After our army has supported the medical team of Hubei province in the arrival in Wuhan, we quickly organized the working mechanisms such as joint meetings, briefings and information communication with the local area. In the course of the epidemic military and local forces closely cooperated, supported each other, exchanged funds and jointly distributed essential medical supplies, such as protective eyewear, N95 masks, etc. in Addition, in the field of medical assistance, civil-military cooperation (cooperation between the army and district) support of scientific areas, medical support, and meeting of experts to discuss the condition of patients and optimization plans contribute to the continuous improvement of diagnosis and treatment of critically ill patients. It is worth to emphasize the concern and support of party committees and governments of Hubei province and Wuhan city, and also of the masses who actively take the initiative to perform work to protect.

The magnitude of the engaged forces and means to combat the epidemic of coronavirus impressive. Not only because it has been isolated for such a big even for China the city of Wuhan and its suburbs, carried out the necessary sanitary and medical work in their disinfection, but also the fact that in the shortest time was built dozens of new hospitals. They were provided with all necessary medical equipment and medicines, medical staff... All this demonstrates the great capacity for mobilization people's Republic of China. As participated in the work PLA? What was their contribution to increasing the mobilization readiness of the health services of the country and its construction industry?

In order to support the logistics of Wuhan city, and the guarantee of supplying goods in accordance with the request of the Chief of staff for the prevention and control of epidemics in Wuhan and with the approval of the Central military Commission in Hubei province were organized by a group of support troops to combat the epidemic, which are mainly responsible for the distribution of funds, household items and transportation of medical supplies. Some of the officers and members of the support group participated in the aftermath of the Sichuan earthquake in 2008, some were involved in liquidation of consequences of floods in 2016, as well as the comrades who were responsible for providing protection for the VII World war games. All the friends from the support group are in good spirits and with great enthusiasm perform the job. The group was organized on the first of February, and already the second day at 2 in the morning was made the first mission of transportation. According to the results of March 1, the support group had sent more than 2,500 vehicles, carrying more than 8,500 tons of necessities and nearly 2,700 units (sets) of medical supplies were sent four helicopters with 6.5 tons of medical supplies. Many people of Wuhan, praised highly the effective support of the unit to provide vital funds and medical protection. In addition, the air force (air force) also sent 30 transport aircraft for emergency transportation of military medical forces and resources in Wuhan city. Daily from 28 provincial military districts (garrison) sent about 20 000 militia for cooperation with local residents to perform tasks such as the management of foreign personnel, disinfection of sites, transportation of materials and dissemination of prevention measures.

– The Chinese army is organized and delivered medical assistance to the Hubei province with the help of planes, trains, and highways. The night before the New year, the air force China has sent to Wuhan three military transport aircraft Il-76 from Shanghai, Chongqing and XI'an, on Board of which was the first group of military medical personnel (450 persons), and medical materials. 2 Feb air force China sent to Wuhan, eight military transport aircraft Il-76 from Nanjing, Guangzhou, Lanzhou, and Shenyang, on Board of which were the second team from the military medical staff (about 800 people). 13 and 17 February, the air force of the PRC for the two loading sent to the Wuhan 12 military transport aircraft three models of the Yun – 20, Il-76 and Yun-9, which took 19 flights and was taken to the Wuhan third military medical personnel (1600). A military transport plane Yun-20 made 10 flights and this is the first time this model is made in China, designed for military purposes, involved in military actions than military ones since its first flight in 2013. Military-air forces of China systematically and on a large scale completed the task of emergency air transportation, pointing to Wuhan the armament of large and medium-sized military transport aircraft. The epidemic has tested the mobility of the air forces of China and the ability to travel long distances. Simultaneously, the air force of the PRC coordinated the office management of the Railways, conducting special measures to increase the number of trains, regulation of the formation of convoys and the increased time spent at the station. Thus, 2-th, 13-th and 17 February, 1200 workers and more than 100 tons of medical supplies collected from all over the country, were delivered to Wuhan on 18 high-speed trains. The army and the authorities conducted close interaction and high performance have joined forces, successfully completing the task of sending emergency medical staff in Wuhan.

Currently the Chinese army in stages selected and organized more than 4000 health workers to carry out the task of providing medical care to patients; military units stationed in Hubei province, organized more than 160 people and 130 vehicles to provide transportation of medical supplies. Military district of Hubei province, and a detachment of the military police of Hubei province also actively supported the local authorities in the implementation of transportation of material resources, elimination of the epidemic, prevention and control of epidemic, fully playing the role of vanguard and assault groups. Also with the help of real actions, they have earned a high degree of trust on the part of the masses. Every time something happens of a major natural disaster, there are big challenges and risks, difficulties and obstacles, the PLA fearlessly enters the fight, giving it their all. The next step is properly and in a timely manner, in obedience, to carry out preparatory work to assist local authorities in the prevention and control of epidemics based on epidemiological situation and the necessity of these works on the ground to decisively win the people's war and total war for the prevention and control of the epidemic.

News agencies report on the successful development of China scholars oral vaccine against the coronavirus, its use in the treatment of patients. This development of a civilian research institutions or in the work involved and the military doctors, military epidemiologists and virologists? What are the measures taken by China to combat biological and bacteriological epidemics? Do military scientists and physicians, China's experience of interaction on these issues with specialists from Russia, including Russian military experts in this field? Participation of the Russian military experts in the fight against the epidemic in China? What advice was given to your experts with the Russian colleagues to prevent spread of the coronavirus in the territory of Russia?

– Currently, many research institutes, medical institutes and universities in China to conduct research and development of new vaccines against coronavirus. According to Chinese media reports in late February, the team of Professor Huang Jinhai from the Tianjin University of life Sciences announced the successful development of new vaccines against coronavirus for oral administration, which uses food safe Baker's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) as a carrier, and the new S-protein of coronaviruses is aimed at antibody production. In addition, according to China Central television from March 3, the research team led by academician Chen Wei from the Military medical Academy has focused its efforts on conducting research in emergency situations and has also reached important results in the development of new vaccines against pneumonia caused by coronavirus. Was already conducted clinical trials of this vaccine. Of course, the process from design to production and use of vaccines is rigorous and long, and currently a new vaccine still requires subsequent evaluation processes the effectiveness of the immunization, experimental production, etc. We hope that it will be implemented in clinical trials and practical application in the shortest possible time to provide strong technical and scientific support to win the fight against the epidemic.

With regard to the participation of Russian experts in the fight against the epidemic in China, in early February, the Russian government sent to China a delegation of experts on the epidemic, which together with our Chinese colleagues studied the response to the outbreak, have developed antiviral drugs and vaccines and has achieved preliminary results. This is the first delegation of foreign experts, the Chinese government agreed to take in the critical period of the epidemic. In addition, the delegation of experts from the world health organization, there were two Russian medical experts who have visited China, Beijing and Guangzhou, where he got acquainted with the real situation in the fight against the epidemic, exchanged experiences and measures to prevent and combat the epidemic. National genomic data-center of China (NGDC) is also promptly provided who complete genome of the new virus and released information about the virus around the world via the Internet to provide a convenient and fast data support for researchers from other countries to conduct in-depth studies of the new virus pneumonia and prevention of the epidemic and combat it.

Regarding the spread of coronavirus, a new type in Russia, we see that the timely adoption by the government of the Russian Federation of measures related to transportation, constraints and checking at the border, quarantine gave the desired results. Currently, despite the fact that the outbreak in China is effectively controlled and reduced in South Korea, Italy, Iran, Japan and other countries there is a tendency to spread of infection. As of March 5, the world was 1285 new cases of coronavirus, an increasingly important international epidemiological situation. The Chinese delegation recommends that: similarly, to study the situation and take timely measures to fight the epidemic at an appropriate level, especially in key areas of the epidemic, to ensure strict control and combat the source of infection, cut off routes of transmission of the disease; to follow the "detect, inform, quarantine, treatment in the early stages" and "focus of patients, to centralize experts to centralize resources, centralized treatment". These measures proved very effective in China. Beijing also recommends the establishment of a system of periodic reports of the epidemic, timely publish information on the dynamics of infection, to carry out actively guide public opinion, to ensure the availability of medical supplies to fight the epidemic (gloves, masks, protective clothing, etc.), medical equipment, specialists and medical institutions (hospitals, beds) at an early stage to avoid lack of materials, resources and personnel in the event of mass spread of the epidemic; to strengthen international cooperation and implement joint control over the mutual prevention of the spread of the epidemic. In addition, it is necessary to tell about the Program of diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia caused by a coronavirus new type (experimental 7th edition), published in early March by state Committee of public health of China. We are confident that Russia will be able to use the useful information contained in it.

On the periodical press walks a lot of versions of the origin of the coronavirus. Saying that its source was a food market in Wuhan. There is a statement that he had been brought to China from outside. Catches the eye that most cases of this virus were the inhabitants of South-East Asia, from which there was no immunity against this disease. And because there was speculation about the use of ethnic weapons against certain populations of Southeast Asia. Now, when this virus has infected the Europeans, and even Americans, this version is unreliable. And what conclusions about the origin of the coronavirus came from scientists in China, including the military?

– Like you said, countries around the world are very concerned about the origin of the novel coronavirus that causes pneumonia. Chinese scientists are also actively investigating the source of the virus, conduct a comparative analysis of the genome sequence of the novel coronavirus and a variety of other research methods. Medical experts in China believe that currently in the world there is a situation that even though the virus appeared in China, but has not established that its origin is there. Currently, the people of China is making every effort to combat the epidemic of pneumonia caused by a coronavirus, a new type is responsible not only for themselves but also for the maintenance of security of public health worldwide. Earlier, the head of the who has repeatedly stated that there is no evidence that the new coronavirus was created in a lab or as a consequence of the development of biological weapons.


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