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Hiroshima and Nagasaki destroyed atomic bombs of Hitler?
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 10-08-2017

How Americans got German nuclear weapons, and why did not delay its use against Japan – this tells the article.

In Japan with the usual on the occasion of the ceremonies celebrate the 72 anniversary held on 6 Aug 1945 the atomic bombing, city of Hiroshima, the fate of which 9 Aug shared another Japanese city – Nagasaki. They were incinerated with atomic bombs "Little boy" and "Fat man" was dropped from the American heavy bombers of distant action.

In commemorative events on the occasion of Hiroshima Day, celebrated worldwide as a world day for the abolition of nuclear weapons, adopted on the eve by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Hiroshima mayor Kazumi Matsui, the Japanese authorities, NGOs, representatives of 80 States.

Speaking at Sunday's ceremony, Japanese Prime Minister stressed that such tragedies must never be repeated and Japan intends to actively contribute to the review conference for the Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons in 2020.

"We intend to play a leading role in furthering nuclear powers and States that do not possess nuclear weapons," - said Abe.

"Today, a single bomb can be thousands of times more powerful than those that were dropped 72 years ago. Any use of nuclear weapons could plunge the whole world into hell - and the one who used it, and the enemy," - said the mayor of Hiroshima Kazumi Matsui.

But that was enough. From the atomic bombings and their aftermath in Hiroshima and killed 140 thousand people in Nagasaki - 74 thousand, mainly civilians, children and women. Humanity has entered the nuclear age. It is believed, however, that the use of American nuclear weapons significantly hastened the surrender of Japan, saving Americans, and Russians, who, according to initial agreements with the allies, was to capture not only the whole of Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands, but also the largest of the Northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, from the terrible losses.

The capture by the Americans of a small Japanese island of Okinawa had demonstrated that the fighting will be extremely difficult, and the number of victims of the invading armies hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

As another reason for the use of U.S. nuclear weapons called Washington's desire to demonstrate its power and the capabilities of the USSR, Stalin knew his place in the new American world. This is partly true, but the reality is that today persistently ignore, was much more interesting and scarier.

Where the Americans took the "Kid" and "Fat man"?

The nuclear Saga of the last war is still a mystery. The official version explains nothing and feeds on myths. For example, it is believed that although the Germans before the others started working on nuclear weapons, they somehow changed their organizational talent and their nuclear program, nothing was achieved. At the same time hinting that the reason for this is the very ideology of Nazism, above all, his anti – Semitism-the Nazis pushed Jewish scientists-nuclear scientists, lost Jewish brains, that they have nothing left. The program withered, the war eats all the resources. The Germans had no bomb.

This is "proved" by the fact that research in the nuclear field than the Germans were actively engaged in is one thing, but the production of nuclear weapons is quite another. Its something in Germany and allegedly was not, because doing it at the final stage is always the army, and only if it comes to that, so the bomb is not far off, it's going to do and apply. A Wehrmacht atomic bomb did. At this as irrefutable proof of the backwardness of the Germans indicates, in particular, the American General Leslie groves, who directed the "Manhattan project" – the creation of American nuclear weapons.

Americans are better than everyone else?

As an example, as it was necessary to act in order to succeed, the Americans lead, of course, themselves. They began work on a nuclear weapon years later than the Germans, but went the other way. Not stingy on the funds. Attracted talented scientists-foreigners, mostly Jews and leftists. Showed their inherent resourcefulness. Quickly caught up with and surpassed the Nazis. Made a bomb and used it against those who were not sorry to avoid any unnecessary losses.

The Japanese differed brutalization of American prisoners of war. They called US "filthy little monkeys", and they were quite pathetic. Few people know about it, but lost on fronts of the Second world war, several hundred thousand people, the Americans, according to secret FBI files, were ready to rebel, for them these losses in foreign wars was enough. The bomb came in so very handy.

What really made the Americans?

However, this official version - a lot of inconsistencies, and it crumbles upon the slightest comparison with the facts. And they are that, spending on nuclear development in hundreds of times more money than the Germans, the Americans very little of what you have accomplished. By the end of 1944, after almost three years of intensive work, "the Manhattan project" stalled. How to make a plutonium bomb, which decided to focus it clear, but it was not for two key things – the "stuffing" (it was enough for a third bomb one) and, most importantly, the specialized infrared proximity Fuze, without which it is impossible how it to explode. That is, the Americans had a prototype of a "dirty" bomb with very little power, is not ready to use even in this form.

However, in the summer of 1945 they appeared, at least two bombs in working condition and necessary supplies of weapons-grade uranium. It cannot be excluded that at their disposal, there were even a few atomic bombs.

Where? There!

Where? Out. Americans to save face and to justify the monstrous waste of funds helped the Germans. Or rather, were forced to do it. "Gift" arrived aboard a big submarine mine-layers of U-234. Submarine with a German and two Japanese scientists were sent to Japan and was carrying a valuable cargo – containers with uranium-235, enough for two atomic bombs, uranium type, the infrared proximity fuses, for want of which stood the American nuclear program, and more. Was on the boat and himself the inventor of these fuses.

All these gifts taken from her womb personally Robert Oppenheimer in charge of the scientific part of the "Manhattan project". After this case the Americans quickly went up the hill – July 16, they tested the plutonium atomic bomb, an implosion type in Los Alamos "Fat man", and on 9 August, dropped it on Nagasaki...

Oddities, oddities solid

You do not seem strange in this course of events? For official historians and the layman is quite clear. The bomb was tested, then used, what's strange? And there are many, many strange. Something we can note immediately: there was no "stuffing" for even one bomb, and suddenly it was enough for two plus tested at Los Alamos. Didn't have the right fuses, everything stalled – came out of nowhere.

But if you take a closer look at the facts, we will see even more interesting things. No one denies that the Hiroshima bomb "Little boy" was a uranium bomb and gun type. Technically, she is American inventor – a captain rank III Parsons, but in principle, Americans on bombs of this type seriously is not working. Some researchers recognize that it is of "English origin", that is, her drawings were received from England. This usually is preceded by a point, although it would be possible to add: mined British intelligence. Where? The country is the leader in atomic developments, that is in Germany. Moreover, the Robert Oppenheimer once confessed that the bombing "of German origin". Let the point here.

But there is in this story and another mystery, which the official story does not explain: "Fat man" was tested in gentle, greenhouse, laboratory and in a couple of weeks dropped on Japan. What "borzota"! And we are talking about a very complex product that you want to run, to try how it works in different modes, and that in fact it might not become timely and necessary gift to the Japanese.

An exaggeration? Not at all! Look at the authentic photos of "Products" that is experienced with German scarce Fuze in July 1945 in Los Alamos. What is giant size. Still within bomber can get this thing in the air. The Americans could not lose to Japan this crude, rude, brought to mind the prototype of a plutonium bomb. They still took several years to bring it to mind, to reduce in size. And that means only one thing: Yes, experienced, saw that it was possible that in a few years the Americans will now have their own atomic bomb, after which they dropped on Nagasaki the same bomb on Hiroshima, that is German.

But this raises a new question. The U.S. officially recognizes that "Kid" did not tested! Allegedly, the bomb is so simple and reliable that it was not required. In the words of groves, it was a "well-established design", so it "test doesn't seem necessary." Unexploded "gift" to the Japanese and the Americans are sending not afraid. Why? Because the bomb was not time tested and proven reliability. Who? Germans. Everything points to the fact that the "Kids" were in fact Germans. Their original drawings are kept secret until now. If they publish, say in the USA, this bomb will be able to play even schoolchildren. Actually, the reason why is still a secret, is most likely that this German drawings and the explanation under them made in the language of Goethe and Schiller.

It was not propaganda

A statement of this fact (given enough evidence to use that word now – a fact) leads to the fact that historians come across evidence of testing by the Germans nuclear weapons is not a "Goebbels propaganda", not Nazi attempts to encourage their troops suffering a defeat and hardened under allied bombs, the population of the imminent appearance of "weapons of retaliation". This, in fact, not required. The Germans officially reported as a fact that such work is ongoing, and soon a new powerful weapon will make a revolution in the war. They need just a little bit more to hold on. And such work is carried out. Nuclear weapons have been tested and even used. Preserved the documentary evidence of eyewitnesses of both, including the use of atomic weapons to break through the Soviet position at Kursk. In the place where it happened, a whole infantry regiment – people and horses – were burned to ashes. Mentioned in this regard and the Crimea. Testing of atomic bombs were also carried out South of lübeck, on the island of rügen... Mussolini wrote shortly before his death that Hitler got three of the atomic bomb, and he needs them here to apply it, it will cause a turning point in the war.

Why not apply?

Why are they not applied? After all, not humanity for the sake of. Of course. Hitler just did not have enough some time and his entourage may desire to take the risk to apply a new terrible weapon against so grudge to Germany's enemies.

In order to really cause a turning point in the war, existing stockpiles of nuclear weapons might not be enough. Yes, you could hit the London world's first ballistic missile "V-2" with nuclear warheads with all the ensuing consequences. To grab it and down it was impossible. It was possible to send long-range bombers with multiple bombs to strike new York (in Norway were collected 40 capable of transatlantic flight aircraft, which were trained for this). You could lose a few atomic bombs on the advancing Soviet troops on all fronts and destroy several buildings. And could not be reset if the bomber nuclear load shot down over own territory. But in any case would not have caused the turning point in the war. Stalin, in any case, the use of nuclear weapons would not stop. But in this case, the revenge of the allies the Germans would be just awful, and no Germany now simply would not have been...

How did the Germans gained possession of nuclear weapons, who and where it is produced and why are they having this time, yet have not accumulated enough of it in order to try to use in the war against the rest of the world?

It is an enormous topic, to analyze that in detail here is not possible.

Very schematically, the situation was so. Groves, of course, was not right in asserting that nuclear weapons in Germany did not come to the stage of production, as the army was not engaged. The German army really did. This was done much more ominous and serious organization than the Wehrmacht - the SS, the "black order" of Heinrich Himmler possessed a huge scientific potential, financial resources and an army of slaves-prisoners. They built unique plants in the mountains in various parts of Germany, invulnerable to bombing.

However, it seems that Himmler, like many leaders of the "third Reich", not later than 1944, lost faith in victory, die, for which the Nazis were sent by ordinary Germans, and has been active behind the scenes efforts to make peace with the Western allies. At least to provide the possibility of Nazi elite to evade responsibility, to ensure a safe and comfortable retirement somewhere far away from Europe, so congenial to the Nazis the people remained in important positions in occupied Western armies in the country.

The Reichsfuhrer-SS that did not quite work out – personally, he had after the war to commit suicide, he knew too much. But the elements of this strategy have worked. After fierce fighting in Normandy in 1944 and in the Aachen area, the recent surge of German military activity in connection with the breakthrough in the Ardennes, the last four months the Germans imitated it on the Western front, fierce fighting in the East. And after the war ended, many of the prominent functionaries of the Nazi regime disappeared together with the "gold party" and unique scientific developments. Who helped them and hid them? It is clear who and why. And the functionaries are smaller, not much "light up" under Nazism and even sat a little Eyewash in prison, out of which came the heroes, began in the Western zones of occupation the new government at the end of the war...

Colonel Pash

It is clear that some sort of deal, part of which had nuclear weapons, was concluded. It is not excluded, that the SS is even retarded the program of its creation, so Hitler did not have the temptation to use it. And certainly it is from these circles of the U.S. intelligence agencies got a tip where and what they should seek in the occupied territory of Germany and other European countries.

A brilliant activity nuclear forces "Alsos," which led the United States settled in Boris Pash (Boris Fedorovich Pashkovsky, Russian Orthodox priest who became a Colonel of the US army), a striking confirmation of this. By order of this brave and determined officer, an ardent anti-Communist, with unprecedented powers of the Supreme commander of the Western armies in Europe Dwight Eisenhower deployed U.S. corps and divisions in order to capture areas of Germany, the retreating Russian and French. Temporarily, of course. For what? To the staff of the Pasha was able to take out everything that was related to the German nuclear program – nuclear reactors, equipment, "stuffing" of the bomb, scientists and valuable professionals.

To do this, the Americans are "ahead" of the French in the South of Germany, where he was evacuated to a German nuclear facilities and scientific staff, took Thuringia and part of Bohemia, although these territories by agreement with the Soviet Union was part of the Soviet zone of occupation. And while there is not have taken out everything that could be of interest to "Also" Americans from those regions are gone. It may well be that the two atomic bombs that were dropped soon on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, delivered in the USA people Pasha.

And the Japanese, too

Ironically, Japan, a nuclear program which bore traces of German influence, was also ready to join the club of nuclear powers. A few days after the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, the Japanese spent at sea its own nuclear test, and quite successfully. But it was already too late to use nuclear weapons in the case, although it is in Japanese, apparently, still influenced by the fact that Japan's surrender was not unconditional – the Emperor, the Japanese offense was not given. Americans have to accept that, when possible, presented as assembled for the landing in Japan of a huge American fleet destroyed by a single atomic bomb. To convince the Japanese to quickly surrender, the Americans and dropped, without delay, two German atomic bombs on Japan, only to quietly bring to mind your own. And, of course, to show the USSR – look, sit tight, we still have a couple of German, and soon will own. In fact, their own nuclear bombs the USSR and the USA got around the same time, the Americans a little earlier. This did not allow them to blackmail a nuclear weapon, Stalin immediately after the war – he knew they have it until really there, and the German bombs will soon be over.

Sergey Latyshev


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