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Who is authorized to declare. Why did the Allies in Moscow resolutely distanced themselves from the conflict with Turkey
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 16-12-2015
The session which has taken place on the past week of Military committee of the Organization of the Contract on collective safety (ODKB) quickly has outgrown in scandal with participation of military departments at once the several states. All has begun with the statement of the chief of the Joint Staff of Armed forces of Armenia of Yury Hachaturova which has especially underlined in the comment of mass-media that all participants of a meeting have supported the Russian military campaign in Syria, naming actions of Turkey (on November, 24th in the sky over Syria the Russian bomber of Su-24 has been brought down) «an act of aggression and a stab in the back». Military-political allies of Russia, including the nearest - Belarus and Kazakhstan have hastened to deny words of the head of the Armenian military department. "" understood, why the basic allies do not consider it necessary to support Moscow in a public field.

All against Armenia

The first the foreign policy reference points were defined by Kirghizia. And from the formal point of view the statement of the Joint Staff of armed forces of Kirghizia has been verified duly diplomatic politesa. Official Bishkek has underlined that «did not authorise general Hachaturova to speak on behalf of a name of defensive department of our country». The Kirghiz military men have directly declared that do not know about this statement: according to a position of the Kirghiz party and Turkey, and Russia are strategic partners of republic - «and we support the prompt settlement of relations between Ankara and Moscow».

A bit later military departments of Belarus and Kazakhstan have thought suddenly. In Astana also have underlined that «the Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan did not authorise the chief of Joint Staff VS of Armenia Yury Hachaturova to speak on behalf name of the Ministry of Defence of Republic Kazakhstan», and military department of republic «does not act with an estimation of foreign policy events as it is a Ministry for Foreign Affairs prerogative». Also have thus underlined that official Astana has already expressed the relation to incident with the brought down plane and to pressure in Russian-Turkish relations. «To us it is not absolutely clear, why the representative of Armenia has made the similar statement including on behalf of Republic Kazakhstan», - have declared in the press-service of the Ministry of Defence of republic.

In Minsk have tried to bypass a sensitive issue delicately. As the basic speaker on it the head of the press-service of the Ministry of Defence of republic colonel Vladimir Makarov has acted. He has noticed that «at session by chiefs of the Joint Staffs of member states ODKB questions of cooperation of armed forces of member states of the Organization and activity of Incorporated staff ODKB in 2015» have been considered. Thus the head of the press-service has underlined that about «the statement of general Hachaturova we do not not know, therefore we can make comments on it as anybody did not authorise to speak on behalf of it a name of Byelorussia».

To reasonings on a special position of the Post-Soviet states which are a part ODKB, has added a piquancy an official statement of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, written referring to words of the chief of the Joint Staff of Armed forces of Russia of general Valery Gerasimov. In it it was underlined that participants of session of Military committee at Ministerial council of defence of the countries-participants ODKB have unanimously supported actions of Russia in Syria and have condemned actions of Turkey which Air Forces have brought down the Russian bomber of Su-24 over the Syrian territory: «we have given Special attention, certainly, to discussion of accident with our warplane in territory of Syria, and all chiefs of the Joint Staffs have unanimously condemned this bombardment of our bomber by Turkish plane and have supported a position of Russia».

By the way, Gerasimov's statement in Bishkek, Astana and Minsk officially did not begin to deny.

Astana and Ankara

Meanwhile the position of the basic military-political allies of Russia though at first sight also does not cause the big questions - republics CIS seldom support Moscow during the big oppositions with geopolitical implied sense, - nevertheless is surprising if to mean a role of Turkey in economic interests of republics.

For example, in foreign trade activities of Kazakhstan if to judge according to agency according to republic, relative density of Turkey in goods turnover total amount makes only 2,8 percent (2,9 - in export structure; 2,5 - in import structure). For comparison: similar indicators of Russia make 19,1 percent; China - 13,9; the USA - 2,5. A comparable indicator with Turkey at Germany - 3 percent.

And the state of affairs was such and in previous years: Turkey was included never into number of large foreign trade partners of Kazakhstan. Partly for this reason at an explanation of importance of relations of Kazakhstan and Turkey officials and experts use more likely sentimental motives. «Special brotherly relations of the Turkic people» are underlined, that fact is informed that Turkey was the first state which right after declarations of the sovereignty of Kazakhstan recognised the new country and has established with it diplomatic relations. Ankara too does not stint warm words concerning Astana. For example, predecessor Erdogana on a post of the president of Turkish Republic Abdulla Gjul in 2010 has presented to the head of Kazakhstan Noursultan Nazarbayev in acknowledgement of its leader tjurkojazychnyh the people a sceptre and declared it «the aksakal of all Turkic countries».

Turkey is widely presented in Kazakhstan in educational, humanitarian and cultural spheres. Already in 1990th years in republic Turkish lycées, and then and higher educational institutions - universities of a name of Ahmet Jassaui and the former president of Turkey Sulejmana Demirelja have been opened. Turkey prepares a part of the officer case of Astana, spends a professional training for the Kazakhstan army on a number of specialities, competing in this question to Russia and the West countries.

Very similar situation and in Kirghizia - here Ankara has shown laudable efficiency - the first recognised independence of the new state and in April, 1992 has opened in Bishkek embassy. Same year republic the president of Turkey has visited Sulejman Demirel. For 90 and the beginning of 2000th years Turkey and Kirghizia have signed 92 cooperation agreements in the most different areas.

The trade turnover between two countries for January-September, 2015 has made 168 million dollars, from them 130 million have for import to Kirghizia. With Russia for comparison - 1,1 billion dollars. Turkey as is widely presented in educational and humanitarian sphere, Ankara actively participated in building of army of Kirghizia. In addition, mass-media informed on business ties of the president of Kirghizia in Turkey. However, Almazbek Atambaev denied this information.

Ankara and Minsk

Minsk, as well as Astana, declares in foreign policy mnogovektornost. Belarus and Russia are connected by plural bilaterial contracts not only about military-political cooperation, but also about Union State. Nevertheless Belarus consistently does not support a policy of Russia concerning South Ossetia and Abkhazia, a situation in Donbass and even in a question of joining of Crimea.

It is interesting that Turkey though is not the basic external economic partner of Belarus (on 12th place), but influences a policy in republic approximately in the same measure, as in Kazakhstan. Turkish manufacturers enter into the seven of the largest importers of the goods in republic, in the country some large-scale projects which are bringing in the income to the Belarus treasury work. For example, Turkish telecommunication company Turkcell, a network of casino Princess, one of the largest tour operators in the CIS company TEZ TOUR. Besides it for nine months 2015 goods turnover of two countries has made 487,8 million US dollars, having increased by 15,7 percent by the similar period of last year. However, about 377 million have for import, doing trading balance for Belarus negative.

On December, 1st the government of Russia has published the list of 17 goods from Turkey, embargoes getting under action. Restrictions will come into force in January, 2016. It is thus curious that according to deputy head Rosselhoznadzora Julia Shvabauskene from 417 counterfeit fytosanitory certificates, on which Byelorussians gave out reeksportnye certificates in 2015, 178 were Turkish. In the same context it is possible to remember that Russian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about refusal of flights to Egypt the Russian tourists bypassed the recommendation just by means of travel agencies from Minsk.

The political capital

Certainly, the prominent aspect of mutual relations of allies is political. Both most important allies of Russia - both Noursultan Nazarbayev, and Alexander Lukashenko - regularly do by the political capital close relations with Vladimir Putin, trying to act with intermediary missions on various questions of the international summons. Still recently both competed for a format on conflict settlement in the southeast of Ukraine, now have evidently joined in relations of Russia and Turkey. And if Nazarbayev is limited basically to peace-making statements (the last on time has sounded in the message of the president to the country people), Lukashenko has gone in this question further, having met in the end of November one of key partners of Turkey in Transcaucasia - the president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. The basic theme of visit of the Azerbaijan leader, it is how much possible to judge on official statements, there were Russian-Turkish relations, and the meeting has been organised after cancellation of negotiations of Lukashenko with Vladimir Putin, planned for November, 25-26th. It is absolutely clear that, working in this context, both republics not begin to support any statements which can be regarded as support of the main military-political ally.

Pavel Jurintsev (Minsk)

Phillip Prokudin

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