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Opinion: Evgeny Kaspersky about the end of democracy without special passports online
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 03-04-2015
Head of "Kaspersky Lab" Evgeny Kaspersky said about the need in the future to let users on the Internet for a special passport, which allows you to control, including the holding of elections. This he said in an interview with "The Secret of the firm."

There are two scenarios of use of the Internet, Kaspersky considers: private when people are engaged in the affairs (for example, mail or social networks), and public which can potentially bear dangers to a society (transport, banking, financial deals). In the first case the certificate is not required, as people going along the street are not obliged to be represented each other, and in second users can "make a fool" of someone, therefore, as well as in a jar, should show deeds.

Thus services which read out the personal data of users for check, should not gain the superfluous information as the saleswoman in shop should read on the certificate only age, instead of a surname and a name or the address. For this purpose audit of the source code of services should be made, the head of "Laboratory" considers.

«I consider that without Internet certificates there will step the democracy end - today's children in ten years simply to vote will not go on a section. Certainly, it is necessary to arrange voting through the Internet. Estonians already so did, quite successfully, but it is experience in scales of absolutely small country. If there someone starts to play pranks, it is easy for finding.
Evgenie Kaspersky, the founder and the general director «Kaspersky's Laboratory»

In 2012 the businessman spoke about the same words at conference CeBIT in Sydney, however then it predicted «the end for democracy» in 20 years. In interview Kaspersky has reminded that he declared necessity of certification of Internet users still 15 years ago.

According to Kaspersky, the Internet certificate can be only biometric, however safeties of the biometrics will threaten the malefactors using production engineering of the 3D-press. When begins possible to reproduce in large quantities fingerprints and a retina of eyes, it is necessary to think out other ways autentifikatsii, the head of "Laboratory" considers.

Telling about the relation to the Russian programmers abroad, Kaspersky has declared that though "Yandex" and Mail.Ru abroad respect, domestic ON there is presented poorly. Kaspersky is imposed more by strategy of a wolf, "vzgryzajushchegosja" in the foreign markets, than a hare sitting under a fur-tree: «I have thought up such formulation: the rabbit has two strategy - either to run, or to sit under a fur-tree. If to sit, you will find and will bang and if to run, that is two alternatives - either you will catch up, or you will find the one who sits under a fur-tree».

«The firm secret» did not ask Kaspersky directly about material Bloomberg where it was told about its joint marchings in a bath with employees of FSB. However the head of "Laboratory" has declared that in the company there is the special division co-operating with world special services - including from FSB.

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