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Blockade of Venezuela raise the question of the power of the Russian Navy

As predicted, the United States began "hunting" for the tankers that deliver to Venezuela Iranian oil to bypass the illegal us sanctions. These US actions have the potential to pose a serious international crisis. This crisis may relate to including Russia. We are talking about what the Navy our country needs and why.


The formula of success of the PLA in the struggle against the novel coronavirus

Military attaché of defense at the Embassy of China in Russia, major General KUI ANYWAY agreed to answer questions military observer TASS Viktor LITOVKIN. The full interview is published only in NVO.


Ten major scientific and technological achievements of 2019, according to the U.S. army

This year, among the scientific and technical advances have increased the share of military research. Before the research laboratory of the US army (CCDCArmy Research Laboratory) tasked to subordinate their scientific discoveries, innovation and practical implementation in the forces of science and technology in the interest of achieving strategic dominance of the ground forces.


Bruce Schneier about the digital threats of the future

Bruce Schneier: "If the principles of the use of technology in elections will not change the cracking results of the vote — only a matter of time."