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A Navy without ships. The Russian Navy is on the verge of collapse

Proud reports about the rocket attacks from the Caspian sea and delivery of the fleet of new ships and submarines to hide from the public the real state of Affairs in the Russian Navy, which will soon be described in only one word – disaster. And well, if this disaster does not result in military defeat, proportionate Tsushima.


Diversionary war against Russia

Diversion is a very effective form of combat used in the period of preparation for war and during its conduct. It is an integral and main component of the secret war against Russia. In the works of Tatyana Gracheva analyzed disparate and seemingly unrelated facts, which together give a fairly terrible picture.


That can make science 600 billion dollars?

The United States spends for military expenses more than all ten of the following countries combined: $ 600 billion a year. It is almost ten times more than it spends on military spending Russia. Meanwhile, the joint budget of NASA and the National science Foundation – a total of $ 25 billion, or 4% of the military budget. Many astronomers, astrophysicists, engineers and scientists of all stripes would love to increase the budgets of their areas.


More small space?

The good news is that suspended in the beginning of the year without funding the ultra-light rocket SS-520 will continue, and the second launch will take place in the period December-January. In the other hemisphere is preparing to re-test ultralight rocket Electron. In Sweden, discusses the transformation of the geophysical polygon in Baikonur, in the market of heavy geostationary satellites observed a curious effect, and even Strategic command of the Armed forces of the United States wants other satellites. Space "feel better"?


Hiroshima and Nagasaki destroyed atomic bombs of Hitler?

How Americans got German nuclear weapons, and why did not delay its use against Japan – this tells the article.


Возрастное ограничение